17 8th of March: Fail

8th of March: Fail

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8th of March  - women day is very popular in Russia 1

Tomorrow is the day that Russian women like most. They like it more than any other day in the year, more than St. Valentines day or Mother’s Day. This tradition comes from the Soviet Times and was very widely celebrated across Soviet Russia. All the women of Russia put their best cloths, tons of make up and go to their work places not to work but to accept congratulations, flowers and presents from the men of Russia.

This decided to congratulate his passion early. But according to the last picture she was not alone!

8th of March  - women day is very popular in Russia 2

8th of March  - women day is very popular in Russia 3


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17 Responses to “8th of March: Fail”

  1. CK says:

    First First for me girls !!!!!!

  2. CK says:

    First First for me girls !!!!!

  3. lithuanian says:

    Wow. Brutal.

  4. Comrade says:

    It looks like she did not take his flowers?

  5. CIA agent says:

    I guess he’s trying to get someone else’s girl friend. what an ass.

  6. Rodriguez says:

    Photoshop – ниипацо!

  7. Miss India says:

    While girls in other countries are impressed with flashy cars russian girls are still impressed with Cranes and tractors! :D

  8. Shizo says:

    LOL, poor guy. 0wnzed!

  9. Eileen says:

    The soldier is probably her brother. That’s my guess – he doesn’t look upset. If he were upset he’d probably be throwing raw eggs *or something* down on the crane guy. What creativity though – a romantic at heart the crane fellow. Wonder if he recited a poem or sang a song or some such while up there. Wonder if he owns the crane…or wishes he did. Lots of points for creativity. For thinking *outside the box* – er, dom.

  10. Salocin.TEN says:

    Probably military guy was just a videographer taping this unusual event for the man in the crane basket.

  11. gretchen says:

    this is cool…i want to be in Russia every 8th of March…lol

  12. nightkraawler says:

    brother? try body guard …that guy is using crane because he couldnt get through barricade…the camera was to document the extremes to which the psycho would go. though I could be wrong …but she would at least smile in the last pic and I see disgust….
    on a separate note that shaft of cement blocks appears to be the most unsafe remodel I have ever seen…I would not want to be on those stairs -in the building -or out front when an earthquake takes place….

  13. Josie says:

    The soldier can be seen on the balcony in some of the pictures while the guy makes his way up in the bucket of the crane. He might be the new guy in her life, and hasn’t gotten around to let “crane dude” know that he’s out.

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