105 Russian Underground Submarine Base

Russian Underground Submarine Base

Posted on February 29, 2008 by

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 1

It was a big underground submarine base and docks once in USSR. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Russian army left Ukraine it was partly abandoned and some of its parts was converted into a museum later.

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 2

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 3

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 4

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 5

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 6

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 7

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 8

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 9

Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 10


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105 Responses to “Russian Underground Submarine Base”

  1. blumare says:

    That’s awesome. I’d like to be there.

  2. Fred says:

    YAhoooooooo !!! FIRST :)

  3. Fred says:

    Yahoooooo!!!! FIRST :)

  4. Fred says:

    Damn, Lame……Third then :(

  5. vindimy says:

    frist! :P

  6. jake says:

    That is in Balaklava outside of Sevastopol. I have been there and it is awesome!

  7. Q says:

    That’s great. Looks like something out of a James Bond movie.

  8. aap says:

    cool stuff

  9. arse says:

    this is ukraine, luv :)

  10. Theresa McBryan says:

    Still in very good condition inside. Looks like high quality construction.

  11. lithuanian says:

    Incredible. Reminds me of video game Half Life.

  12. John from Kansas says:


  13. One James Bond should definitely be filmed there.

  14. D says:

    Amazing how something like this can be abandoned. I can think of many uses for it. Bomb proof bunker? Doomsday vault?

  15. Racy Rick says:

    Wow, it seems a spammer doesn’t like this. It is no wonder the US spends the equivalent of the world’s arms budget just to keep us safe.

    I’d rather have a weak military and well-cared for citizens than a military that makes everyone hate us. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  16. Hui Lee says:

    Ukraine should give it back to Russia

  17. illlich says:

    HEY– haven’t you posted these photos here before? I know I’ve seen them before.

  18. Sensate says:

    Wow. Looks like a HL2 level. So cool.

  19. CZenda says:

    Are there similar abandoned bases in Baltic countries?
    AFAIK USSR was trying hard to change Baltic Sea to “Mare Nostrum” since 50s and the plan supposedly included building a lot of submarine bases in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
    Do they still exist (if ever built)?

    • jaaks says:

      Unfortunately there aren’t any large Soviet submarine bases in Estonia at least. There has always been a myth of an underground base in North West Estonia but there was only an onground nuclear submarine training facility, which has been demolished now.
      Furthermore, as I’ve heard only diesel submarines were allowed to sail in the Baltic sea and there wouldn’t have been the need to build a large base for them.

    • Kim Jong Il says:

      Nice Spam. In my country, I make you sex slave to serve my needs. Then I wirr catapurt you into the ocean arr sticky and tired.

  20. MAK from Argentina says:

    It really look like something out of a James Bond movie.

    Also remind me to the game Metal gear solid

  21. Pacific NW says:

    Dr. Evil and Mini Me would be proud.

  22. CWP says:

    It has a ghostly feeling all empty o.O

  23. Richard S. says:

    It’s nice that they can preserve it in converting it to a museum. What about the possibility to restore it?

  24. Adam from Canada says:

    This was posted before, and its in the Ukraine.

  25. Miss India says:

    I noticed USSR was really good at digging its own grave albeit a deep one. :D

    Tee hee

  26. P-Diddy says:

    So a sub was suppose to fit in these tunnels? They seem was too small for a sub to get through these; especially if you are talking about the Typhoon.

    I also can’t figure out how they would maneuver around the curves.

    • vadikgg says:

      This shelter for diesel submarines. On Black sea never was nuclear boats (and the more so Typhoons).
      There old boats -projects 641 (Foxtrot) and 641Б were based.
      New boats – the project 877 – Kilo – too wide for this shelter.
      In shelter they, possibly did not maneuver, and left a backing

      • P-Diddy says:

        Ah okay. Thanks for the info vadikgg.

        There was actually a Foxtrot that was purchased by some people after it was decommissioned. At one point, it was in Long Beach, CA but I don’t know if it is still there.

        This site has some pictures of it:


        (Site could be way out of date. No idea.)

  27. mack says:

    Awesome. Does anynone happen to know exact location – isn’t that somehwere close to Odessa or Sevastopol?

  28. /o+0dUkT ID 10 T says:

    Absolutely used in Half-Life development.
    I am amazed it isn’t riddled in little color splotches from people playing paintball; maybe they use perfume in Ukraine? Awesome lifestyle apartment for dedicated runners.
    Can I has gluon gun?
    Just say no to the radioactive-sewers jumping puzzle level.

  29. /o+0dUkT ID 10 T says:

    Canadian Girl, j00 has t3h 2-much flash CPU killa gene.
    I would not put my sub in your tinsel-lined bay.

  30. DungeonB says:

    amazing, its a shame so much was wasted and now its unused. =[

  31. Liza says:

    As commenter says, it’s in Balaklava. Now Ukraine. Good place to visit: very nice town & this base.

  32. Louise says:

    What a colossal waste of money and endeavor.

    Only one question – where is Blofeld now?

  33. Rob says:

    Looks like the scenes from one of the older James Bond movies that I’ve seen.

  34. simon says:

    I don’t understand why there is this mentality in Russia to abandon everything…don’t they consider REUSING the materials instead of leaving them to go to waste? Where is the sense in that?

  35. sovjeten kommunisten says:

    Nah… It seems to be Call of Duty screenshots…

  36. sovjeten kommunisten says:

    did you see sign REMEMBER THE WAR 1941-1945?

  37. Niels R. says:

    Any idea where in Ukrania this is located?

    One day I’ll visit Ukrania and it might be a nice idea to go and check it out…

  38. Franz says:


  39. NTav says:

    Does anyone know the google earth location of this place (lat. Long)


  40. gretchen says:

    this place is cool and very historic…i would like to be there someday…it would be awesome to have a tour in this kind of place with your honey ;-}

  41. MeSSiaH says:

    Hey, Yankees! Do you see that dots in the sky? Our rockets approaching…

  42. Balaklava visitor says:

    Russians have a lot of such a bases on another seas, but do not visit Balaklava – dirty & too expensive village. Old buildings are ruined, native Greek population – mainly criminals or old poor fishermen. Very bad roads & extremely dirty beaches, cholera epidemies – every summer, etc.

  43. hanka says:

    it’s very very coll place, i was there 2 years ago,amazing,i must say. it is a monument of war & i adore nature in crimea!!!

  44. ed says:

    This is an excellent looking place. I think I shall be applying for a visa right away.

    Better take some Russian lessons also – it probably isn’t that touristy.

  45. Benny says:

    That is friggin awesome!

  46. momo says:

    FIRST !!!!!!

  47. Gurtek singh says:

    Great work…………..

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  50. Chels says:

    This is Balaklava in Crimea

  51. studentas says:

    in lithuania town Plateliai, near lake is an abounded atomic base from soviet time. i was there twise and it is amazing.

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  53. Dupont says:

    cool. That looks like an awesome place to visit!!!

  54. Genrih says:

    its not russian, its soviet. now it is ukrainian

  55. I am agree with Scrat335 Ukraine must be a Russian territory.

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  57. Greg says:

    Amazing. Wish to seen it once

  58. Sumerian God King says:

    Now they have bases buried into sea shelfs 1.5-2.5 miles deep under the oceans.

    They now have tons of underground bases the size of a small city all over the US and a cool submarine channel from the Pacific ocean coast of California to Hawthorne Nevada.

    Thats not including the jump rooms and mag levs that haul ass underground.

    So unbelievable it keeps me from getting into trouble with the spooks…

    You thinking Im an insane conspiracy theorist that watches too many scifi movies basically saves my life once again.

  59. mephisto says:

    thought it was too small for eg-a typhoon or anything modern..so old diesel subs huh..love seeing ex covert stuff like this..and the sub wrecking yards etc…
    i’m not russian or american, but after reading many of the posts here, i have to feel for the russians..so much ignorance,bias and parochial blind patriotism from americans, who dont seem to realise their government spent huge and similar amounts on war follies during the cold war,and have many covert bases etc dotted around north america..anyway the russians have taken over the world,theyre everywhere via business,commerce,capitalism legal or illegal freemarket or blackmarket..just look in your own backyard,and remeber the old saying “people who live in glasshouses should watch out for approaching aeroplanes”

  60. Mozart says:

    Balaklava – is the wonderful palce. Located near Sevastopol (Crimea).

    I have a friend in Sevastopol. His mother works in Balaklavian museum (former Submarine plant).

    This museum is really Awesome!!! I was there.

  61. Medisoft says:

    Very cool! I’d visit if I had the chance.

  62. Thanks for your hard work in getting this info.

  63. Good morning, This is a highly skilled blog, and Allow me to agree with what was published here. I will be back to see the comments soon. Thanks

  64. [...] maintained an elaborate submarine base throughout much of the Cold War.  Now a museum, this abandoned submarine base in the town of Balaklava, Ukraine is often explored by locals and tourists alike.  During the [...]

  65. [...] army maintained an elaborate submarine base throughout much of the Cold War.  Now a museum, this abandoned submarine base in the town of Balaklava, Ukraine is often explored by locals and tourists alike.  During the war, [...]

  66. weeboo says:

    i think it’s terrible when people decide to make attractions out of these. first thing they do is change how it was and restrict access.

  67. [...] army maintained an elaborate submarine base throughout much of the Cold War.  Now a museum, this abandoned submarine base in the town of Balaklava, Ukraine is often explored by locals and tourists alike.  During the war, [...]

  68. Sarah says:

    Why hasn’t anyone filmed a movie here yet? Or have they?

  69. adhi says:

    wowowooo.. cool place!!!

  70. soft-7.com says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

  71. sdoof says:

    this is sheer horror. Bet they can do a horror film there.

  72. john sloan says:

    Great photos – especially inside
    I was there in 1992 and 1993 and 1997 – have photos of all of Balaklava harbor and town on web site along with Sevastopol and much more
    just check the alphabetical index
    best wishes

  73. Liz says:

    Looks like it’s Ukrainean, from the yellow-blue flags and the “armed Ukrainean forces” billboard.

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  75. YOYYO says:

    it is soo unbelievable!!!

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  77. John from Kansas says:

    I agree.

  78. Scrat335 says:

    The Crimea is Russian, historically and ethnically. Like it or not Russia made it what it is, the Ukraine is largely Russian ethnically it doesn’t matter what a bunch of corrupt farmers think. If the Ukrainian government doesn’t get it’s act together both the eastern Ukraine and the Crimea may go their own way, violently if they have too and we all know who will win that one.

  79. Jack says:

    Are u a pro in etnical studies????

  80. Putin says:

    Doesn’t matter, he is correct. Crimea was GIVEN to Ukraine by Russia in 1954 within the cadre of internal soviet relations. It nearly became an independent state in 1991 but Ukraine offered Russia access to its soviet-era naval facilities, radar installations and the Sevastopol base to keep Crimea as an “autonomous territory”. But the Crimeans were never far from revolting (obviously with the support of Russia) until an anti-NATO government was elected in Ukraine during 2010.

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