285 Darvaz: The Door to Hell

Darvaz: The Door to Hell

Posted on March 25, 2008 by

door to hell in Darvaz 4

door to hell in Darvaz 5

door to hell in Darvaz 6


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285 Responses to “Darvaz: The Door to Hell”

    • b says:

      thats awesome.

      and you werent last.

    • Boyet says:

      I wonder,what if there’s a typhoon or rain in that area, will it kill the fire?

      • Rob says:

        Probably not. I think the fire is burning methane; it would be extremely difficult to put out with rain. It would probably have to be choked with carbon dioxide, but the government probably decided that it wasn’t worth the cost.

        • Kim says:

          can’t we use those methane for energy? other than just burn it off?

          • John says:

            It could, and they were trying that from the sound of it. but the cavern was unstable and near the surface, so when it caved in, they lost the drill hole, the only way to harvest this gas would be a large balloon over the whole site… erected with either flames in the whole, or gas that would smother the workers… it’s a shame to loose it, but it would take more power to get the gas than it would make

  1. Rebenga says:

    Reminds me of Centralia, Pennsylvania in USA where a coal-mine has been on fire for several decades.

  2. The Saint says:

    thats pretty cool, so you say the equipment got deep deep underground

    • Zafarad says:

      Not much “cool”guy! ! ! ! ! ! !i feel so anger over the authorities.why they are not able to cool this great energy source?i think some Texas based oil well fire fighting companies has some technical and man power resources.i suggest Uzbek officials may contact to them and save national asset! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. Demi Moore says:

    And to think in some countries they are trying to ban patio heaters – because of their devastating effect on the environment..

    • durkech says:

      it would probably cause far more damage to the environment to let the gas escape

      • Demi Moore says:

        That was what I meant. Why do I bother…

      • finski says:

        Love that sarcasm :D

      • Bob says:

        And so are you, you’ve obviously just heard about a possible polar shift and decided to regurgitate what you remember. Your insult about dabbling in theories they know nothing about is incredibly hypocritical. We are not loooooong, loooong overdue. Your just trying to sound intelligent and really don’t know any details. Go research it yourself. This is NOT the longest ‘mild period’ in history. CFC’s have nothing to do with a polar shift. If you were just trolling then you got me.

      • escoche says:

        wtf? do you really think that human beings are even capable of effecting the earth’s climate more than the earth is itself? worse things have happened than a few degrees rise in temperature and guess what: the earth rebounded from it with no problem. people who want to change the earth b/c they think it is hurting itself are the real danger here…

      • atarijedi says:

        Technically, since there are still large masses of ice on the earth, we are still in an Ice Age, primarily the ending of an Ice Age, so if anything, we will be going into a period where global temperatures rise. Unless something catastrophic happens to drop the temperatures worldwide.

      • ukrainian says:

        I second that ))

      • astley says:

        The most persuasive argument is of course to convince them that this hellhole somehow causes terrorism, child pornography, and illegal filesharing. But it might be a bit hard even for governments to imagine that.

  4. Ag says:

    Nice report. Don’t mind, but wiki says its in Turkmenistan

  5. Jano says:

    Can you post the Google Maps link? :) Is it visible from there?

  6. dyadya_vasya says:

    It’s place in Turkmenistam, not Uzbekistan!

  7. John from Kansas says:

    Mr. Cheney’s “undisclosed location”.

  8. D says:

    I was gonna mention that….. although this one looks alot cooler.

  9. Imagineti says:

    I was going to submit this to reddit when I saw this:
    linking to a very simmillar article to yours!

  10. sigh says:

    just fill the hole, then it’ll run out of oxygen for combustion.

    • Terri says:

      Read up on Centralia, Pennsylvania. They have had underground coal mines burning for many many years, and have tried many things to stop it from burning without success. “just fill the hole” won’t stop it.

  11. Pacific NW says:

    It’s a shame all that excellent gas is going to waste.

  12. Greg says:

    Perhaps they could cover the hole and put in some equipment so they could harvest the gas.

  13. Outdoor Ollie says:

    Some marshmallows and weiners on very long sticks might be nice, too.

  14. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Aaarrgghhh! My secret little foreign “getaway” spot has been discovered. This is another good example of why “free” media is so bad. No one can keep the secret anymore.

    Now Lukashenko and Chavez will be here every weekend.

    • D says:

      Go crawl back into your hole and keep your mouth shut.

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

        Dear D,

        Hello my angry little hornet. I knew you would buzz around to sting me with your remarks as soon as I participated on the forum.

        It’s okay. I have a new stack of vintage, authentic 8-track disco tapes to soothe the pain.

  15. Louise says:

    As long as the CIA doesn’t build a secret “prison” next to it…. perhaps it can be made into a giant garbage incinerator.

  16. wackyruss says:

    Awww yeah!

    I’d totally roast me up some delicious shashlik over this flamin’ hole!

    • Lovly says:

      Imagine your self being roasted there. Its actually a sign of GOD the Almighty for we all human being to see and understand what lies here after. We have heard about hell and no1 knew what happens after death, coz no1 comes back and tells u that. So GOD has given this opportunity to have a look and to refrain from ill deeds and all sins which he forbid.
      May GOD give us the capability to think and understand his signs.

        • Ryuku Zukyharu says:

          My God. Thinking about a loving father making His children pay for mistakes a way like that is sick.
          I speak for those who lied once….who never went to church or confessed. Those who believe in God in different ways.
          I want to see you giving a gun to your child saying “don´t play with that. It will hurt you” and then your child shoots himself in a leg. So his punishment should be…. burn for eternity…
          Pathteic God if you see it that way don´t you think?

          I think God meant a Hell inside of us. Remorse, guilt, insecurity… .That is Hell

  17. Dante says:

    Deep, deep underground?

    How many levels?

  18. Bippy says:

    Looks like something out of Diablo 2

  19. Miss India says:

    Actually you all got it wrong. Under Soviet Collectivisation, everything was shared and this was the place where they cooked foods for all the Citizens of USSR using a giant cooking pot. it was abandoned after the collapse of USSR.

  20. Ortodox says:

    Barbecue,hip hip hura

  21. Tim says:

    Does anyone see the face in the flames in the 6th picture from the top? It is just a little left of center and is ridding up the wall of the cave.

  22. Osama bin Laden says:

    I’m enjoying my life now in Pakistanian Himalayas ! CIA pay me millions for my videos

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      Do they pay you most for the “kill the infidel” videos, or for the sexy videos you make with the Pakistani soldiers you capture?

  23. Rayistan says:

    It’s “Darvaza” and it is in Turkmenistan, not Uzbekistan. It’s situated in the middle of the Kara Kum desert, between Ashgabat and Dashauz.

    I’ve been there. It’s amazing.

  24. Chicken says:

    :O wow that is amazing !

  25. boo says:

    There is a town in Pennsylvania called Centralia, there has been a coal mine fire burning underground beneath the town for 50 years. The town is now deserted, the roads are all cracked and smoke comes out of them. They think the fire will burn for 250 more years.

  26. stridspilot says:

    boo, yep.
    thats where they shot some scenes from the latest Silent hill movie.

    but still, Centralia has nothing on this holy hole.

  27. Sweet says:

    So let it burn?

    • Organic Chemist says:

      Actually, burning pure methane produces no pollutants of any kind:

      CH4 (Methane) + 2O2 (Oxygen) -> CO2 (Water) + 2H2O

      Burning methane produces ONLY CO2 and water. It pollutes less than any tree in the forest. It only pollutes if there isn’t enough oxygen or if there’s something else in the methane. But that wouldn’t be methane, now would it?

  28. AlexB says:

    Have spent many years in Turkmenistan but never heard of this place. What a waste of valuable resource…
    I seriously doubt they would patch this hole in near future. Too many efforts and no one would even bother.

  29. Tim from Uzbekistan says:

    Many years ago something like that hapends in Uzbekistan near Gazly (Bukhara region). My grand-dad was there. But it was just a big burning gaz-borehole with high preasure burning flame. By order from Moscow local drilling people drilled one borehole near by this place. After many endless attempts to stop the flame all personal was evacuated, and our military guys with combat engineers and drilling experts from Moscow just put a little nuclear shell into the new hole and detonate it. Flame was successfully stoped. My grand-dad does’nt know all detales about operation, he just drilled a new hole.

  30. Terri says:

    This and Centralia (Pennsylvania town burning for about 50 years already) are amazing. I’ve been through Centralia and the sight of smoke coming from the ground is very eerie.

    This Hell Hole, literally, is WOW.

  31. fyodor sumkin says:


  32. Jony says:

    what a waste of natures resourses!

  33. We from Hellgate: Eifel would like to greet our friends from Hellgate: Darvaz. You’re a shining example of celebrating hell on earth! May the prince of darkness allways be with you!

    Infernal greetings,

    Hellgate: Eifel

  34. chuck says:


  35. formerUSSRcitizen says:

    Actually it is not in russia.This place is in Turkmenistan

  36. A Random Geezer says:

    Ok everyone lets clear something up, its in Turkmenistan, anyone say anything else and my head ‘l blow off, *god some people* Quite interesting, but my fire in my house has been burning for longer than that!!

  37. Morteza says:

    OK Guys,

    The correct city name is Darvaza (means Gate in Farsi language).

    Here is the wikipedia link:


  38. spuffler says:

    So the fire is hard to put it out. Why not run pipes of water into the pit, and generate steam or free hoy water?

  39. jera00 says:

    OMG!! that is kinda freaky.. i really do wonder, how much gas was wasted on that hole.. its kinda weird, thow. idk how.. so yeah.. lol.. alright..

  40. wqefgwqg says:

    I bet this has absolutely NO CO2 emissions, unlike the US…

  41. God says:

    Uzbekistan =/= Russia

  42. Correctionist says:

    I’m afraid the information on this page is wrong. The hole is in Turkmenistan and the town is called ‘Darvaza’.

    Though just a simple one letter difference ‘Dravaz’ is a district of Badakhshan which is many miles away from the actual location.

    The photos of this page are from JohnBradley.com which actually lists quite clearly that it is turkmenistan and Daravaza.

    Have some sources to prove such:

    I would recommend updating erroneous data.

  43. John M.F. Sample says:

    For Christ sake… global warming is a natural occurrence that happens on Earth SEVERAL times during its geological history. Yes, we are contributing, but not enough so that we’re going to see its effects. These liberal scientists and politicians want you to think that we are going to see some huge change, but a complete polar shift won’t happen for another 10,000 years AT LEAST. The only reason they want to make it seem like global warming is an eminent threat is so that they could rake up profits from hybrid vehicles and “green-friendly” products that do only half the damage to the environment. Wanna save the world? Wipe out mankind.

    • malanpmech says:

      Very well put…finally someone who thinks instead of following all the Lemmings right off the cliff. I thought I was the only one left in the world that doesn’t buy into the whole global warming lie.

      I love your answer on how to save the world. lol

      • Habrix says:

        You, know. If the world needs saving, it WILL wipe out mankind all by itself. Like Mr Sample :) said: all these things has happened over and over again in the geological history, and look Earth is still here with us!! Maybe it is already starting to make ready to wipe us all out. Really the only thing ecologists/environmentalists have to worry about is the human species. It’s not like we are crying about dinosaurs being extinct, we don’t need them, the Earth doesn’t need them, it’s the way of the world. Earth doesn’t need us, we need the Earth’s resources and thats the only reason why we have to live sustainably. Please! How would humans be able to destroy an entire planet! We are only destroying ourselves.

  44. Lots Of Flowers says:

    they should put it out and put that natural gas to good use! seems like theres alot down there

  45. EoS says:

    wow this whole is perfect for hiding corpses! just toss em in there and theyl burn up!

  46. dave says:


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  48. The Door to Hell is Darvaz Uzbekistan…

    The Door to Hell is in Darvaz, Uzbekistan. Learn more about it and see photos and a video of it below.

    The Door to Hell
    Actually, I did a google map search the only Darvaz I see is in Tajikistan. Still, its close by, more or less, to Uzbekistan. I hap…

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  53. crescent says:

    The place is definately in Turkmenistan. Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darvaza

  54. Yoda2008 says:

    Well, I once saw a documentary about a town in Pensylvania abandonned for 50 years or so because of underground coal mine fire. The air had become poisonous and at night you could see the rocks SHINE because of the heat. Seems pretty usual in fact, as the same happened in China, hence not as visible as this Hell Hole. Since we’re talking about impressive, there’s also the 15 natural nuclear reactors in Gabon, which are deep uranium deposits so dense they managed to ignite a fission reaction by themself. Reactions have ended now, but it happened like 1.7 Billions years ago.

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  56. Roast_Clown says:

    Guffaw! Guffaw!

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  58. dannyz says:

    I am wondering when the earth will go into a serious wobble caused by mankind moving all the rock and steel etc. from one place to another? Like a tire or tyre if you’re in Europe. The earth spins at a high rate of speed. If you, move the weights around on a tire you will cause a wobble so intense that at the right speed it could cause the tire to explode.
    The only thing I can figure that keeps the earth from shifting or exploding is the water on it. HYDRAULIC BALANCE
    “A condition of equal opposed hydraulic forces acting on a part in a hydraulic component.”
    The bottom line is Mankind is to the earth what cancer is to the animal world. We are not as smart as we think and will someday kill this planet. Therefore killing ourselves. Brilliant Humans fight, fight, fight for what you will someday kill off anyway. If we focused our energy on the preservation of this amazing place we would all benefit in the end. The people we should learn from are the native tribes of earth not the so called educated modern people.
    Just my take.

    • Kali says:

      It’s always funny when someone takes the argument that people are somehow separate from “the animal world” or not a part of the earth. People are a product and therefor a part of the earth, so the earth can blame itself for it’s own destruction. Why can’t people accept that mankind is a natural phenomenon, no different than the collapsing of a massive star into a blackhole? It’s not so much that what humans are doing is “right” or “wrong”, as destruction is a huge part of nature. It just may not be to liking of humans in our self-centered view. I’m not talking about the selfish industrial capitalist view of destruction for profit, but the selfish view that we can maintain the current state of the earth; that this is somehow the right way, with people and all the plants and animals around today. The selfish view that we don’t want things to change, because we fear change. The “native tribes” you speak of had their chance and they lost out to evolution. It’s not about being educated, it’s just about evolution. Humans are not only evolving just like everything else, but humanity is a huge part of the course of evolution and may even lead to its own successors…

      Goooooo Cyberdyne!


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  66. [...] And that’s really scary !! اللهم أجرنا من النار August 21, 2008 This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they have found an underground cavern, it was so big that all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. So they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it’s burning, already for 35 years without any pause. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite there.  [Link] [...]

  67. crack says:

    when I first saw the pictures and read the article, I thought….wow.

    However, after thinking about it for a while I thought: what loss… so much gas burning since the 70s, that is a total loss it must cost billions of dollars, I mean it couldn’t have just happend by accident, there must have been a political conspiracy behind it, or else why not put it out and benefit from what is left of that gas?!!

  68. Hatem ali says:

    ho god,, it’s really frightful

    but there’s still a question :


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  70. Honour says:

    they should just nuke it!!! :)

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  72. Nomad says:

    This is so wrong.

    Firstly, its near a village (more like 1 yurt) calld DARVAZA. Secondly it’s in TURKMENISTAN. Yes, central Turkmenistan, in the Karakum desert. Nowhere near Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has no natural gas reserves to speak of.

    They’re not wasting much here because it’s uneconomical to transport this gas anywhere (it’s in the middle of nowhere), and it’s not really that much gas considering the proved reserves they have. The amount of gas that is burnt off in a day can probably power a western household for all of about an hour, so no-one cares.

    Thanks. Please do some research on central asia, it’s a fascinating and beautiful place.

  73. says:

    [...] English Russia Darvaz: The Door to Hell [...]

  74. Gurtek singh says:

    wastage of energy i say it has to be used properly.

  75. baseballbluestar says:

    Why do you guys wanna shut it off, I think it looks kinda kewl the way it is…If we could harness the energy, all were gonna do is burn it off on the freeways or some other wasteful way.

    I guess I see things differntly. I can see the beauty in it…Thank god for things like this, it makes you think.

  76. Tony says:

    wowww, GOD BLESS US

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  78. I just heard about this hole in a Los Angeles talk radio. I was fascinated.

  79. CUCA says:

    we re blessed by God’s love.. the world is such a fantastic place to live..(i mean natural reserves not cities)

    i love o be a human being!!

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  81. cokurna says:

    mcdonalda tam postwacie!
    i klepcie hajs!
    a co?

  82. seed says:

    should be called now, the Madoff’s Gate to Hell…

  83. seed says:

    Madoff’s Gate to Hell ????

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  86. [...] January 30, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Ruins) Always new the door to Hell would be created by man. Some 35 years ago in the small town of Darvaz geologists, while drilling for natural gas, opened up an underground cavern that covered the expanse of their entire drilling site. Unwilling to enter the cavern while poisonous gasses were still detectable, the geologists set fire to the cavern hoping that it would “burn off” the gasses and clear the air for further exploration. What they got instead is a continuous 35 years of burning inferno. Ceasing to stop burning, the site has become known by locals as “The Door to Hell”. Link: English Russia [...]

  87. SapereAude says:

    I don’t know much about gases or gas fires but couldn’t you put a pipe down to the bottom were the gases are not ignited and suck it out, effectively harvesting the gases and putting out the fire?

  88. - ~[ .. says:

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  90. brbrbr says:

    read Dante. a little.

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  99. Kevin says:

    with all the intelligent people of the world there has to be some way to use this as an energy source. If not maybe we can dump all the BS and haters in there. with the abundant supply we might be able to put out the fire or close it up. sorry, I can’t make it I have plans.

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  101. demolonial says:

    imazing that earth give place those like that, from the concept of ‘yin yang’in our life about balance of economic was needed, expecialy for industrial tools how become a garbage on earth…probably for destroyed it. and i hope so

  102. Tammy says:

    They complain about exhaust emissions and greenhouse gasses and spray can florocarbons. wonder what kind of effect this has on the environment. Think the heat and fire like this would have some effect on global warming on the ozone. And I worry what effect my broken florescent bulbs will do. No more guilt here.

  103. Med says:

    This place is in turkministan

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  105. Lexi says:

    Who else is thinking ‘Global warming’?

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  108. f2000g says:

    Have’nt read all commentaries, but the Door to hell is situated in Turkmenistan.

  109. DdK says:

    Would it not make sense to build a structure over the opening (to contain the heat)and line it with water pipes to drive steam generators?
    This does not have to be a waste and if it’s going to pollute the environment, why have it done in vain?

  110. went says:

    okay. so this has been contributing to global warming for the past 35 years. wonderful.

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  112. Kolli says:

    This crater’s coordinates are 40° 15′ 8″ N, 58° 26′ 23″ E, and it really is in Turkmenistan.

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  114. chris green says:

    I thought this was COAL burning undergroud?

  115. Jestine says:

    I think God did not want us to be afraid of these. It is one of His way to show that He loves us so much. Yes it is a warning for us to chose life from death. God wants us to be with Him in heaven. I think it is God’s one way to show that hell is really real so that we will wake up and chose to be with Him.

    God loves us so much!!!

    Everyone of us has different ideas or views regarding these and I respect that. This is only my opinion and views…

  116. Anonymous says:

    Hurry Frodo! Cast The Ring into the fire!

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  118. [...] Depending on the source, Darvas and the crater are either in Turkmenistan (wikipedia) or Uzbekistan (englishrussia.com). [...]

  119. [...] Depending on the source, Darvas and the crater are either in Turkmenistan (wikipedia) or Uzbekistan (englishrussia.com). [...]

  120. Taupey says:

    WTFEver! Fantastical photos, thnx

  121. Sofia says:

    for make benefit most glorious nation of uzbekistan….

  122. Chris says:

    I went to his site but I only speak English so I can t find the map link…

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  125. Emtek says:

    When I first saw the story behind the hole, I was really stunned. It’s really amazing how it has been going for more than 3 decades.

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  127. blackle4ps3 says:

    CO2 coming out, to this ones belief ,is 5/6 % less than gasoline

  128. route says:

    Whoah, a real hell gate

  129. Scotty says:

    This hole is not in Uzbekistan but in Turkmenistan.

  130. [...] all those years but it just seems to be infinite there. The link below is well worth visiting.. English Russia Darvaz: The Door to Hell __________________ "Destiny must be shaped and not left to mere chance" – Spencer [...]

  131. [...] over three decades.  This thing is crazy.Check out these images, taken by John H. Bradley:Thanks, English Russia! Tags: Darvaz, door to hell, underground gas fire, Uzbekistan /**/ You can leave a response, or [...]

  132. Colin James Nelson says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, BUT I cannot see any reason why, (if there is a town nearby, or factory to be built), a Corporation couldn’t capitalize on this burning methane (gas) hole and cap it. With piping ready to feed it to a town for cheap heat and power, the initial capping would snuff the oxygen and pressure would instantly feed the piping to whatever use was deemed INCREDIBLY profitable. The initial implementation is the expensive part that will be offset by the free fuel savings. If no town is nearby, then a factory would run without the need for fuel, etc. Am I wrong? If so, fine. Wasting anything useful is a terrible thing and we ALL do it. The factory could empower impoverished people to give them a future. ?????

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  134. Durbs says:

    Graves galore…

  135. Durbs says:


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  137. [...] Uzbekistan ligger Darvaz, helvetets port, där geologer tände eld på en gigantisk underjordisk gasfyndighet. Det har brunnit sedan [...]

  138. michelle says:

    I live in Colorado, southwest usa. there is a coal seam that is burning underground near glennwood springs and rifle colo. it occasionally starts forest fires

  139. [...] subterranean sources of fossil fuels, such as the Eternal Flame Falls (above), Turkmenistan’s Door to Hell or Australia’s Burning Mountain, which has been alight for some 6000 [...]

  140. [...] project gone wrong – collapsed natural gas dome burning 35 years in Uzbekistan.Image credit:English Russia blogPeople have a hard time accepting the fact that oil and gas deep in the earth is of biotic origin: [...]

  141. [...] project gone wrong – collapsed natural gas dome burning 35 years in Uzbekistan. Image credit:English Russia blog People have a hard time accepting the fact that oil and gas deep in the earth is of biotic origin: [...]

  142. [...] Darvaz: The Door to Hell, a drilling project gone wrong – collapsed natural gas dome burning 35 years in Uzbekistan. Image credit:English Russia blog [...]

  143. [...] Has British Petroleum Opened Another Door To Carboniferous Hell? Darvaz: The Door to Hell, a drilling project gone wrong – collapsed natural gas dome burning 35 years in Uzbekistan. Image credit:English Russia blog [...]

  144. [...] project gone wrong – collapsed natural gas dome burning 35 years in Uzbekistan. Image credit:English Russia blog People have a hard time accepting the fact that oil and gas deep in the earth is of biotic origin: [...]

  145. [...] Darvaza, Turkmenistan – Commonly known as the Door to Hell, a crater filled with poisonous gas that has been on fire since 1971. While there is no information [...]

  146. [...] images were stolen from other articles on the place, you can go there in order to read things I might have skipped or missed out, or see [...]

  147. This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situat……

    This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly during the drilling they hav…

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  149. Raine says:

    S’mores, you say?

  150. fasels Suppe says:

    Darvaz: The Door to Hell…

    Darvaz: The Door to Hell

    This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. The story of this place lasts already for 35 years. Once the geologists were drilling for gas. Then suddenly du…

  151. English Russia » Darvaz: The Door to Hell…

  152. [...] place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz The story [...]

  153. [...] Russen haben das Ganze noch getoppt und haben in Usbekistan vor 40 Jahren das Tor zur Hölle produziert. Dort wurde ein 350 Milliarden-Dollar-Gasfeld angebort und die gesamte Ausrüstung [...]

  154. olson's soup says:

    via English Russia » Darvaz: The Door to Hell …

    via English Russia » Darvaz: The Door to Hell Und so schaut das “Tor zur Hölle” (siehe vorheriger Artikel) aus… krass.Für mehr Fotos einfach den Link anklicken!…

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  156. [...] while researching the next Dakota Frost trilogy… http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2008/03/25/darvaz-the-door-to-hell/ This place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small [...]

  157. [...] OF INTEREST – Darvaz Gas Fire [...]

  158. jimbob says:

    dump tons of concrete in the hole then it might fill it

  159. [...] by locals The Door to Hell, this place in Turkmenistan is situated near the small town of Darvaz. When geologists were [...]

  160. Put a big metal grill over it. Bring burgers.

  161. [...] (neighbor to Afganistan), you should check out “The Door to Hell”. Found this jewel on English Russia.com, a great blog. The story of this door to hell, started 35 years ago when geologists where there [...]

  162. [...] they ignited the big hole, and she’s still burning – with little sign of slowing down. The Door To Hell, as it’s been named by Darvaza locals, has a seemingly endless supply of natural gas. Perhaps [...]

  163. morosefox says:

    Doh! Oceans on fire. GJ guys.

  164. morosefox says:

    …why do people always love to resort to the ‘kill it with fire! approach? Even with the recent oil disaster, they just had to give it a shot… ><
    Doh! Oceans on fire. GJ guys.

  165. Once again another great blog post. I actually have a couple of things to ask you, would be have some time to answer them?

  166. cristian says:

    hola ire al infierno por ser poner ganas

  167. Canon 300d consumer manual. I just bought a frequented Canon 300D, as well as this didn’t come via a guide. Is here anywhere I could perhaps could download it? Or maybe a web site by tips?

  168. [...] there is The Door to Hell.  A hole in the Earth that has been burning for over 30 years. Not exactly a sink hole, but still [...]

  169. hajduk split says:


  170. jerry says:

    Proof positive the russians have caused global warming, see the video
    Ronald Reagan

  171. Jaimie says:

    Enjoyed many of the comments but must say.
    Ridicule is the first and last argument of fools.

  172. Steve says:

    It’s definitely in Turkmenistan, about 3 hours across the border from Uzbekistan:


  173. I think the gas is flamable that’s why the fire can’t be turn off. I also think that if the fire continues like that for ever I’m afraid it might cause the underground to melt. To make it worse who knows how deep is the fire melting underground surface. Everyone knows inside our planet there is plenty of melted magma or what ever they called it. I’m worry that if they meet the two might explode and come out of the surface and disaster will strike.

  174. I think the fire is flamable that’s why the fire cant turn off not even by the rain water,snow or even the cold climate can’t turn it off. I’m worry that the fire causes underground to melt. My theory is that if it keeps burning and melt underground everyone knows theres plenty of fire inside our planet and both meet it might cause an explosion. The explosion might cause a disturbing earthquake or a super volcano to form.

  175. I think the only way to turn it off by learning about the past what type of gas was it. And then they could test the samething with another gas, the same as the other but don’t to try the same mistake from the photograph. Finally they could try a powerful chemical that is able to turn off the gas the is flamable then they could put huge amount inside the door of hell. Seriously before its to late or something bad happens in the future. It’s better to do it early before it’s too late.

  176. Thank you from sharing the photograph I’m glad I could write it. I just want the people from the country to be safe and I don’t want people to get hurt or die and I think my idea coul safe their life . I hope I could help hopefully somebody could turn it off I would love to help but I can’t, is not that I don’t want to help is because I’m just a student.

  177. [...] more of English Russia: nbspnbspThe Marble Cave nbspnbspDarvaz: The Door to Hell nbspnbspThe First Sterling Kiev Subway [...]

  178. Knowingwhathesays says:

    Dear Poster of these wonderful pix. I wonder why you still keep the wrong name of location. It is obviously in Turkmenistan, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Instead of making people point the error over and over again, is not it easier just to correct the location in the caption?

  179. [...] to the cavern, but now, 40 years later, the fire is still on. This burning crater (a.k.a. ‘The Door to Hell‘) is on the internet on some sites wrongfully placed in Uzbekistan, so I approved the [...]

  180. door to hell says:

    [...] to hell Darvaz: The Door to Hell | English Russia interesting stuff indeed __________________ XBOX 360 Gamertag: [...]

  181. [...] place in Uzbekistan is called by locals “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz The story [...]

  182. David Martin says:

    That is why man is not mint to know the secrets of life. Just look at the free natural gas they could have had for free.

  183. FrancoCanadian says:

    Where is the Simpson’s movie glass dome? It could be used to remove all air eheheh! Why don’t they throw steel pipes with water in it and pump heated water?

  184. [...] Door To Hell Ongeveer 35 jaar geleden werd in Darvaz, Oezbekistan, geboord naar olie. Veel winst is er niet aan overgehouden aangezien alle apparatuur, [...]

  185. Michael says:

    This reminds me of that town in the US that had to be evacuated because of the fire that started in a mine and has been burning ever since!

  186. aydin says:

    Isıdan faydalanmayı düşünmek gerek. Boşa gitmesin.
    Human must be use this energy.

  187. Stojan G says:

    Turkmenistan NOT Uzbekistan

  188. Elroy Chapko says:

    I am constantly searching online for posts that can facilitate me. Thanks!

  189. wackyruss says:

    How can you say that all the ‘stans are the same?

    You are wrong.

    I’ve been to Kazakhstan. It’s an awesome place.

    Each ‘stan has its own culture, language, and peoples. That’s like saying Texas and California are all the same to me!

    How ignorant!

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