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No Ride

Posted on February 21, 2008 by

Russian merry-go-round 1

Some Russian playgrounds have been equipped with cute small merry-go-round like things recently. But, no, they are not supposed to be rode by those Russian kids – they are to please the eyes of grown-ups. These things would never swing.

Russian merry-go-round 2

Russian merry-go-round 3

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48 Responses to “No Ride”

  1. Niels R. says:

    That’s sad… Allways work and no play :s

  2. Aiwan says:

    When I look on this, I remember “wooden toys, nailed to the floor” as an idiom for hard childhood

  3. yingjai says:

    this is where they train kid’s imagination. if you imagine hard, you’ll be going around and around on this.

  4. Jorge says:


    The lower portion of the pole must be photoshopped to look like it is in the ground.

  5. dupa says:

    do chuja pana z takimi zabawkami.

  6. maxD says:

    After you drank enough, you can sit down on one of those nicely painted chairs and the world will be spinning no matter what…

    And a nice side effect, the merry-go-round will never wear out that way.

  7. John from Kansas says:

    None of that matters to kids. They will climb all over that thing. For kids, fun is the best thing to have. Try to empathize.

  8. Borya says:

    Ну и што? Какая разница?

  9. Miss India says:

    poor russian children. why do they always have to have it hard?

  10. Rimini says:

    Its like Soviet Space Shuttle.

    It looks real, but it doesnt work.

    Russians and very smart and make excelent airplanes and technology; this must be in Ukraine or other Iron Block country.

  11. edss says:

    especially fo russian kids (in futute – big russians)

  12. Radical Vlad says:

    Well, the earth rotates at the speed of 1038 Mph (1669 Km/hr), so all you have to do is sit and enjoy the ride.

  13. mxi339z says:

    I have no comment to make………………

  14. BocceBalls says:

    The most obvious flaw with the design is the location of the “grab-ring”. The ring should be on the outside so adults can propel the kids in the chairs around.

  15. Typical Capitalist says:

    Kid were driving too fast(because of vodka),and they put some bars on the playground.

  16. strannik says:

    That was a SOVIET joke: “A soviet ass-buzzer – doesnt fit in the ass and doesnt buzz! (“Советская жужжалка для жопы: не жужжит и в жопу не лезет.”) Maybe it transferred to Finland sometimes ago.
    But the times changed greatly. Nowdays, our ass-buzzers are the best in the world!

  17. Thatdude says:

    Those bars into the ground were added to the grab bar so it doesn’t spin anymore. These left over toys from the Soviet Union are death machines. Fall off that carousel and you’ll get your skull cracked by the next seat.

    That’s why swing seats have been rubber in US for 30 years.

  18. Ivan Mikahilov says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but these funny side legs are temporarily and they will be cut away as soon as concrete under the mount is dry and strong.

  19. marvin says:

    awesome. awesome. I am awestruck .. wow. I did not know that such a country ever existed … awesome, Russia. wow!

  20. Natalia says:

    Health and Safety in UK should consider this…..

  21. Nina says:

    Isn’t this just a fancy 3 way seasaw? In which case it’s totally normal for the “arms” to be secured in the ground to prevent spinning. The point is to go up and down.

  22. Darek from Poland says:

    I see you don’t like a Kosovo renagades.
    Serbs should have been thinking during the past war which was more then few years ago. If they didn’t allow to war crimes they would be the most ‘clear’ side from the wars.
    So Albanian criminals from Kosovo could be treated with a stringent rules.

    For me, few years ago USA made job of not clever fool who defends ‘poor’ Albanians. But for me it was logical conseqences of the situation criticism without good knowledge about the situation.
    US-men had saw the EU-queers (Holland soldiers who did claim that they had to drink vodka with Serb soldiers instead to defends Srebrenica citizens because they have seen … a threat for soldier live) and wanted to to something.

  23. ivan ku says:

    O.K !? this will _not_ compile, reference to now has no type

    :) cheers

  24. maxD says:

    You are from Albania ? And don’t like it ?

  25. illlich says:

    Ridiculous. If you didn’t want Kosovo to break away from Serbia then you should have treated Kosovars better. Serbs killed thousands of muslims in early 1990s, then get the Serbs angry when muslims don’t want to be part of Serbia.

    All people need to treat each other equally. Just because they are Slavs is no reason to support them, Slavs make mistakes like everybody else. I am a Slav and I think the Serbs are being foolish. Let Kosovo go, get on with your lives. If you make Serbia better, economically strong, the Kosovars will be angry that they broke away. Violence will get you nowhere.

  26. Russian/Ukrainian says:

    What are you saying m8, Serbs are slavs just like Poles, you should support them all the way. Their land is illegaly being taken away!

  27. CZenda says:

    Are you kidding?
    Why should Poles support Serbian nationalistic, post-Communist government?
    Just because they are of Slavic origin?
    It is not 19th century and, after all, Poles are Western Slavs.

  28. news in brief says:

    Russian state TV announces that a while ago assassinated Serb Prime Minister was “Western puppet”, had betrayed leaders of “national resistance” and got a “bullet he had deserved”!

    See it on YouTube (in Russian):

    Serbian embassy in Moscow demands explanations.

  29. kostya says:

    I agree with that!, but serbians are peacefull though, not like us Russians, we would deserve our country to be broken but not serbians.

  30. strannik says:

    Russians are Eastern Slavs and supported Bulgarins and Serbs(Southern Slavs) in 19th century, who fought against muslims just because they were of Slavic origin and christians.
    And what would you say if muslims come to you and say (for example): “Gdansk is our territory!”

  31. slushaii, ya toshe v belgii zhivy says:

    Ye man, what would you say? Common it’s not like in Soviet Union under Stalin, where he wanted conquest of new territories, Russia now doesn’t want to hurt anybody anymore. Come Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Tzech republik, Slovakia, let’s all form up a single country and resist the American dominance, together we will be able to build a strong economy and a faithful government.

  32. maxD says:

    Agreed, smart remark.

    People should focus on what they share and have in common instead of what sets them apart. Be productive and constructive. Us-against-them will not get you anywhere. History proves it over and over again.

  33. Ortodox says:

    You are Slav?Are you ortodox or islam lover?

  34. Russkiy says:

    Kostya, ti pidor!

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