abandoned russian village 1

61 Abandoned Russian Village

Abandoned Russian Village

Just one of many abandoned Russian villages, scattered across huge Russia. People simply leave for cities where they can earn
more, and thousands of Russian wooden architecture masterpieces, sometimes more than 200 years old, stay by their own.
new Russian car 1

30 New Russian Car

New Russian Car

Spy shots of a new Russian car from AZLK (Moscwitch) make! It weighs only 1000 pounds,
GPS and has only one pedal, is it accelerator or brakes - they didn't mention.
tomb stones from Ukraine 1

130 Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk

Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk

We had already some times ago Russian mafia tomb stones from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Today the tomb stones from Dnepropetrovsk. This city is 2000 miles away from Yekaterinburg, and actually it's
not even in Russia, but in Ukraine. As you can see mobsters share the same culture, and even most of the scripts are made in Russia language, without Ukrainian adaptation.
Gas in Russia 1

23 Gas Transportation

Gas Transportation

Some say it was a gas, caused the epic explosion in Nyagan a few days ago. Well, it's
no surprise when the gas cylinders are being transported in such a manner.
ice  in Estonia 1

130 Estonian Fairy Tale

Estonian Fairy Tale

If you go after the storm in this small town in Estonia, you'll catch
yourself thinking that you've got into a fairy tail. Just look!
Russian military vehicle  1

43 SUV: Russian Way

SUV: Russian Way

We had once a story about a Russian guy who has turned the military vehicle into a passenger car. This one is another of that kind, but way bigger, though lacks in the interior beauty. Still they have there now: 1. The mechanical gear stick was replaced with electronic joystick which is connected to electro driven gear box. Now they can switch the gears as easy as on a video game, before one had to have a huge muscle power to switch the gear on that Russian tough thing 2. Disassembled old army
seats and put new ones, from the Chrysler minivan. 3. Improved the noise insulation. 4. Changed all the windows to the new ones, more thick, more nice. 5. Installed a rear-view camera and the monitor. 6. Put in a multimedia station, with hi-fi audio, video and wireless headphones for passengers. Now they can take a ride more safely on Russian roads, and would find their way at any condition, that's for sure, even on Russian federal highway "Lena".
Russian army in Afghanistan 1

87 The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

Twenty eight years ago Russian army has entered Afghanistan. They stayed there for 9 years and more than 15,000 Russian soldiers were lost dead, much more were wounded or had psychological problems in their civil life later. The troops that were fighting against Russian army at that times were actively supported by Pakistan and Western World as an opposing effort of the Free World against the Evil Empire - USSR. One of the most notable leaders supporting the rebels against the "Russian oppression" in Afghanistan was a Western supported Osama Bin-Laden. A few years later, when there were nobody to fight against in Afghanistan he found new
victims for his fight. Now in the Free Western World that supported him before, with all the tactical skills his people were studied by Western instructors. In Russia there is a proverb, something like "Don't dig a hole for someone else, as you will fall into it yourself", some Russian soldiers found that it was true in this occasion, after learning that those guy they fought for years, took over the Afghanistan after they left and started to fight now against his supporters. These are photos from that time when the Russian army was still there, mainly from private archives.
Nyagan blow up explosion 1

63 Nyagan Explosion

Nyagan Explosion

According to the words of Borman from lepra there was a big explosion yesterday in Nyagan town in Siberia. The blow up was accompanied with a
sound of "jet plane landing". No official comments from authorities appeared but according to those photos by Borman the event was big.
Russian guy jumps from the building
52 Big Jump

Big Jump

According to this video, this Russian guy is invincible. It's an amateur video, was recorded by his friend on the mobile phone. Well,
they have yogis in India who walk on fire or being dug deep underground for days, why can't real supermen live in Russia?
A lot of snow in Norilsk, Russia 1

35 Guess What’s That

Guess What’s That

Can you guess what those three things sticking out of snow do mean? You would never give a right answer!
Those sticks were widely used today in Norilsk city, Russia. Look down for the explanation:

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