76 President of Chechnya Rides His Way

President of Chechnya Rides His Way

Posted on March 21, 2008 by

Someone got on video the column of the cars of the President of Chechnya. Chechnya was known for its war against Russia. Now they have a president loyal to Moscow. Look how he rides around his region.

On this video you can see that he likes a big company. Around fifty cars participate in his tour. All the roads are blocked by police prior to he departs. First go a few police cars then goes bunch of Porsche Cayenne SUVs of top staff and security, then some Mercedeses then again Porsche and Toyota SUVs. At the end of the column go minor staff on some other cars with smaller distances in between them. People say that’s its a cool show to see all those 60 cars passing by when you stand on the roadside.

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76 responses to “President of Chechnya Rides His Way”

  1. Thats the russian way to… waste money.

    • Rodriguez says:


    • --- says:

      not russians, they are chechens

      • Boris Abramov says:

        So who are Chechens then?

        • Alex_AW says:

          Chechens are Caucasian nation. They call themselves Nokhchii. They are as Russians as Algerians are French for example.

          • Boris Abramov says:

            Suprise, suprise – you are talikng about skin color again. So what are “Russians”, Alex?

            • JonYo says:

              It has nothing to do with skin color. Caucasian in this case means the region of Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. I don’t think he’s talking about caucasian in the racial sense.

              • --- says:

                Russian in modern sense is slavic race with local (northern) mixtures of finno-ugric tribes, yes you could use the term white.
                It is not hard, people are very easy to see blacks from real russians. =D

                • Bullwinkle says:

                  My butt yearns for anal sex in mother russia.

                • Boris Abramov says:

                  Dear —-, are you by any chance from Estonia or Latvia? Its just that I heard this all too many times before.

                  Thank god Russia is multicultural, multiethnic and multi faith society, and has been for many centuries now. I would also like challenge you to find at least ONE pure bread Slav who hasn’t got at least some Tatar, Gypsy or Jewish blood within his veins. And of course ethnic Chechens, Tatatrs, Jews, etc, have as much, if not more, right to call themselves “Russian” as Slavs do. Besides, if it wasn’t for ethnic minorities, Russian population would probablly already die out. After all the drinking and rolling around in the cold snow involved, I doubt an avarage “Slav” would have much use for his reproductive organs. Of course that doesn’t apply to all “Slavs”, but its certainly a rather staggering proportion.

                  So, dear —, if “pure race” matters to you so much, then I suggest you move to one of the new aspiring nazi states along the Baltic Sea. Although I doubt you will find much “pure race” there, at least you might find some understanding.

                  Good luck.

                  • Jogobot says:

                    Boris Abramov, are’nt you one dumb naist?

                  • Alex_AW says:

                    All you say is true for places where all this nationalities live besides each other for a long time. In big cities people forgot their national traditions and when lots of dzhigits from caucus auls (somewhere in villages traditions are still alive) with they own views on life,traditions and languages come to Russian cities it make the inhabitants nervous.

                    • --- says:

                      Dear Boris Abramov,

                      ” I would also like challenge you to find at least ONE pure bread Slav who hasnt got at least some Tatar, Gypsy or Jewish blood within his veins.”
                      – Belarus.

                      ”And of course ethnic Chechens, Tatatrs, Jews, etc, have as much, if not more, right to call themselves Russian as Slavs do”
                      – Rossijane. Not russkie. Please, tell me why they have more right to call themselves ”Russian” than Slavs do.

                      You Sir, are a troll.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      So if I were a Russian citizen of a “dzhigit” origin (having both “dzhigit” parents), in your eyes I could never be considered Russian? Hm… fascinating. Ok, what do you think about ethnic Jews? Do you think they can never be considered Russian also?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      An ethnic Jew newer call himself Russian – otherwise he is not a Jew.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      So you are an expert in Jewish psyche now?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      One old Jew told to his son: ‘Can you speak Yiddish? Do you practicing Judaism? Are you attending synagogue? If you not why do you call yourself Jew?’

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      I agree, but what does that has to do with anything I said?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      Do you agree,Boris? Thank goodness! Ok, lets stand on your positions. A Jew who is living in Russia is Russian by his citizenship and Jew by his ethnicity. People in Tatarstan are Russians by their citizenship and Tatars by their ethnicity. Do you still agree? I hope you do. And what do you think about people in Novgorod, Ryazan, Kaluga etc. Which ethnicity are they, Boris? You will not refuse them to have an ethnicity, will you?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      Ask any Caucasian which nationality he is and he will answer that he is Lezginian, Avarian, Noghaian but not Russian.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      Their nationality would depend on which passport they hold.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      Actually its seems pretty clear as to what your answer will be anyhow – so don’t bother replying.

            • Alex_AW says:

              Вelieve it or not, but Russians call Caucasians “чёрные” (‘black’, ‘darkey’).

              • Boris Abramov says:

                Alex, you haven’t answered my question.

                • Alex_AW says:

                  Which one? Who Russians are? “—” have done it. Or you talk about something else?

                  • Boris Abramov says:

                    My understanding is, that “Russians”, should be all those who have a russian citizenship, despite what their ethnic background might be. Like in the US for example. You wouldn’t call MacCain “Irish”, or Obama “Kenyan” for example? No. They are Americans. Just like ethnic Chechens are Russian.

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      I see the difference between this two countries in following. Americans are nation of immigrants and the land they live on is not the land of their forefathers (except Indians of course). People from the Old World have come to the New World and made new country. Since they cannot call themselves Irish, Kenyan etc. All of them are Americans. There’s different situation in Russia. Main part of the nationalities over here are living on their own land for a long time. Why a Tatar, whose forefathers, grandfather and father call themselves Tatars, should not be called this way? So when you call a Chechen Russian you are insulting both – Chechens and Russians.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      Russia has also its fair share of immigrants, and yes, most ethnic minorities do want to be called “Russian” and treated as such. A black man can love Russia as much as a white man. And if he or she is a productive member of society, don’t you think he or she should have the right to be called Russian?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      No one going to refuse them to be citizens of Russian Federation but ethnic Russians will never understand why do you call people of overs ethnic groups Russians too.

                    • Boris Abramov says:

                      “Russian” is not an enthnic group, Alex. As I said before, being Russian merely indicates that you hold a Russian citizenship. Lets stop going around in circles, shall we?

                    • Alex_AW says:

                      Disagree. I see the citizenship and ethnicity as two different things concerned with each other indirectly. Lots of people are living in post-Soviet territory, having citizenship of Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic countries etc. and realise themselves Russians.
                      PS. What do you think about moving this discussion to the forum, Boris?

          • Estoni says:

            Algerians in France dont live their own land. Cechens live. Chechnya is not Rusia. Kadyrov is Quisling (or like Vlassov and his ROA).

  2. abdul says:


  3. Lennon says:

    Go on home Russian soldier go on home.
    Have you got no fu*king home’s of your own..

  4. JK says:

    It is similar when Lithuanian President or Parliament Chairman is on the road, except that then it is only one limousine + 1 crazy driving security car behind. Once I almost crashed with both of them. Maybe they were on traing in Chechnya?

  5. D says:

    How fast do you think they are going….. probably over 100mph

  6. mike says:

    > Chechnya was known for its war against Russia.

    LOL, isn’t it the other way round?

  7. coffee bean says:

    And that was just a run to the local Starbucks!

  8. Richard S. says:

    Probably decoys… When the US president travels aboard AF-1 there is a identical aircraft that flies with him.

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      Yes some of them are decoys. Re. AF-1, I’ve never heard that before. It’s big enough to carry unlimited number of IR and radar traps and decoys, spare aircraft is simply redundand after that 🙂

  9. Shamil Yamadaev says:

    Death to Russians! Death to munafiks! Death to Christians! Death to Jews!
    We’ll kill you all!
    Allah Akbar!

  10. James says:

    I think people are trying to say that Chechens are Rossiiskie, not Russian as in Russkie. The old word was Ruthenian, but now that means something else too.

  11. muzhik says:

    Shamil, if only more Muslims were as sensible as you… I guess I’m assuming you’re Muslim. But those that know history, also know what was happening in Chechnya between the First Chechen campaign and the Second one, when the militants were left to “govern” the peoples of Chechnya as they see fit.

    • rustem from tatarstan says:

      100% agree! I am so glad Chechen people together with the federal government could get the situation in the republic under control. the militants started with the idea of a free Islamic republic of Ichkeria, but the whole thing ended up in the hands of terrorists and murderers who were financed and managed by terrorist organizations from abroad, by people who had no intention to have peace and prosperity in the region, they wanted nothing but war!

  12. Pros says:

    This video is photoshoped !

  13. ivan drago says:


  14. Hans says:

    Ah, theres my Cayenne that was stolen from my carport last summer.

    But for real: my neighbours cayenne was stolen and after 10 hours he got a call from the german border police at the border to poland telling him, that there was a russian guy sitting in it and claiming he bought it from him ^^.

  15. Knee Grow says:

    Why is he not using a plane or helicopter to travel? President Bush uses his airforce one to travel. Oh well

    • Swede says:

      Because Chechnya is the size of Connecticut with the population of Rhode island.

      • D says:

        Thats hilarious….

        “But old dubya flies his air force one”

        Pure gold…. the ignorance of the average american.

        • average American says:

          Yeah, they are so dumb that you couldn’t wait to get your visa so you could go make fun of them in their homeland. How did you like that?

          Did it ever cross your mind that maybe if all Russians were as smart as they insist they are, then they wouldn’t be such an international laughingstock? What other country could sit on such an abundance of fertile farmland, minerals, oil, fresh water, and other resources, yet still end up with most of its population living like a 3rd world country?

          Please, keep that kind of “Russian wisdom” to yourself when you are in America, and let us remain ignorant.

  16. krasnaya says:

    They’re not driving that fast just because they’re crazy people and the president has a need for speed. It’s normal for convoys to drive that fast, as anyone tailing you will stand out from the rest of traffic.

  17. too muchvodka says:

    I once saw Schroeder and Putin drive through St Petersburg when the German Reichskanzler was visiting his Russian buddy. They closed off a street for the whole day, just because both were passing there with their motorcade. Never new Lada’s could drive as fast as I have seen then, by the way. A few years later Commander in Chief Bush was visiting his colleague warmonger. The motorcade was three times as big as this one, including a few ambulances (well, while travelling with a lunatic better to be safe than sorry). The street they passed through to visit the Pikaryovskoye cemetery was closed off for more than 24 hours. When the divine Kim Jung Il was visiting his earthly representative Putin, the closed off the whole center of St Petersburg.

    I once saw the Belgian king go to his work in the morning: 1 Mercedes and a few motorized police officers – and they even stopped for traffic lights.

  18. viktor says:

    Russian is not an thnizity .. it iz nationlizity. And non russian is only russian on paper if they got a citizenship but if they were not born in russian and raised by russian fam.. they are something else. CLEAR ? dugh .. what has this world come to. All those big words you folks use and cant solve 2×2

  19. Mr.Nil says:

    Free Russia from chechens!

  20. Hi friend , This is good posting for my homework from college Do u have twitter account ?? i want to follow your twitt . bye

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