Mercedes hit by chair in Russia 1

15 The Chair and the Mercedes

The Chair and the Mercedes

This is chair, just one ordinary chair, but where is it? This
location makes him bit not ordinary amongst other Russian chairs:
Russian soldiers in Chechnya 1

83 Russian Soldiers

Russian Soldiers

Some casual shots of Russian soldiers during their
job in Chechnya region... back a few years ago.
once on the parking in Lithuania 1

49 The Parking Vandalism

The Parking Vandalism

One morning, when those car owners came to the parking they have found that each and every car's windshield was
smashed with something. They don't have a clue who could do this and why, but he didn't miss a car.
Russian calendar with different countries 1

83 Russian Calendar for 2008

Russian Calendar for 2008

This is how one Russian company decided to design it's calendar. They put on each page the one and same episode but drawn
according to their point of view of one of twelve countries. The first one is Russia, would you guess the rest?
39 Beware: Bears!

Beware: Bears!

When you leave your car somewhere in Russia beware of some bears (domestic or not so
domestic). Look what they have done to this Zaporozhets car, oh vilans!
Russian Military Aircrafts  1

30 Russian Aircraft Museum by Night

Russian Aircraft Museum by Night

These are pretty unique photos from the Russian Aircraft Museum. They are unique because were made at night when
the museum is closed to the public and there is usually no chance to make photos like these ones.
34 Almost Russia

Almost Russia

This beer commercial shows how people in
Sweden see Russia and its people and their beer.
criminal tattoos in Russia 1

63 Russian Criminal Tatoos

Russian Criminal Tatoos

Like in other countries there is a mania for tattoos among criminals, but in Russia they give much more sense for those signs on their bodies. Each even smallest detail can be interpreted as a biography verse from the life of tattoo owner, both police and criminals can just look at the
body of the tattooed person and tell all his deeds. They say these days there more freedom is allowed in decorating their bodies such way, but during the Soviet regime a person could earn big disgrace from his friends if he made a tattoo not according the rules.
Life in Russia: private photos 1

140 Life in Soviet Russia: Private Moments

Life in Soviet Russia: Private Moments

Are you ready to make an immersion into the glorious life of Soviet Russia? If yes scroll down, this one today differs from other retrospective series we had before by the manner of compilation - it's not a one collection but is assorted mix
came from different sources. Each photo is an individual shot from the fate of some random human who lived in Russia at that times, sometimes those moments were sad, sometimes joyful and photos share this mood with us now:
Military newspaper in Russia 1

34 Russian Army Newspaper

Russian Army Newspaper

A few days ago one guy has got his next issue of a Russian Army newspaper he is subscribed too. He was lazy looking through it until on one page, devoted to
the department of Nuclear Defense he found a photo of one of the departments of Nuclear Defense Ministry. Look down what shocked him so much:

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