Russian pig pet 1

22 Babe Goes Russia

Babe Goes Russia

We had a seal pet recently, now meet Russian pig pet, spotted in the
Moscow subway. It looks a lot like a "Babe" pig from the movie.
Tall house in Moscow, Russia 1

56 The Tall House

The Tall House

This photographer has visited one of the tallest residential house of Moscow that
stands in the middle of the suburbs and has some cool views on the neighborhood.
russian car sprinkles people  1

32 Speed is Everything

Speed is Everything

Why slow down? Why care about all those
losers waiting for the bus? Really why?
76 President of Chechnya Rides His Way

President of Chechnya Rides His Way

Someone got on video the column of the cars of the President of Chechnya. Chechnya was known for its war against Russia. Now they have a president loyal to Moscow. Look how he rides around his region. On this video you can see that he likes a big company. Around fifty cars participate in his tour. All the roads are blocked by police prior to he departs. First go a few
police cars then goes bunch of Porsche Cayenne SUVs of top staff and security, then some Mercedeses then again Porsche and Toyota SUVs. At the end of the column go minor staff on some other cars with smaller distances in between them. People say that's its a cool show to see all those 60 cars passing by when you stand on the roadside.
russian fishing went wrong 1

58 The Last Fishing

The Last Fishing

The bunch of guys have came for some fishing. They parked their cars and went to the frozen lake to make some
holes and enjoy the process. But when they got back it came out that the lake was not so frozen.
Russian Radioactive Mines  1

58 The Radioactive Mines

The Radioactive Mines

These guys have gone deep into old Soviet uranium mines. In these mines Russian prisoners have dug for radioactive materials for the
Soviet Army. As you can see on the top picture the Geiger counter shows that there is still some radioactive pollution.
Russian car lada smashed by truck 1

24 The Lucky Smoking

The Lucky Smoking

This guy has parked his Lada just for a while to buy cigarettes. And then the truck came and fell over the car. This time the LADA driver was really happy with
his smoking habit. It seems he won't consider quitting now for a very long time. "Cigarettes have saved my life, so why quit?" he might think now.
Russian car volga looks like Ford 1

82 Ford and Volga

Ford and Volga

Russian car Volga 21 was very popular among Communist elite of the Soviet Union. It was a real hit and many contemporary designers admit that it was good for its time. In many modern design books, Russian and foreign onee can meet
it as an example of car design of that era. But if to look bit closer there are a lot of details that remind foreign cars that were popular back then. Ford and Mercury have most similarities with Volga 21.
matrix and Russian movie 1

46 The Movie Similarities

The Movie Similarities

Some Russian bloggers claim that the movie "Matrix" has copied some elements from the
old Russian movie "Mesto Vstrechi". See yourself if they are right or not.
30 The Russian Robot Snake

The Russian Robot Snake

Robodogs, robot cats and other mini robots copying animals are popular lately in our techno-geek-world. Now meet the snake robot by Russian students from St. Petersburg. It can
move on its own or be radio controlled. It surpasses obstacles and carries cameras for video recording. Can move in multiple directions and raise its "head".

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