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Russian Bear

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South African ad for Russian beer 1

We had already a beer ad depicting Russian life made in Sweden, this time another creative from our Southern African friends. This is how they think Russian beer should look like.

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South African ad for Russian beer 2

South African ad for Russian beer 3


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18 Responses to “Russian Bear”

  1. chicken says:

    I had better go and hide my fur hat

  2. cypt says:

    only russians can see russians :lol: other looks are wrong;

  3. Bear says:

    The AD is for “bear vodka”, not beer! Although can be used with beer too.. :)

  4. maxD says:

    IMO a quite pathetic attempt at being funny.

    “Allow 5-10 years for delivery” – that part is not funny but probably true.

  5. BongoClown says:

    Beer =/= bear.

    In Soviet russia bears drink you!

  6. Davo says:


  7. Rodriguez says:

    куйня какая-то, даже не смешно

  8. Alex says:

    Well, considering that they use the German word “comrade = friend” this is from Eastern Germany or something? I don’t really get it…

  9. CZenda says:

    Comrade = a fellow member of the Communist Party.
    This is, however, only English transcription of e.g. “tovarish”, which was used in USSR, “Genosse” in DDR, “soudruh” in Czechoslovakia, “Compaňero” in Spanish-speaking countries etc.

  10. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  11. Ortodox says:

    I like pair of ‘original’ jeans.

  12. Valis says:

    Russian Bear is a South African brand of vodka, being advertised here. The South African Communist Party is also the government here, from there the “comrade”.

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