50 Russia by Boris Mikhailov

Russia by Boris Mikhailov

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Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 1

Those are photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov. Well, for sure these photos were not made these days, but something like 15 years ago.

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 2

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 3

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 4

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 5

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 6

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 7

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 8

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 9

Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 10


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50 Responses to “Russia by Boris Mikhailov”

  1. Toni Felfe says:

    Very good pictures – most impressive seen for years!

  2. Matt says:

    Awesome pics.
    Dont really seem as if much has changed

  3. Junior says:

    Really nice pics, I don’t know why but all this stuff about Russia fascinate me, I’m from Brazil and through this site I’ve learned a lot about your culture and how is the daily life up there… so, keep up with the good work.

    • mike says:

      yeah Russia is indeed fascinating. On this site, however, you learn nothing about Russia. And what’s worse, people think they come anything close to Russia by seeing this trash which is described unaccurate, mostly.

      • KBR says:

        I have an question, have you (Mike) been to Russia? And if yes, I do not mean the tourist attractions, but real Russia like the one most tourists don’t see. Because some of the pictures/places you can see here on this site, I have seen with my own eyes. And those pictures don’t tell everything, actually the reality is more fascinating or for a person from the West, unbelievable.

        • mike says:

          Hi KBR

          yes, I’ve been to Russia and many other places of eastern europe and quite off the beaten track. I’ve been travelling to the Russian countryside, I’ve been using Russian trains and elektrichkas and I’ve been to many really ‘special’ places such as Pridnestrovie / Transnistria (yes, I know that this is not Russia).
          Even if the pics from Englishrussia.com are not fake and would be correctly described (too often they’re not), they’d give a very biased and one-sided view of Russia. I like the site as it’s good for a laugh, and that’s it.

          • Skinnyman says:

            What’s the other side, Mike??? A world of those guys who sell gas? You must have mssed something, because this is what russia looks outside moscow and st petersburg.

            • fromukrainewithlove says:

              better to say that people in city’s live like in west, and on countryside they live very often without electricity gas and work.

              • fromukrainewithlove says:

                by the way everybody who has big mouth talking only ST Petersburg and Moscow offer godo living standards. Look at this site: http://gorod.dp.ua/photo/new.php?order=1&page=8&period=14

                It shows pictures of dnepropetrovsk. And compare these pictures with those above. Then tell if much did change or not. And probably those pictures above are Moscow, if you’d see pictures of Dnepropetrovsk 15 years back you would see more poverty than on the ones above.

                • Rasputin says:

                  Russia is a lot like some countries of Latin America. High-rise buildings and expensive cars in rich areas of major cities, and poverty and misery in much of the rest of the country. “New Russians” business elite and corrupt politicians living in magnificent villas and “small people” being unable to buy food after having paid rent for apartment.

        • KanuTaH says:

          Lol a reality, how do you know, I can say from the photographers style that he is trying to depict one side of events, life suffering.

      • tvoi papa says:

        It actually in reality much much worse than those pictures. If you travel to any smaller town besides Moscow get ready for real shock.

        You would see drunks, foul language, urine smelling walkways, filth everywhere.

      • Moomin says:

        Hey mike care to direct us to a site with ‘real’ pictures?

        I know the pictures here don’t show day to day life for russian now (or even russians then) but they do still show interesting glimpses of something someone once saw.

        I love the images of russia on this site – in the same way i love these sort of images: http://www.viewimages.com/Search.aspx?mid=3373359&epmid=2&partner=Google

        and this: http://www.seedetroit.com/photos/

  4. tobymarx says:

    Gorgeous photographs. I love Boris Mikhailov’s work.

  5. SashaBelov says:

    Hasn’t changed a bit!

  6. David says:

    Are these pictures really from the 90’s or are they earlier then that? I feel like they could be quite a bit older, but maybe I’m wrong…

  7. Alan says:

    This cannot be true, the Soviet Union was never like this in all the photos I saw of it!

  8. rockerBOO says:

    Why are all the people laying down on the ground…

  9. CZenda says:

    I guess the pictures were made with “Horizont”, a panoramic camera which is so rare that I never had it in my hands:
    The good old days of 35 mm B/W film, developer and fixer…

  10. D says:

    These pictures are meant to show the dark, dirty, and bad sides of Russia. Granted, in those times there wasnt much good, but if you base your view of Russian life on this set then you are a fool.

  11. Theresa McBryan says:

    I love the photos with the goat, trying to drag it on a bus. We spent most of our youth worried that those high tech Russian scientists would develop some sort of super weapon and overrun our country. Only 17 years ago, wow, Russian people were the ones who paid for the arms race. So sad. Looks like some places in India with all the dirt and grime, but Indian buses are much older.

    • fromukrainewithlove says:

      That’s what i like about Russia. We have the smartest people of the world and we have the dumbest people. We have most beautiful girls, we have most ugly grandma’s (babuchaks). We have best athletes, no negative point on this one. We beated romans/mongols/napoleon/hitler that destroyed all other european country at their times.We have most advanced weapons and space tech of the world, but we can’t even make good automobiles tv’s or even toiletpaper!

      There’s no logic in our culture/history/people, we just are what god made us.

    • sovjeten kommunisten says:

      why you believe all that said, and shows your government. look at yourself, you do zombies with brain washed!
      Russia has two sides – government and the people. And the views of those parties may not coincide.
      But for some reason I have not heard of the views of the American people – you simply repeat of that tells you the Government

  12. JonYo says:

    Whatever and whenever these pictures are from, they show one universal truth: where there is extreme poverty there is extreme despair. It would be difficult to live in such poor and neglected places and NOT be an alcoholic constantly trying to erase it all from your mind.

  13. max says:

    приезжайте ребята, мы и не такое покажем

  14. Hilary says:

    These are fascinating–in stark contrast to the “official” photographs (read: propoganda) that made soviet Russia look so idyllic that were posted earlier.

    • dave says:

      i don’t think anyone pretended during these years that life was idyllic. official photographs showed tanks and turmoil. go back another 20 years, that was idyllic.

  15. Hilary says:

    Wait a minute, is that a woman without legs using that board with wheels or is she just kneeling?? Looks exactly like one of the boards we used in kindergarden phys. ed

  16. Miss India says:

    Russia looks like America during the Great Depression. I am not surprise anyone who have legs are fleeing Russia.

  17. fromukrainewithlove says:


  18. pyrho says:

    is that you Borat?

  19. MeSSiaH says:

    Hey, Yankees! Do you see that dots in the sky? Our rockets approaching…

  20. HuyPartii says:

    Well it’s kind of thematical pictures in 1 theme: the povetry. Go to any Russian city with over 200k people and you won’t see much of what in these pictures.

    to fakerussian. I’m sorry dude that you live in russia and poor lol you have computer though

  21. dfgfg says:

    Well it’s kind of thematical pictures in 1 theme: the povetry. Go to any Russian city with over 200k people and you won’t see much of what in these pictures.

    to fakerussian. I’m sorry dude that you live in russia and poor lol you have computer though

  22. Katrina Martin says:

    i was just wondering for A level reasons,
    are all these pictures actually by Boris Mikhailov? I’m researching him and i dont want to put in fake photographs

  23. [...] “I like it. Looks pretty realistic. That being said, I find a number of things incorrect and a bit objectionable. 1. The expression “White nights” is used in reference to the summer nights in places like St Petersburg where the sun never sets in the summertime because it is so far up north. Because of the Gulfstream (it is actually called the North Atlantic current when it reaches there), it is actually pretty warm there. 2. The line about “And if we have to perish , in mines and prisons wet . . .” refers to the tsarist labour camps before the revolution. People who ended up in the GULAG camps did not have a chance to be renown in future generations (btw, there is a spelling mistake there, it is not “reknown” but “renown”). They were not allowed any correspondence, their families were forbidden from talking about them, not that they would want to because there was a big stigma about having a family member being “an enemy of the people” as they were called. Further, the police even confiscated all the photographs of the people sent off to GULAGs, changed public records, sometimes doctored photographs to completely remove these people from history. 3. I find this a bit too sensationalistic, bordering offensive in its selectivity. Indeed, winters in Verdun are pretty ugly as well, and I am not even talking about what places like Sault St Marie look like. While it looks realistic, and reminds me of places I grew up, I think these pictures are one sided and would give the wrong impression to a foreigner. Everything is so somber and cold, one might think that there be never sunny days in Russia, take a look at this link http://englishrussia.com/?p=1960 it is not as much fun because it is not selective and sensationalistic. Here are some more pictures that focus on the weird aspects of older communist Russia – http://englishrussia.com/?p=1789″ [...]

  24. Tim says:

    Why compare apples to oranges?? USA to Russia???
    Why not North Korea and Iraq???

  25. KanuTaH says:

    I am Russian and I must confess that I am proud of the drinking culture, it’s so amaizing, nothing can be better then getting wasted, common, we are all going to die sooner or later anyway.

  26. fromukrainewithlove says:

    your way of thinking is developed by west propaganda. west propaganda existst in every country of the world. Espaccialy in Russia the west uses propaganda just like orange revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. Most people in other country’s than the west love Russia and everything about it, and hate USA. Of course Russia has bad sides, corruption and crime has become a part of our culture. Just like imprealism and racism has become a part of US culture.

    When USSR existed all people hated the communistic empire of evil. Now communism is gone and everybody hates corrupted human rights violating Russia.

    Don’t you think there is at least some propaganda in the game?? USA president is always know from before, 9/11 was a set up. Iraq and Afghanistan….well think for yourself. I can give a fine example. Everybody knows movie Rambo. In cold war Rambo was in Afghanistan and the russians were the bad guys, while afghans were the good guys in the war. Now new movie of Rambo has come out, all of a sudden Afghans are the abd guys. You know USA sponsered US movies that maked USSR look bad? You know USA tested nuclear bomb on native american village’s in 60’s? You didn’t? what a big suprise.

  27. Tim says:

    America never tested bombs on Indian Villages, never heard such a thing..

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