56 The Cars and a Tank

The Cars and a Tank

Posted on February 26, 2008 by

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  1

Some Russian people hate American cars so much that they smash them with a tank for a scrap metal!

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  2

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  3

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  4

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  5

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  6

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  7

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  8

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  9

Russians smash American cars with a tank!  10


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56 Responses to “The Cars and a Tank”

  1. Jorge says:

    PRIMEROO!!!! -FIRST!!!!

  2. Fettbert says:

    well they should be.
    whats the meaning of this actions

  3. leapetra says:

    Looks just like the Toyota drops they would do in the earlier 90’s during truck pulls in the more rural areas of the United States. I think the tank is a nice touch.

  4. Bubbles says:

    ha look at that guy poking his head out the tank. It’s TANK MAN! MOSTLY TANK A SMALL PART MAN!

  5. laMuerte says:

    Ok Google translate:

    The settlement Kalininets (50 kilometers from Moscow on Mince) was established as vyraziliis organizers, “unprecedented”. Ancient T55 tank suppressed three SUV, to the Russian who had lost their owners. Opted not gratis, but for skidochny certificate for $ 14 thousand on the purchase of any Jeep vehicle brands. Tank, it must be said, has shown complete failure. His contact with “negusenichnymi” (by a curious coincidence – all brands Chevrolet) more like a traffic accident. The situation was saved tyulpanoobraznoe deadly device that podbrasyvalo Cross, as flakes and pressed their metal tulip-hvatalkoy.. Here are some snapshots, fixing tanks, and the victory over the three tyulpanoubiytsy shevrolyugami.

  6. b2 says:

    The USA supplied the Soviets with many Jeeps during the WW2 Lend-Lease program. :)

  7. Scrat335 says:

    This was a promotional stunt done by an auto dealer, for extra money on the trade in the people had to surrender their old SUVs to this event.

  8. Clod says:

    I see the lower pictures taken in Russia where people seem to lack the material things like cars and good houses.Indoor plumbing and then you see long highways that are so muddy that they are jammed with traffic that can not move.You can see a lot of things lacking in Russia that is available in other nations.But here they are in the act of destruction of these cars.They still have good parts.The tires look good enough. I wonder what the poor Russians think when they see good things wasted? Are those people drunk or drugged?

  9. Robotnik says:

    A Lada would have this tank for breakfast.

  10. chris says:

    you can watcha video of this event here:

    and no i wont make it a hyper link.

  11. Chicken says:

    All cars should be DESTROYED !!!!!! :)

  12. Charlie says:

    What happened to the pictures that showed the crane flipped over?
    Isn’t that usually what happens?

  13. eric says:

    wow. I see there are rednecks all over the world.

  14. Blood Nina S1W says:

    Russia does not need american autos, or Japanese. They should build their own, not rly on others.
    Rusiian population only 141 million. Know what I mean?

    Wake up.

  15. Theresa McBryan says:

    Now if you really wanted a redneck winner, you would get the tank to chase the cars, and people could wonder if the driver was going to be able to get out in time. This just looks like Russia can’t afford crushers.

  16. /o+0dUkT ID 10 T says:

    At least they can get a Jeep with diamond-plate steel built on in Russia? They probably hated the color of their icicle-riddled bent-frame trade-ins, and spackled them to look whole and normal to the dealer?

    Moreover, the tank guy actually charges less than celebrity DJs, sings better, and nobody drives home drunk.

    What would the eco-cringer want; they crush their old walking shoes for $12k?

  17. jose says:

    both are chevrolet blazers don’t you guys see the emblen

  18. Import Cars says:

    With the “Jeep” sign in the foreground – if this is what they do to American cars I hate to think what would do done to a Lada car that had problems with servicing

  19. Matt SWE says:

    I used to command a modified verision of the T-55 about 3 years ago, its such a big laugh I usually ended up driving instead (it was an engineer verision). when you get a little bit of ice in the tracks you can do great slides with it, to bad its so cramp and bad view from inside you cant really hatch down. Seing those crumpled front mudflapps really brings back memories

    To bad its so low , the Leopard 2 is higher than the “T”‘s so we could do this kind of stuff without flatten the jeeps first, although we kinda went through them when you get up to 50 kph.

  20. Matt SWE says:

    Btw. the smoke pic is probably showing the defensive smoke apparatus, which is basically shoveling fuel into the exhaust system. not really healthy…

  21. Bishop Brennan says:

    If the Russians hate them so much, why is the crushing event sponsored by Jeep?

    And a Chevrolet Niva is just a rebadged Lada Niva.

  22. Bishop Brennan says:

    It’s a Chevrolet Niva.

    • sovjeten kommunisten says:

      Chevy Aveo made in China, not Korea.

      And yes, the little red car is a Chevrolet Niva, made in [b]Russia[/b]. Soo Russian dont hate american cars (or not?)

  23. ettore says:

    bag pola le’a fakut bardaf

  24. Will says:

    Well, all I can tell you is that what these T-54s or T-? did to these junky Chevrolets is what M-1 Abrams Tanks did to all those junk Russian tanks of Saddam Hussien’s!

    Ha Ha!

  25. Bill says:

    Looks similar to what M1 Abrams Tanks do to Russian T-74s in the Middle-East!


  26. MeSSiaH says:

    Hey, Yankees! Do you see that dots in the sky? Our rockets approaching…

  27. It would be more touching and beautiful if they could reuse those cars by giving them to poor people that don’t even have a horse to commute.

    If I had nice cars like those ones and was tired of them, I would not sell them, I would give them to someone poor or a charity institution… better than destroying for sense of vagabondage.




  29. Vancouver says:

    Under Communism in Russia /USSR everything had a job but few had anything to eat
    Under Putin they have cars and Jeeps to destroy
    Wonder if the car was paid off yet its auto finance charges yet ?

  30. Punx says:

    Here’s some video. Not much of the tank, rather harvester (or whatever the machine is):

  31. James says:

    good work. American cars are rubbish anyway

  32. Talamasca says:

    And what they are destroying are Chevrolets.

  33. Ao says:

    T-72 лучший!!!

  34. brbrbr says:

    its not about “hate” , show.
    mopre like American BigFoot show – people like to watch crash crushed by vehicle.

    T-55, i guess. latest maybe[look at new tracks and FCS-related things near gun).

  35. footballs says:

    I would love to crush a hummel

  36. mike says:

    great superb graphics.

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  38. What are they doing?

    Soendoro Soetanto

  39. Nek Akhtar says:

    I am fan of Russian technology and their efforts in space and land research.

  40. Rodriguez says:

    This is not Chevrolet – this is Lada Niva 4×4 with Chevrolet`s “trade mark”

  41. Alex_AW says:

    It is the remake of slogan “Tanks are not afraid of mud” (Танки грязи не боятся) which often is written on russian trucks.

  42. 0x800 says:

    … thats how much it blows;

  43. glvoid says:

    how very descriptive;
    Oklahoma Oklahoma there I’ve said it twice;

  44. Alex_AW says:

    I didn’t know what there’s so huge inflation :)

  45. squirm says:

    I would love to crunch Jeeps. I’d rather crush Hummers.

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