46 The Movie Similarities

The Movie Similarities

Posted on March 19, 2008 by

matrix and Russian movie 1

Some Russian bloggers claim that the movie “Matrix” has copied some elements from the old Russian movie “Mesto Vstrechi”. See yourself if they are right or not.

matrix and Russian movie 2

matrix and Russian movie 3


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46 Responses to “The Movie Similarities”

  1. kapitan says:

    Oh, no! They copied the camera angles! THIEVES!

  2. Pros says:


  3. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    Pretty ridiculous.

  4. sigh says:

    the guy in the top left pic is borat, no?

    • vodka says:

      NO that’s azamat bagatov, the producer who can not enter European union becaus of sex crimes.

      besides the similarities on the last two pictures are really striking:

      one white guy with hair in a suit —a bald and black guy wearing a tank top

      one guy looking to the left — one guy with suit, sunglasses and a pistol also looking to the left

  5. brem says:

    It looks like the movie Brazil too… I’m pretty sure !:)

  6. Pete says:

    Ivan Tellalie strikes again!

  7. Guav says:

    OH MY GOD, The Matrix features a person talking on a phone! Surely it’s clear to everyone that Mesto Vstrechi pioneered that groundbreaking concept!

  8. Ivan A Humpya says:

    Da Da! Phone in movie is Russian invention, LONG LIVE THE MOTHERLAND! a bear ate my genitals.

  9. tlkh says:

    It seems nobody here realized that it was a joke

  10. funny videos says:

    the movie is called “Mesto Vstrechi Izmenit Nelzya” which translates to “Place of meeting cannot be changed”.

    i dont see how they are the same.

  11. DungeonB says:

    omg camera angles, some one call up some copyright lawyers derr…

    frikken damn, it looked like an awful film.
    and hth does morpheus look anything like stalinette?

  12. russians fake says:

    Agree! :-))))))

  13. yberlortto says:

    Sure, if this proves something, then all the movies are copied by russians.. And you who said russians havent invented anything, then anyone invented anything.. allmost every country have invented something that we use allmost every day in our lives :/

  14. KanuTaH says:


  15. Setan HIjau says:

    bodoh lancau

  16. Mikhail Krug says:

    Hay! Shuddup or I gonna sing again! I invent sing, you invent shuddup!

  17. Hanke Graver says:

    The mentioned similarities seem rather accidental.

    It is a well known fact that the matrix movies where influenced by The Ghost in the Shell movie.
    You can see it, if you watch the movie.
    Especially the intro sequence and the last action scene that was copied into the first matrix movie.

    By the way, I do think that the mentioned Russian movie has a way better acting than the matrix.

    • tlkh says:

      You guys take this comparison too seriously. It is absolutely obviously a joke, and all this defence of matrix from non-existent attacks looks very funny.
      PS: This Russian movie is one of the best Russian TV miniseries, with a superb acting.

  18. The Saint says:

    wow!! that morpheus sure looks alot like that russian dude

  19. Karman says:

    As usually..overreaction.

  20. laidback says:

    “Mesto Vstrech Izmenit’ nel’zia” – 1979 year.
    Matrix – 1999 year.

  21. Epsilon says:

    Wow!!!!! Some people are slow to get a humor!

  22. mrpman says:

    they also copied from two movies called mindwarp and darkdrive

  23. aleccos says:

    Russian bloggers can say what they want! The film was based on the writings of Plato -student of Socrates-, named {The cave with the Shadows}! The ancient Greeks knew!!!

  24. _Pr0t says:


  25. mr soup says:

    no they are not.

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  27. Shep says:

    Matrix ripped shamelessly (and badly) from William Gibson. If you happen to have read “Neuromancer” or “Mona Lisa Overdrive”, you’ll know what I mean. P.S Some of you lot really don’t seem to have calibrated your sense of humour properly… :-‘(

  28. Michael says:


  29. Rob says:

    It’s sort of a stretch…

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  31. Bob Bobson says:

    Did those bloggers even see “Mesto”? The two movies have nothing in common. “Mesto” is a post-WWII crime-drama, Matrix is a sci-fi.

    Metso: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078655/plotsummary
    Matrix: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/plotsummary

  32. Ray Perry says:

    Can’t we all just get along. 

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