71 The Local Airlines

The Local Airlines

Posted on March 26, 2008 by

Russian local airlines 1

When you next time decide to take a local flight across the Russia don’t be surprised to board an airplane like this.

And don’t be surprised, haven’t you know that the sticky tape is the best way to put pieces of the plane together? At least of this particular plane.

Russian local airlines 2

Russian local airlines 3

Russian local airlines 4

Russian local airlines 5

Russian local airlines 6

Russian local airlines 7

Russian local airlines 8

Russian local airlines 9

Russian local airlines 10


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71 Responses to “The Local Airlines”

  1. Sponge says:

    I had the armrest fall off of my chair on a United flight from San Francisco. No packing tape on the door, though!

  2. Gerry says:

    Not so bad and actually a little trivial, I work in East, West and Central Africa and some of the airlines here are a whole lot worse.

  3. Ugly American says:

    Tape on the trim doesn’t bother me.

    Anyone else remember when German air officials had to tell the Chinese airline that they could not fix their jet intake compressor fan with tape?

  4. Patroklo says:

    if this is an airplane from russia, why the charts are in spanish?

    • CZenda says:

      Good point.
      I would not worry about the parts of internal trim falling off, but it tells a lot about general maintenance…

    • Miss India says:

      Obviously, Russia, as a poor country cannot afford new planes thats why they have to use second or 3rd or 4th hand planes from aeroplane junkyard around the world.

      • Jésus says:

        who says russian airlines must operate russian planes? we can’t tell from the photos where this was taken.

      • Ortodox says:

        Miss Punjabi did you eat toxic waste for dinner last night?
        Russians produce own aeroplanes,much cheaper of this second hand trash,post is fake 100% its AIR INDIA plane operating on the line New Delhi-New Delhi…plane is airport shuttle.

      • Zafarad says:

        You are absolutely wrong Indian poor guy! ! ! ! ! !Soviets and Russians produced some of the finest aeroplanes in the whole world.there is no single country in this world who produced so many planes at there own.i think your poor air force is better know about this “truth”.MiG 21 is your “love and passion”due to his unbeatable and superb “performance”! ! ! ! ! ! !.i think if your passion will continue to this legendary flying machine,your hole “FLYING DRIVERS”vanished from this world by the year 2015! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • shtagh says:

        i’m not russian but the last time i heard russia makes topolovs and has it’s own airplane making factories, and i don’t think russia’s THAT poor not to be able to make its own airplanes. i mean i’m an iranian and even though we’re under sanctions, meaning we can’t buy new american airplanes, our airplanes are even in better condition than these pieces of junk! i’ve never seen an airplane taped together!

      • Kumar says:

        ‘Miss India’ is most likely not Indian. Its obvious the person is trying to create bad blood between Indians and Russians. Indians respect Russians.

    • Matt J says:

      I thought the Spanish was funny, too. I doubt they were being that considerate to all the Cubans still stuck in the FSU;)

      More likely because it was originally an American plane, bought at bargain basement prices since it is _so_ old:(

    • Soviet Redneck says:

      Blame it’s condition on the owners not the maker. It looks like it’s an older American Made Boeing or Douglass, that has not been well cared for. Boeing puts those same signs, lamps switches on most of it’s jets.

    • edwardo says:

      russia buys old, used, cheap transport vehicles once they fail their own countrys safety checks..

  5. caelus says:

    i think this is not a russian plane. the spanish gives away. it could be from some third world countries speak in spanish.

  6. Richard S. says:

    When I flew to Moscow I used Aeroflot and the aircraft was a 767 manufactured in Everette Washington. I didn’t notice any deferred maintenance on the aircraft. I am curious to what kind of aircraft is featured in this post.

  7. numb says:

    It’s quite common in eastern europe to see vehicles with signs that are in language never used there. Like spanish, french, swedish, etc..
    I think the reason is that eastern europeans are practical and the language in signs has no effect on how the vehicle moves. Whether it’s a bus, an airplane or a ship.

  8. alexstyle says:

    they aren’t russian planes! They are from Ukraine.

  9. derek says:

    I had a similar experience with tape on a airplane during a flight to florida a few years ago:http://thetalik.net/pictures/florida/hi/1.jpg

  10. cykalox says:

    oh please everyone knows whats wrong with this pic. its the JEWS end of story.

  11. Technik says:

    Robot is right – its Ukrainian Douglas (DC-9 or MD 82, 83) operated by UM airlines

    • Matt J says:

      Care to enlighten us how you know it what kind of plane it is and operated by whom?

    • Technik says:

      Have a look on comment by
      2008-03-26 11:06:27
      above with a reference to fishki.net
      Plus I use to fly same airline and seen same things.

  12. El Hombre says:

    Reminds me of the good old days when I flew TACA (Take A Chance Airlines). :-)

  13. Pros says:

    Is this that plane where was recorded porn with pilots ?

  14. Vissotsky says:

    See what happens if you try to get on a U.S.-bound plane with a roll of duct tape or clear-wrap…

    • Disunited Airlines pilot says:

      Maybe now they will welcome you on board and ask to borrow your tape to wrap around the tires, since they’ve had so many blow out lately.

  15. Zafarad says:


  16. Alex says:

    ukranian photoshop!

  17. Your western neighbour says:

    Whether this is Russian plane or not, I have flown in a British plane with Italian texts on the emergency doors.

    By the way, Aeroflot have a lot of different types of planes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroflot & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroflot-Cargo), new ones and bit older ones. For example two of Finnair’s old MD-11 planes have been sold to be used as cargo planes by Aeroflot.

  18. Chicken says:

    Thats to stop the water dripping in from the faulty air con

  19. Gustavo says:

    this is an american Mc donell douglas,very old for sure, strange that Russia use this ones in Local Airlines.

  20. Claudio says:

    It’s look like some brazilian airplanes. Here a company even used sometime a kind of duct tape in the wings…

  21. Charlie says:

    There was a lady on this plane. I was sitting next to her. She was wearing a skirt and my d*ick got hard. She noticed my erection and I put my hand on her leg and worked it under her skirt where I fingered her hot, wet and juicy p*ussy until she had multiple orgasms. I wanted to phuck and suck her p*ussy to. S*EX IS THE BEST !!!

  22. Meg says:

    I flew on planes like that in China, but there was more tape. I’m still alive ;)

  23. serb says:

    Russia is not poor any more, and situation is giong to be better end better every day. I love Russia.

  24. siberat says:

    Wow, is all of the hate necessary for this thread? I live in and fly in Russia frequently, and I’ve seen such things (although maybe this is indeed a Ukrainian airline). Yes, they do use recycled planes from Boeing and Airbus as well as the old Soviet Tupelovs. Old planes of any make are going to be problematic, but again, why so much hate (racism, antisemitism, threats, etc.) over pictures of tape in an airplane?

  25. Mehenfit says:

    Are you sure this is russian? ’cause on the first pic, “Salida de Emergencia” is Spanish :P

    Very risky plain though

    • formerUSSRcitizen says:

      I saw some russian planes(tu134,tu-154)that have signs in spanish,english and polish.so it doesnt make any sense that there spanish is used.it is russian plane.but we can not say it is belong to any russian airlines.many post-Soviet and some others still use russian palnes,like my country Azerbaijan.

  26. gire says:

    i wouldnt drink that water…. :P

  27. azsdasd says:

    this isn’t the worst plance. once i had flight with Kartago airlines (thats tunisia air lines), i was praying all flight…

  28. Harley Filben says:

    I tried talking to some Russians about maintenance. They didn’t understand what the word meant. I tried drawing things being maintained. They had no idea what I was talking about.

  29. Sidor says:

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  30. Soska says:

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  31. Max says:

    Very cool server design. What CMS do you use ?

  32. r4 ds card says:

    thats why they tell u to trust national airlines…..
    If the national airlines is like that too… then I wonder hows their railway system…

  33. paki_kutta says:


  34. KuruptMoFo says:

    i flew on a russian flight once and yeeea i got a hard on mid-flight

  35. Nice!, found your post on digg.Glad I finally tested it out. Unsure if its my Opera browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? However, love your page and will check back.See Ya

  36. beeblebrox says:

    When Russia buys used airplanes from Mexico, why don’t they tape a piece of paper with Russian instructions over the Spanish?

    Except that I don’t see any Spanish on this thing anyway. Where is it?

  37. local flights are dammen

  38. bosco says:

    Your English is rubbish, as well your grammar. You are a tool. Why don’t you just stop using the English language altogether. Then perhaps people would not think you are such a tool ….. no, I doubt people will stop thinking that. Maybe you should just stop breathing. Yes, that would be nice.

  39. There are many cheap and low cost flights, but they are not maintained properly.

    low cost flights to Finland

  40. China says:

    Air India is similar to this plane. Tape everywhere, bathroom doors that don’t actually close, microseats that force your knees into your chin, and limited space in the overhead bins so that all the passengers are literally fighting each other to get their suitcase in before anyone else.

  41. Arielle Kio says:

    Hello could I use some of the insight found in this blog if I link back to you?

  42. Loz says:

    My friend recently had to travel on a plane through south america where they had to fly at treetop height – with the luggage in the aisles – because the door had come off!

  43. I found this very useful for me so please keep it up.

  44. Unreal; don’t act smart. It’s not photoshopped, it’s just turned over. Just enjoy the illusion(:

  45. does it really fly? :p

    Soendoro Soetanto

  46. Farshad says:

    I thought it is just Iranians that use old fashions planes!

  47. CherenkovGecko says:

    Interesting that all the damaged parts pictured appear to be no more than cosmetic in nature.

    Show me a plane with the engines duct-taped to the wings. THEN I’ll be worried.

  48. lol says:

    its soo bad airline

  49. the life of our customers should come first before we think of what we can can gain/profit..c:

  50. Bob says:

    Absurd a airplane dirty and danger

  51. Zafarad says:

    You are right,john.all over the world “budget airliners”has same kind of saving attitude at the cost of their “poor”passengers.if you remember few years ago,Alaskan air line performs same dirty practice.may be they save few dollars but many families lost their love ones.God bless them.

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