77 Russian Police School

Russian Police School

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Russian Police School 1

This photographer has visited a Russian Police school and shares his photos.

Russian Police School 2

Russian Police School 3

Russian Police School 4

Russian Police School 5

Russian Police School 6

Russian Police School 7

Russian Police School 8

Russian Police School 9

Russian Police School 10

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Russian Police School 12

Russian Police School 13

Russian Police School 14

Russian Police School 15

Russian Police School 16

Russian Police School 17

Russian Police School 18

Russian Police School 19

Russian Police School 20

photos by A. Petrosian, via photopolygon.com

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77 responses to “Russian Police School”

  1. Richard S. says:

    I think Russia has more Chiefs than Indians

  2. Pavel says:

    Wow…. I can hit 3 plates on bench. They have like 1/4 of a plate on there.

  3. Pavel says:

    Oh…thats a female…

  4. kris says:

    Very nice girls on some photos, they would make very pretty police-women. Notice the arm-pathches, which have Rossija and MWD, which stands for Ministierstvo Vnutriennyh Dieu, which means The Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  5. visitor says:

    Good photos indeed. Looks like they’re duplicating much of army training, including driving an APV. Good to see minorities there as well. A little too much leather IMHO.

    • R54 says:

      Oh yeah, we do it all just to please foreign observers.
      We even accepted a couple of Mongoloids into a police school, to show off for the camera.
      Glad you’re happy.

      • Lenin says:

        Are there blacks in MVD?

        • SR says:

          i am serious doubt that. there is very few blacks in Russia and they draw much attention from locals.

          • R54 says:

            a black uniformed police officer in Russia would be a joke,

            • Lenin says:

              I read once in the news that in Serbia a German tourist ran away scared once he was stopped by a black Serbian police officer. What may seem an aberration could actually exist.

              • R54 says:

                Hey I am not saying there should be no blacks in Russian police force. I am not saying there are none. What I am trying to say is there’s no point to assign a black field officer to investigate a criminal case in Russia: it would be politically correct but no practical use.

              • zax says:

                Yes, this is a true story. I cannot remember the name of that black man, but he came from some (friendly, non-aligned, African) country to Yugoslavia to study, and later he married and permanently settled here. The famous encounter with German tourists occured some 20 years ago. Tourists had a traffic accident – they hit an ostrich (which escaped from nearby farm) with their car, so they called police. First, they were surprised to see an African bird in Europe. But then, the policeman came. He was black! He later described expression on their faces as extremely funny. They looked at bird… and then at him, and then at each other… Then they started to unfold maps, trying to find where they made “a wrong turn”, as they thought they were in Africa. They understood what happened only when others (white) policemen came.
                The policeman later became famous, as the only black state officer (of any kind) in Yugoslavia. Prior to 1990s, Yugoslavia was quite popular among African and Asian students, but as economic and political crisis began (and about the same time non-alignment movement became obsolete), they gradually stopped coming here. In Belgrade, Serbia, now I can’t remember when I last time saw a black person. Maybe a few years ago. When I see them, they are usually tourists… no more students… it’s a pitty.

        • R54 says:

          There are virtually no blacks in Russia at all.
          Consequently, there are virtually no blacks in MVD.
          statistically, you’d be hard-pressed to find a black person in Russia who would like to join the police force. Not too many of them around here.

    • SR says:

      they are not mitorities. in Russia they are at home.

  6. Evinoigne says:

    Are these Police Cadets conscripted, or are they volunteers?

    I ask as Russia has compulsary ‘National Service’ does it not?

    • Domo says:

      The Militia Academy is for everybody. But, I believe, if you finish it, you don’t have to go to the army. So it’s a good option for some people.

      • Ivan Mikahilov says:

        AFAIK for some positions you can go to Militia Academy only _after_ army. The idea is that if you’re healthy enough for that positions then you don’t have excuses to avoid 2 years of wearing army shoes.

    • maxD says:

      Police force is not popular in Russia, because of the incredible corruption. Their reputation is very poor. They make very little money, which they compensate by accepting bribes wherever they can. In particular the traffic police is very bad in this sense.

      Most of the ‘students’ on the pictures are from the countryside, where this reputation is not common knowledge. Plus the chances of getting a job are very slim. Having a job as a policeman is better than no job at all. Russia has no system of social security. There should be food on the table.

      Very nice pictures though!

      • ZDANEK says:

        “They make very little money, which they compensate by accepting bribes wherever they can”…

        Once upon a time a young man decided to join moscow militia… so he signed a contract, received uniform, ammunition etc…
        3 months later an accountant of his police office noticed that man never came to took his salary. So his captain asked him:
        – ” How are you living without money?”
        – “I`ve been given a uniform & a gun, so I decided it was instead of salary” .

  7. Ag says:

    Funny, all the students look slim, normal. If you compare it to the teacher or look at other pictures, most of them are far overweight. Seams to be an unhealthy job!

    • .. says:

      Only in US steroids are popular among police forces. They justify steroid use by saying that they need to compete with criminals.

      • Chelovek says:

        3 police officers were busted in my American suburban town last year for illegal steriod use. This is really no joke.

  8. marvin says:

    Isn’t it awesome? I think it is. It really is awesome. Russia is awesome and drunkenness is awesome, too. Vow! Cool! The Russian militia is awesome, too. They are so cool. Besides, the militia is the best police force in the world. Not only the best, but also the fairest, the most intelligent and the handsomest. In short – awesome. Russia is the most democratic country in the world, a beacon of light to other nations and countries.

    • marvin says:

      Whoops-a-daisy…. now I am hurt, awesomely hurt. My dear D, I wasn’t trying to be funny.I am simply proud of anything Russian. Don’t you share the same feeling with me? Are you not proud of our mother Russia? Then you must be in league with the Nazi Esthonia, I deem …

      Will no-one put his shoulder to the wheel alongside me and help enlighten ye, o foolish people (kindred to D& Co), ye which are without understanding; ye which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not… Boris Abramov? Wilt thou? Certainly thou wilt, I thank thee, comrade.

      • KanuTaH says:

        respect the elder by intellect and for the second time keep your zip shut!

        • marvin says:

          Whom shall I respect then? You? And what have I done to have deserved attitude like yours? Nothing. I have only glorified mother Russia and mighty Russians, given them respect such as they, an Aryan race, surely deserve to be shown by lower races.

          If you do not like Russia, it is your problem because you shall tremble before her might, you shall have awesome fear if mother Russia finds out you do not like her. You shall be smashed into pieces, your mountains shall be made low and your valleys filled …

          PS my zip is always closed when my trousers are on. I only open it when I take them off.

          • KanuTaH says:

            Aryans are Germans and not Russians, this is clearly an insult, I will mail a letter to Putin concerning this tomorrow.

            • marvin says:

              Dear KanuTah, I am saddened by the lack of knowledge demonstrated by otherwise obviously very intelligent man. It is not only Germans who can claim to belong to the magnificent and superior race, but also Russians:

              “Since, in the 19th century, the Indo-Iranians were the ancient known speakers of Indo-European languages, the word Aryan was adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to Indo-European speakers as a whole.”

              Russian is and Indo-European language – ergo, Russians are Aryans.

              See the distribution of IE languages in the world here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fb/IE_countries.svg

              This map may explain something to you as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Centum_Satem_map.png

              So, you just might reconsider sending a letter to Volodja 🙂 Not that I presume he would know that either ….

              • muzhik says:

                Marvin, I am saying this at my own peril, (as you seem to be enjoying unprecedented amounts of loathing from many of this blog community, and I might incur the same), but you did manage to crack me up. Your facetious glorification of Russia seems to be much more effective at provoking Russophiles than the outright f-word-ridden bashing of Russia ever would. And albeit I’d beat your face in (in all likelihood) if I were to ever meet you, I still admire your style. 😉

                • marvin says:

                  Dear muzhik,

                  Long at last! I have found a kindred soul, someone who has brains AND uses his brains. There is no need to beat my face – really, I do like Russians: however, I do like only those kind souls who live in Russia and do not run away for better life and money. Russophiles? Exactly, the kind who lavish praise and “awesome”, and use foul language on everyone who dare to question. I observed that there was so much vulgarity among the comments and thought to have a little fun … Has it ended? I do not know 😉

                  Take care

                  • marvin says:

                    Dear muzhik,
                    It would be rather interesting to exchange thoughts with you, but not on this forum. Interested? If not, do not be polite, just say flatly.



                    • muzhik says:

                      marvin, if you know of some other informative fora where people leave well-thought out, informed, intelligent comments, I’d be glad to take part in such discussions.


                    • marvin says:

                      Dear muzhik,

                      Woe is me! Alas, I know not of such fora … I should not know since I am not a particularly keen, or informed, mouse-potato. I should venture a guess that neither are you.

                      sincerely yours

    • me again says:

      Whoops-a-daisy…. now I am hurt, awesomely hurt. My dear D, I wasn’t trying to be funny. I am simply proud of anything Russian. Don’t you share the same feeling with me? Are you not proud of our mother Russia? Then you must be in league with the Nazi Esthonia, I deem …

      Will no-one put his shoulder to the wheel alongside me and help enlighten ye, o foolish people (kindred to D& Co), ye which are without understanding; ye which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not… Boris Abramov? Wilt thou? Certainly thou wilt, I thank thee, comrade.

    • rob says:

      I wonder why you posted that sarcastic turd?…Are you hear to gloat? Why do you like to gloat? Any psychologist would say that no person starts to gloat if he is not hurt or disturbed, do you know that? – so what is your pain and how can we help you?

  9. Fudge Islam says:

    Russian Police Training :

    1) Take Bribes

    2) Drink Vodka, stand around and be a slacker

    3) Beat wife

    4) Go thru Fast Food Drive-thru on Horse

    Russian girls are the best. Everyone agrees. Show more russian women please.

    • Fudge Islam says:

      You forgot that American Cops also :

      –Giving out too many speeding tickets while they themseleves are the worst speeders.

      –Pull people over just for being the wrong color.

      –Are major substance abusers themselves.

  10. D says:

    They look really young.

  11. Richard S. says:

    I take it that this cadet is camera shy…


  12. MAK says:

    Nice Blond Police Woman!!

  13. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:


  14. Chicken says:

    Men in uniforms are so hot!

  15. KanuTaH says:


  16. mauh says:

    some of them looking like under 16 years old.

  17. Comrade Katyusha says:

    That blonde gave me gonorrhea disease. It was worth it.

  18. silenius says:

    Future Social Enemies!

  19. ZDANEK says:

    – Почему московские менты ходят по-двое?
    – Один знает географию Москвы, другой умеет говорить по-русски)…

    (про опасных интеллигентов – хорошо сказано, сильно улыбнуло)))

    • ZDANEK says:

      Вполне возможно. Как говорится в старом одесском анекдоте: “Всё сильно изменилось, только люди всё те же”.)

  20. Democracy Approved says:

    Putin for prezident!

  21. Miss India says:

    Russians are so poor, they cannot even afford decent food thats why they are so skinny and they have no muscle. In Russia, they admire fat people cause it means they are richer and have enough food to eat. Such a sorry sad country in deed 🙁

  22. frank says:

    ma che scuola , quella del cinema?

  23. VsemPizdetz says:

    How typical. Every happy Russian is drunk right? I can’t believe what they teach people in the West.

  24. Буран says:

    Are those visor caps uncomfortable to wear, cause it seems that no one wears them “properly” from the Police to the Army…they all kind of wear them on top of their head, and besides why the hell are they so massive…the older style uniform had smaller visor caps?!

  25. That woman is just brilliant, I mean a lot seems to think she is dumb but that’s just an act, it does require some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

  26. sharaf u ddin says:

    im afghan c i d police officre

  27. rezdee says:

    Dear,russian police school….
    I’m rezdee..
    I am a citizen of Indonesian nationality
    I am very interested in Russian culture…I am very interested in the police russia. if I should know,
    how am I to be involved with Russian culture, especially joining the police russia.

    please send me information to ([email protected])

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  29. mena says:

    Russian men are soo handsome, i love them 🙂

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  31. kaser158 says:

    What is the official name of this police school or website, thanks

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