11 Cop Says: “Hit Me!”

Cop Says: “Hit Me!”

Posted on March 26, 2008 by

Russian cop says \

In one of the parks of Simferopol, Ukraine they have installed the amusement machine. The machine itself is nothing new, its based on the well-known “Hit me as strong as you can!” type of machines we meet often in such places. What makes this one interesting is that it is made in the form of the bad policeman. And the built in speakers of it repeat phrases like: “I am a big fat nasty cop! You hate me so hit me! I lie to you! I bribe you!”, and one can see something resembling a cache roll on the half way to his pants’ pocket.

Russian cop says \

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11 Responses to “Cop Says: “Hit Me!””

  1. Oliver Lardy says:

    Funny until you meet the guy this machine represents on a road block.

  2. Miss India says:

    bribe? those are unheard of in western countries

  3. Pros says:

    PhotoShop !

  4. Mohammed's Crack Ho says:

    Fat and Drunk Soviet style Cop. It is good model of real thing. Is it true the fun of russian policemen is to ram the fudge up each others bloated stinking ass ? Or do they jyst blow each other?

    Russia is most corrupt country, worst is China. In america cops are very very corrupt , but stay fit and take steroids so they can give better beatdowns on innocent people.

  5. Kris says:

    Man, someone has dropped some acid in the English Russia comments page water cooler!

  6. Chicken says:

    That thing is scary, freaks me out, argh run away!

  7. Simferopol Fraternal Order of Police (SFOP) says:

    Dear Sir:

    We write to you on this day to protest the portrayal of Ukrainian Police Simferopol in such a negative manner. The photos above are reactionary and propagandistic, and do not portray in a truthful manner the appearance of Simferopol police, which means they must have been photoshopped in Russia in an attempt to undermine Ukrainian independence.

    Ukrainian Police Simferopol does not allow its officers to paint their wankers, especially red and white, which is national color of Polocks, not Police. If we did allow our members to paint their most private and personal part, and to show them in public as the photos above suggest, then we would insist they paint them in patriotic Ukrainian yellow and blue.

    • D says:

      I was talking about mahmoud… but I’ll bite anyway……

      Yeah, we’ll see how long it lasts….. I give it 5-10 years and Ukraine will be begging Russia to take it back.

      What happened to the orange revolution?… I thought the west had your back, where are they now? What happened? Your citizens are regretting the choice they made and it will show itself in your next election. Ukraine needs to wake up and realize that the E.U and the U.S dont want it…. they just want to use it as a pawn to make russia’s existance miserable. Half your country agrees with me…. the other half?… they’ll realize soon enough.

  8. Ignat says:

    Lol, im from simferopol and going back there this summer, have never seen this machine before, but will look for it later, anyone know which park its located in? is it Detskiy Park or Park Gagarina?

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