Lenin and Nazi
27 Lenin and Nazis

Lenin and Nazis

Just a one shot post showing what did Nazi soldiers
liked to do with Lenin monuments during World War 2...
the seal as a pet in Russia 1

71 A Seal As a Pet

A Seal As a Pet

Some Russian girls had a bear as a pet, but this one has a real seal as her home animal. She
feeds it, goes for a walk with it and gives it to swim in her bath to feel like home.
Moscow, Russia, vintage photos 1

21 Another Old Moscow Series

Another Old Moscow Series

Yet one another vintage Moscow series, directly from the
private archive, for all retro-Russia-photos lovers...
Roads paved in Riga, Latvia 1

65 Paved Roads: Riga Style

Paved Roads: Riga Style

That's how they pave roads in Riga, Latvia.
See the next photo for the details..
Old Russian mine 1

34 An Old Mine in Siberia

An Old Mine in Siberia

This guy got inside an abandoned mine in Siberia, the place where probably not one but a few generations of political prisoners
worked hard their way to freedom deep inside frozen land of Russian North. He got some cool photos back from there!
Strange Hummer in Russia 1

37 A Strange Hummer

A Strange Hummer

A strange Hummer car was spotted in the
downtown of Moscow, it had six wheels!
New Russian ambulance car 1

45 New Ambulance Cars

New Ambulance Cars

New ambulance cars are planned to be used for service
in the parts of Russian with the roads like this.
Daily shots from Russia, part 3 1

47 Daily Shots Again

Daily Shots Again

Another mix of casual daily shots from the streets of ex Soviet
Union. This is a wedding on the Russian North (on the top photo).
theater in Moscow, Russia is on fire 1

27 Most Stupid Fire

Most Stupid Fire

This was probably the most stupid fire in Moscow for the last few years. What was so stupid about it? Well, the building on those pictures on fire was one of the theaters in Moscow, Russia. It has got on fire and pretty soon firefighter squads started arriving. They wanted to enter the building to stop the fire from the inside while it's not too late but... that's when all the stupidity begins: the security guards on the entrance have not let the firemen in. That's what you call the best order subjection ever. In that theater building there was a private
disco club also. And the owners of the club gave a strict order to the guards: "Don't let ANYBODY in until further instructions would be given". Of course they said it before the fire, but for those guys on the entrance there was only one rule: "We have an order and we have to obey". So they didn't let any single fireman to enter even when they have seen the fire itself. A few hours firemen couldn't enter the building and had to watch how the fire takes over and over the historical building in the Moscow downtown.
Russian past: Russia at seventies-eighties of the last century 1

55 USSR Again

USSR Again

Yet another part of
photos from USSR...

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