56 The Tall House

The Tall House

Posted on March 24, 2008 by

Tall house in Moscow, Russia 1

This photographer has visited one of the tallest residential house of Moscow that stands in the middle of the suburbs and has some cool views on the neighborhood.

Tall house in Moscow, Russia 2

Tall house in Moscow, Russia 3


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56 Responses to “The Tall House”

    • marvin says:

      What is it? Do you not like the photographs? For me, these are wonderful sights to behold, they just warm the cockles of my heart… I should not like to have trees in cities and towns. In fact, I should not like to have trees anywhere at all. I like grey, mirthless pictures like these. Mirth is of the Devil, methinks. The snapshots would have been much better if there had been no trees at all in the first place, they should have been felled ere the photographs were taken.

      Yet, on the whole, the might of the modern man is clearly demonstrated here, the power of the working man and the industrial revolution. I think it a good idea to install more gas-pipes, construct more bridges and elevated motorways to give more space to cars and heavy traffic. That is what I like. Trees, plants and animal should be done away with for good.

      • SlyEcho says:

        Lucky for you the pictures are taken during winter otherwise there would be even more Green.

        • marvin says:

          I thank you most cordially, my dear Slytherin friend, my compassionate soulmate, for having pointed out this most terrible and alarming a thing. I trowed not, sooth to say, of this grotesque occurrence – very likely, by the bye – , but now, when I do perpend of this, I must, with great reluctance and abhorrence, say it could, indeed, be very, very horrible in summer. Green … phew! All this wondrous-beautiful greyness shall be no more. Tristful. But for now, while is still lasts, my soul is consoled and pacified.

          • D says:

            Just shutup, please.

            • marvin says:

              My ghost is most gravely disturbed and my countenance is the palest of the pale for it senses that you do not like me, me fairest friend D :( Why, by Jove? Surely, I have done nothing to have offended you, have I? I pine for your friendship, yet you deny me this very thing. My soul is sorrowful, indeed. There is no more reason to keep ticking …. Unless, of course, you will reconsider..

              • D says:

                Get a life.

                • Konstantin says:

                  MARVIN, I am a Russian student doing an International Baccalaureate programme in Brussels in an International School of Brussels, I am currently doing an English literature course that I have taken as a language of my first choice and am desperate for help since I am weak at English on this level. Please send me a vocabulary of those kinds of words that you use because I really need to learn more vocabulary to be able to write essays on literature and poetry, if possible also explain how I can achieve your level of mastery. Thanks in advance.

                  • marvin says:

                    Dear Konstantin,

                    Heavy is my soul, indeed, but you seem to be a soul most sincere … Well, here it comes: I am not, as many of you have suspected already, not a native speaker of English. I am not even of Indo-European descent . And, well, hate me for this or not, I am, forsooth, Estonian. Why do I admit this to you? It is because I do not think that I could be worthy to teach one as sincere as you seem to be. I do not will to spoil or corrupt you with ill advice. I honestly think that you should seek advice with someone properly English, someone of native speakers. Yet, if you still persevere in your desperate plea … well, heck, here is one of my private e-mail addresses: ihtus69@gmail.com. Drop me a line or two, and let us see what can be done.

                    • Konstantin says:

                      Well you don’t expect to teach me, of course that’s just a remark of your high level of creative thinking. And I know you don’t have to be a native speaker to outperform other native speakers, quite often it does happen since I know, I am from an international school, so it also heavily depends on what kind of brain you have. You can be mathematical or artistic. Yuo speek any other languages?

                    • marvin says:

                      Dear Konstantin,
                      Yes, several, including Russian. English is the best, though. Alas, my Russian is rusty, and is getting rustier and rustier with every passing day.
                      If you wish to augment your vocabulary, there is, really, only one viable way, and it’s best put by paraphrasing Lenin’s (in)famous words:
                      Read, read, read.

                      For simplicity and beauty, read the King James Bible (KJV); for obsolete and rare words as well as some new ones, read Tolkien; for punctuation, read Gothic fiction, especially Victorian Gothic.

                      God speed you,

          • wackyruss says:

            What is this language you speak Marvin?

            You sound like you’re reciting the Canterbury Tales or somethin’ like dat.

            • marvin says:

              I speak the English language, the second most beautiful one in the world. The most beautiful is … ah, I shan’t tell… You would have guessed that anyway.

              The Canterbury Tales? Ney, my good friend, I have been taught to speak so for it is proper to speak so. Do you desire to say it is not? Do I err?

              • wackyruss says:

                No you do not err, actually it is quite nice. I appreciate the fluidity and beauty that you possess in your command of the second most beautiful language in the world.

                The first most beautiful language in the world is actually CAJUN! Laissez les bon temps roulet!

                • marvin says:

                  Without as much as the most infinitesimal shadow of a doubt, the Cajun language is beautiful, indeed. Are you of Cajun descent yourself? Intriguing …

                  P.S. For the sake of the Infinite Truth, let us say, my noblest friend, that Cajun and English are both placed the second. The name of the most beautiful language in the whole infinity of the Cosmos commences with the letter R.

                  • wackyruss says:

                    It is a possibility that I am of Cajun descent. My grandfather’s side had Varnadeaux as their last name. They were also from Louisiana. I’m pretty sure someone with a French last name from Louisiana probably were Cajun!

                    We’re not sure though.

                    Well I agree. Russian is an awesome language! Perhaps the MOST awesome.
                    Nyet pa russky!
                    Za vas!
                    Kak vas zavut?
                    Ya vas lyublyu!
                    Ya hachoo seer
                    Ya hachoo kleb!

                    I think that’s all the Russian I know.

  1. a says:

    It’s at metro Sokolniki. Wouldn’t really call that the suburbs…
    Moscow is pretty grim, isn’t she?

  2. Chicken says:

    It looks like a pcb !

  3. mike says:

    “Nice” neighborhood, lol.
    Please note the trash on the balcony on pic #3.

    • Jonny says:

      Maybe its full of trash because the house is still in construction?
      Well, i wouldn’t like to live near plants, like on Pic 7.
      But when i was in Moscow myself, i saw plants everywhere i went.

  4. cykalox says:

    HAHA russian suberbs are like United Statesian center cities. PWNED

  5. Louise says:

    Those views straight down made me nauseated.

  6. Setan HIjau says:

    that gave me vertigo! nice shots though

  7. John from Kansas says:

    Interesting photos. The shots to the horizon are magnificent.

  8. Robert says:

    I like how talking about how grotty it is. Obviously, then, you just live privileged lives.

    Every city has places like this; I’m from London, UK, and there are certain areas a hundred times worse.

    A city is a city, it’s not going to be butterflies and rainbows all the way through, where do the unemployed live, the working classes, what about the down and outs?

    Also, cheers for the photos, I’d like to go up there myself, some time.

  9. Swede says:

    Great to have snow in the apartment which then become mold under the floor. And they cheaped out on the masonry there in one pic. Maybe the house will collapse before it is done?

    • Zafarad says:

      Are you live in cocoon?be optimistic guy, you are dealing with robust and strongest ever architect in the world.

  10. commie says:

    Obviously Russia doesn’t know what garbage collection is.

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      That’s just a building under construction. Not a surgery block. Want to see an abosulutely clean construction site? Try to make your one.

    • Zafarad says:

      Use your sense and look deep into what you seeing! ! ! ! ! allover the world,under construction projects look like these apartment blocks,you watched here.may be Russians are below the standards,fixed by some “pro western”but in many fields they(Russians)are an extra ordinary peoples! ! ! ! ! !

    • marvin says:

      Comrade commie, I curse you by bell, book and candle for pishing and pshawing like this! Have you been exposed to capitalist/industrialist brainwashing of late? By golly, this is not garbage, this is art – the great art of architecture and city planning. This is not about garbage or littering, this is about conquering the Wild, this is about knocking the socks off of mother Nature and towering (no pun :) ) above her in the most victorious victory of victories of all times. We must not expect Nature to give us alms, we must take what is lawfully ours. Surely, you have not forgotten, have you? And after us, be there flood, inundation, deluge or diluvial spate, what do we care?

  11. Kassen says:

    The 5th picture looks like he jumped off the edge.

  12. maxD says:

    Moscow is not a desirable spot to live – very little green indeed, ugly apartment buildings all over the place… a rat’s nest. I prefer St. Petersburg anytime.

  13. Miss India says:

    it looks like a giant prison complex. what a terrible sight and sorry place to live in. I feel sorry for poor russians who are condemend to live in that giant cement concrete prison. :(

    • D says:

      Just shutup, nobody cares what you have to say.

    • Zafarad says:

      you Indians, still living in sewers and trash land,look at your living standards and than say something about great nations.few years back i travelled to Delhi,i can` believe that many poor Indians drink and eat Cow`s “outcomes”! ! ! ! ! !.may be your country now, with the help of soviets and Russians is trying to develop,but you are still living in the”stone age”! ! ! ! ! !

  14. marvin says:

    My ghost is most gravely disturbed and my countenance is the palest of the pale for it senses that you do not like me, me fairest friend D :( Why, by Jove? Surely, I have done nothing to have offended you, have I? I pine for your friendship, yet you deny me this very thing. My soul is sorrowful, indeed. There is no more reason to keep ticking …. Unless, of course, you will reconsider.

  15. Kris says:

    Some great shots here!

  16. kris says:

    1)stop using my nick.
    2)Imagine this, you live on 32 floor and one beautiful day you have to go to work and the elevator stops working…

    After a terrible descent you finally get to work…late, when you get back home you hear the terrible message – they didn’t fix the elevator yet.

  17. Basho says:

    Marvin, though your attempts at proper grammar within the constructs of the English language are somewhat commendable given the clear absence of adequate education received, it would still not be advisable to “quit your day job” as it were. The aim of language is not to complicate efficient communication with superfluous jargon. One can only hope that the pseudo-intellectual prose you spout is more tolerable when inflected by that of your native tongue.

  18. Jamshut says:

    Ксеня Субшак – свеска писа!

  19. edwardo says:


  20. Mark says:

    hey guys ,anyone there can mail me in person!

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  22. koshker says:

    Impressive Building!

  23. Douglas says:

    Unpleasant vertical beehives to live in.. Many flats never get any sun ever…..you live your whole life in darkness. and shadows.

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