18 Russian Bear

Russian Bear

Posted on February 21, 2008 by

South African ad for Russian beer 1

We had already a beer ad depicting Russian life made in Sweden, this time another creative from our Southern African friends. This is how they think Russian beer should look like.

South African ad for Russian beer 2

South African ad for Russian beer 3

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18 Responses to “Russian Bear”

  1. chicken says:

    I had better go and hide my fur hat

  2. cypt says:

    only russians can see russians :lol: other looks are wrong;

  3. Bear says:

    The AD is for “bear vodka”, not beer! Although can be used with beer too.. :)

  4. maxD says:

    IMO a quite pathetic attempt at being funny.

    “Allow 5-10 years for delivery” – that part is not funny but probably true.

  5. BongoClown says:

    Beer =/= bear.

    In Soviet russia bears drink you!

  6. Davo says:


  7. Rodriguez says:

    куйня какая-то, даже не смешно

  8. Alex says:

    Well, considering that they use the German word “comrade = friend” this is from Eastern Germany or something? I don’t really get it…

  9. CZenda says:

    Comrade = a fellow member of the Communist Party.
    This is, however, only English transcription of e.g. “tovarish”, which was used in USSR, “Genosse” in DDR, “soudruh” in Czechoslovakia, “Compaňero” in Spanish-speaking countries etc.

  10. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  11. Ortodox says:

    I like pair of ‘original’ jeans.

  12. Valis says:

    Russian Bear is a South African brand of vodka, being advertised here. The South African Communist Party is also the government here, from there the “comrade”.

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