17 Smallest SUV Ever

Smallest SUV Ever

Posted on March 26, 2008 by

smallest Russian car is turned into suv 1

“Lada Oka” is what to be known Russian smallest car. Made for city jungle for easy parking and low gas consumption. But if you are not a city dweller but a Russian regular guy you can’t use Oka to the most. So even smallest Russian cars are gasping for SUV glory. Now they have the smallest Russian SUV and probably smallest SUV ever.

smallest Russian car is turned into suv 2

smallest Russian car is turned into suv 3


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17 Responses to “Smallest SUV Ever”

  1. Miss India says:

    is that Land Rover made in Russia?

  2. recycle says:

    I want one. With electric engine.

  3. Charon says:

    Now this is one awesome car!

  4. The Saint says:

    wa wa we wa

  5. Swede says:

    Looks more like a terrain vehicle than a SUV (fake terrain vehicle) to me.

  6. D says:

    Whats so small about it? Looks pretty big to me.

  7. azharif says:

    What?! No satnav?

  8. Andy says:

    This ATV really rocks, yeah.

  9. AdrianK says:

    Theres nothing small about. It’s pretty badass.

  10. a says:

    the beach is nasty, look at that froth

  11. Alex says:

    Well, check the size of the driver and you’ll see why it’s small – it’s the size of the big screen TV…
    And yes, it’s not an SUV, it’s a freaking ATV.

  12. Claudio says:

    A lot of Hummers there. People in Russia have money these days.

  13. Maarten says:

    Looks a lot like a miniture Gamma Goat.

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