68 Ballots Art 2008

Ballots Art 2008

Posted on March 5, 2008 by

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 1

As you know there were some elections a few days ago in Russia. The new president was chosen.

Some Russians decided to use all their art skills in decorating the ballots and then made photos of them right at the election place before putting it inside the voting booth.

This papers on photos are ballots. A list of four candidates with a place to put a check sign.

Here is a few examples of how they voted (some are not too much translatable, the one above is “Preved Medved” thing, it came out from the very popular internet mem of 2006, when someone has posted this image with a bear (“medved” in Russian), saying “Preved!” (Hello!). For some reason it became very popular and got across all the country very fast, then later many more uses of this bear were in ads etc. Some find the word “medved” correlates with the new Russian presidents second name.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 2

“Kid, let’s be friendly!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 3

“I’ll be short: Good Evening!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 4

“Vote for Koni! (president’s dog)”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 5

“Chtulhu [x]”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 6

“I choose SEX!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 7

“Who are all those people??”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 8

“I am not an expert in the shit species. Vote against all.”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 9

“Against all!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 10

A quotation from the Russian movie. Not to much translatable.

–nextpage–Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 11

“How long??”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 12

Some political demand. Not funny.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 13

“Clown. Clown. Mummy. Medved”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 13

“Preved Medved!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 14

Untranslatable. Originated from the popular Russian TV series.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 15

This one took the ballot to his home. Untranslatable. From the Russian thongs, something like “All the candidates are gay”.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 16

Quote from the Russian proverb, like no animals can play sound in a quartet.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 17

Political stuff. No fun.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 18

Political stuff. No fun.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 19

“I vote for Adolf Hitler!”

–nextpage–Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 20

“Freud was right!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 21

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 22

“Preved Medved!” It seems this was most often.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 23

Some origami.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 24

Another piece of art.

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 25

“I didn’t vote”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 26

“Preved Medved!”

Russian elections for President 2008, funny ballots 27

The last but not least: “CHUCK NORRIS [X]”

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68 responses to “Ballots Art 2008”

  1. m says:

    So what are the translations of those “political. not funny” messages?

  2. I.D says:

    Лица стерты краски тусклы
    То ли люди, то ли куклы
    Взгяд похож на взгляд
    А тень на тень

    Я устал и отдыхаю
    В балаган вас приглашаю
    Где куклы так похожи на людей

    Ах до чего порой обидно что хозяина не видно
    Вверх и в темноту уходит нить
    А куклы так ему послушны и мы верим простодушно
    В то что куклы могут говорить

    Но вот хозяин гасит свечи. Кончен бал и кончен вечер
    Засияет вечер в облаках.
    Кукол снимут с ниток длинных. И засыпав нафталином
    В виде тряпок сложат в сундуках.

  3. D says:

    Nice to see people taking their time to come out to the polling stations and pick up a ballot just to waste it…… its people like this that don’t deserve an election at all. Iraqi’s came out in droves to vote and have their voice heard, but Russians come out for party gifts and to make a mockery of the process. Fools.

    • chad says:

      It is good to see those people that their time to go to the polls and vote to express, just spend…… his people, and they do not deserve from the election for all. Iraq had left in the crowd to vote and make their voice heard, but the Russian side, and a caricature of the process. Fools.

    • Aiwan says:

      So, what have we do? Start a revolution? Protest? Or don’t waste time on revolution and just work to live? Understand that nothing will change here, I think, and noone would rise to bew a political leader without support. So why just have some fun in process?

    • S'andy says:

      I guess that you’re coming from the position that elections wherever you are similar enough to the elections in Russia and Iraq to merit comparison.

      Of course, the situation in Russia is that there’s some one currently in power who wields more power than the current american government. And he’s used it to quash any able competing political ideology.

      Is that a fair election? Is that a free election? With these conditions, showing up to “waste” a ballot is as much a valid choice as any other and perhaps is a more powerful one (on a personal level) as it is an act of protest. “I’m so disillusioned that (even unknowningly and only with the ‘herd’) I’d rather deface a ballot than actually vote in one of those unfair elections,” to me is powerful.

      As for making a mockery out of the process, what would you do to inspire confidence in this broken process in Russia? Instead of criticizing it, why not ask yourself the question of why someone would deface a ballot? and then what could you do to specifically address the feelings of that person that led them to act in that way?

      Of course, you’d say they should act out in protest. But, ain’t that what they doin’? (though more personally and less publically)?

      What can you do from wherever you live to protest this supposedly “free” and “fair” election?

    • cb says:

      Not like in the USA where the elections are rigged by machines instead of the Mafia.

    • maxD says:

      In many places people were lured into the voting bureau’s with promises of free drinks and cheap food. How pathetic this government is.

      And still stating that everyone is behind them.

    • wooshkaboom! says:

      Maybe if Russia had a REAL election with REAL alternatives instead of just Putin’s boyfriend and the three stooges, THEN maybe the voting ballot would be worth using properly.

    • a says:

      NOT FOOLS but people possessing self-irony…. anyway the result was obvious…. to understand that you have to live in Russia and see how it works

    • illlich says:

      HAHAHAHA!!! that’s rich!

      So. . . if they came out and wrote in “Kasparov” that wouldn’t have been a wasted vote?

      In a rigged election, ALL votes are wasted.

    • oh_plizzz says:

      ohh come on, cheer up. Garanty you even if the 4th candidate (Dnitri Medvedev) had 0 real votes he’d still be president, capish 😉
      Ironically, filling this forms properrly does not make much sense eiteh. Thus, having some fun with them at least gives people a few laughts.

  4. Chicken says:

    The bird is cute as are the bear and deerface pics arrrr

  5. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Chicken do you like anal ?

  6. goodm says:

    Russians have spoilt the ballots because they have desire to vote against all candidates. But some time ago column “Against all” was cancelled.
    For this reason Russian Peoples lose liberty to offer own opinion. And that’s why Russians have spoilt the ballots and by that they show the signal that they are not satisfied in the current situation.

  7. Dixieland says:

    Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей!

  8. Swede says:

    The part about “From the Russian thongs…” sounds intriguing.

  9. visitor says:

    So, if I put ‘Satan’s Spawn’ or other commentary next to a candidate I don’t like (Stefen Harpor), but don’t mark up the ballot like in these pictures, will it be rejected?

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      The ballot is valid if and only if there’s any written sign in exactly one position. The rest does not matter.

  10. visitor says:

    Forgot to add
    On the bright side there’s no racial commentary (maybe not posted?) such as “Бей жидов – спасай Россию!”

  11. Pavel says:

    OMG I always wondered where preved medved came from…. Now I know!!

  12. deepfreezevideo says:

    Funny you mention “Against ALL” column.
    Today I was discussing this very thing with someone in an American forum here in Texas, and they suggested the same idea, to put “VOTE AGAINST ALL” and if “against all” gets the most votes then ALL the presidential candidates are prohibited from running for office for twelve years
    as penalty.

    I think that is a BRILLIANT idea.

    By the way, how many of you wonderful Russian people know about the cartoon character in photo #3.
    This was a very very funny cartoon
    (by comparison to today’s American cartoons anyway)
    called “Bullwinkle”, and one set of characters in this show was a Russian couple called Boris and Natasha, who were Cold War spies.


    Bullwinkle was just an unassuming and well meaning fop who bungled his way through amazing predicaments with the help of his superhero friend, Rocket J. Squirrel.




  13. deepfreezevideo says:

    I almost lost it laughing when I got to photo #3.
    How many of you wonderful Russians know about this cartoon character?

    His name is Bullwinkle, and he was a well meaning fop who bungled his way through many an amazing predicament thanks to the help of his superhero friend, Rocky the Squirrel.
    Bullwinkle was always pursued by two Russian Cold War spies named Boris and Natasha.

    Compared to today’s American cartoons the content was fairly sophisticated, but still pretty funny.



  14. Havoc says:

    Я на самом деле не понимаю! Кричат нет выбора, нет выбора!
    Ну а кого там нет ? Кого не хватает ?
    Путина? Саркози ? Обамы? Мэнсона наконец ?
    Или Покемона-Касьянова ?

    • I.D says:

      Да хоть Робота-полицейского 🙂 Нет возможности выбрать.

      • Havoc says:

        Ну вот тогда спешите стать гражданином украины. тут с демократией все в порядке и бюллетень длинее рулона туалетной бумаги а толку никакого.
        Дело же не в длине бюлетня. С нашей позиции вам еще завидовать можно.

        Ельцин вернись! Да ?

        • I.D says:

          А кого представляют Путин и Медвед? Все тех же ребят, что “рулили” в 90е. “Итоги приватизации пересматриваться не будут”. Это курс к светлому будущему? Да неужели им надо заморачиваться и что то делать? Наворовал и тихо скрылся – вот девиз, только по разному выполняют. Зюганов имеет широкую практическую и теоретическую базу,например. А вам, товарищи хохлы, надо не попу бюллетенями подтирать, а за газ платить по рыночной стоимости!

          • I.D says:

            Это вы, товарищ, о стабильности на Руси в “Таймс” читаете? А живете, как я понимаю, в Израиле… И что за фантазии про выборщиков? Товарищ, поработайте в государственных структурах, посмеемся над стабильностью вместе 😉

        • Havoc says:

          Ну тогда вариант “Ельцин вернись!”
          Ну ведь не оранчишься внутренними факторами!
          Если будешь валить действующу власть не имея ей альтрнативы, а именно так дело и обстоит, то “заграница вам поможет” продвинут вам какого-то Ющеноко или Саакашвили вот тогда и запоете.

  15. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Медведев рулит ха ха !

  16. Domo says:


  17. Kris says:

    What other parties had candidates standing?

    In what way are others discouraged from putting up candidates?

  18. 0x800 says:

    Blizzard sold itself to Activision it is now called Blacktivision ;

  19. Name says:

    How come you didnt put ballots with votes for Barack Obama?:)
    Obama got some support in Russia:) at least 2 votes there

  20. Miss India says:

    Poor russians don’t even know who is ruling their country and who is in charge LOL! What a sorry state of affairs.

    No wonder most Russians are fleeing their poor trash country. Sad isnt it? 🙁

  21. Indy says:

    “The new president has been chosen” : that is the best joke !!!

  22. deepfreezevideo says:

    I still say “VOTE AGAINST ALL” is the best idea.
    Who will restore this to the ballot first, America or Russia?

  23. ЙОПТ says:

    Бля, я так недодумалсо(((

  24. Joey says:

    превед медвед!

  25. Zhopa says:

    2Miss India

    Russia >> India and that’s a pretty easy choice.

  26. tiffanysale says:

    I still say “VOTE AGAINST ALL” is the best idea.

  27. Bond says:

    Да у нас в каждые выборы такая веселуха :))) Перед следущими похожу по улице с фотиком и нащелкаю 😉

  28. Delta says:

    i vote Chuck Norris for European Parlament 😀

  29. Cigarettes says:

    very actual topic in Russian politic.

  30. VoiniSveta says:

    Мне понравился ваш сайтик, так держать.

  31. konditertip says:

    А другой вариант есть?

  32. Little girls in skimpy underwear….

    Underwear for teenage girls….

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