22 Babe Goes Russia

Babe Goes Russia

Posted on March 25, 2008 by

Russian pig pet 1

We had a seal pet recently, now meet Russian pig pet, spotted in the Moscow subway. It looks a lot like a “Babe” pig from the movie.

Russian pig pet 2

Russian pig pet 3


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22 Responses to “Babe Goes Russia”

  1. happy person says:

    it’s not a pet
    it’s lunch

  2. D says:

    First again!

  3. numb says:

    haircut required

  4. Sarah 3000 says:

    I love swines! My lovers call me jewish piglet.

  5. Me says:


  6. Pft says:

    It’s not even a cute pig. It looks old. :)

  7. Tim Giachetti says:

    can you say
    Babe Ke Babs!
    I will even bless Babe when I bleed him so my Jewish friends can chew on a rib or two.

  8. Miss India says:

    bestiality is very common in russia is it true?

  9. Ortodox says:


  10. squirm says:


  11. Gurtek singh says:

    cute pig………

  12. Mourlissa says:

    This article is just great! Especially for beginners.

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