61 Abandoned Russian Village

Abandoned Russian Village

Posted on February 19, 2008 by

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61 Responses to “Abandoned Russian Village”

  1. markus says:

    pretty cool. places like these are always intresting to hang out

    • Pete says:

      hell yeah I want to vacation there.

      Do you think I can get rid of my roommate there?

    • marvin says:

      no, no, NO! not cool it’s awesome, just awesome! wow! villages and the whole Russian rural culture destroyed by great Russians of the Soviet era! wow! awesome. I say once again – it is just awesome. But now I am rather languid and overwhelmed .. what an awesome country! I like Russia! Russia is the best and the most awesome country in the world. wow! awesome!

  2. maxD says:

    The church is beautiful.

  3. Ibigoo says:

    I’d like a same woodhouse… :)

  4. John from Kansas says:

    Such wonderful woodwork.

  5. Louise says:

    Some of the buildings are still in very good shape. I suppose it would still be a nice place to live if you liked complete self-sufficiency, solitude, and farming.

    Do any of these places ever become repopulated? Who owns them?

    • Gringo says:

      Places like that will be repopulated for 50-80 years. By Chinese.

    • Gringo says:

      Places like that often located not far from cities (maybe 10 km). But it has no roads, has no communications. It’s some dangerous and boring to live in places like that. During 20th century people moved from the places like that to cities and big villages. Sometimes in villages like that some “ancient” old women are living. Sometimes tourists are visits that places.

      • Louise says:

        Can you get cellphone service or internet there? With solar or wind powered electrical production and an off-road vehicle, it could be made fairly in-touch. You could sell whole towns to people that wanted to “get away from it all.” Sort of like “re-pioneering.”

        It just sad to see so much history, craftsmanship, and fertile farmland left to the elements and overgrowth.

  6. Richard S. says:

    In Canada we call them ghost towns… We have lots of them.

    • Brad Hart says:

      There are a lot of them scattered all across the US some of them quite large. I have heard of them being sold here, some of them even on eBay. I wonder what the price for one in Russia would be?

  7. jalansutera says:

    those houses are hunted by Lenin ghost. that’s why they were abandoned.


  8. LiraNuna says:

    Oh. My…

    This is beautiful!

  9. BORAT says:


  10. Ugly American says:

    That site would be great for a game or movie set. Or even a haunted house for Halloween.

  11. chicken says:

    I especialy like the tree shot and the indoors blue shot. I would love to live here.

  12. corie says:

    The typical Russian landscape. It’s a pity that such beautiful places are derelict.
    I guess the church is very old and so nice.

  13. Avengerrus says:

    Is it Staraya Ladoga in Leningradskaya region?

  14. Gubar says:

    Does anybody know where this particular village is located?

  15. Preserve says:

    an ugly pile of wood.

    ps. russia is a third world uncivilized country

  16. Viperman the American says:

    Hey Preserve – go soak your head in arsenic!! Your brains have rotted!!
    Russia is a very pretty place with many wondeful people. As a carpenter I can say the buildings are a real work of craftsmenship! Russia is cool and so are the chicks! I know! I got me one!

  17. deepfreezevideo says:

    I want to film a movie there.

  18. Miss India says:

    It saddened me so much to see Great Russia declining like this. :(

  19. Vladimir says:

    I ‘ve seen such villages they were made for cinema crew. They are making a film and live there too. Afterwards they leave everything.. Note: there is no telegraph poles no roads…

  20. Vladimir says:

    I ‘ve seen such villages they were made for cinema crew. While making a film the crew is living there too. Afterwards they leave anything as is.. Note, there is no telegraph poles no roads… do you believe it’s for real? heh.. (And yes, Im from Russia)

  21. ben jammin says:

    I spend the summer’s in Belarus every year and the country is full of such places. You can buy the houses for under $500 if you wanted to. I have often thought that myself and a group of like minded people should buy a house each in a deserted village and bring it back to life. Maybe turn it into an artists retreat or working farm for people to visit or anything else. I think Russia would be easier then Belarus to do it in. Great photos.

  22. Ron Paul says:

    I agree.

  23. Robotnik says:

    I wonder where Stalin put the inhabitants.

  24. Afroditi says:

    This village could be in the region of Irkoutsk, (close to the Baikal lake)

  25. Javier says:

    What a pity… it´s a wonderful town

  26. zhopa says:

    Russia’s a third-world country? Ever been to Detroit? Or Newark?

  27. touch says:

    really lovely

  28. sovjeten kommunisten says:

    Conventional abandoned village. why there are so surprised? You probably did not see the abandoned town. for example, Pripyat, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

  29. Bill says:

    Awsome! You could have some serious parties there!

  30. Suzana says:

    I just love russia! I hope ill visit it some day. I have met lots of cool russians! Love them :)

  31. farm boy says:

    Sad, that the people could not make a living there. This will be what rural America looks like soon, if we keep going down this road. I think that most people in America think that there food comes from the store, and not the farms.
    The pictures hear remind me of something that one of our fourfathers said, I forgot who, but hear it is.( burn down the city`s and leave the farms alone, the city`s will rebuild, but burn the farms, and the city`s will grow up in weed`s!)
    Where do you think that a countrys true wealth is? It is of course in the land, and the ability to feed itself. No wonder Russia is poorer then the U.S. Russia did not take good care of it`s farms.

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  33. Gurtek singh says:

    A masterpiece indeed………

  34. pytnik says:

    You all guys just come over to Russia! this country has tens of thousands places like this!!
    Just bring you 4×4, and don’t forget to send you girlfriend on a trip to Mexico.

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  36. john clough says:

    wow what an amazing place! what an amazing country :)

  37. VEPR39 says:

    Such wonderful craftsmanship! I pray the Russians never lose their gift for working with wood, it is a true art form! I have met many Russians here in the USA and have found EVERY one of them to be warm, friendly, generous and intelligent. I would be glad to call any of them friend.

  38. cigarettes says:

    Incredible art. no comments.

  39. Oleg says:

    “Деревянные церкви Руси
    Перекошены древние стены
    Подойди и о многом спроси
    В этих срубах есть сердце и вены”

    (группа “Черный кофе”).

  40. Ben Burger says:

    that first building is really beautiful

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  43. Carol says:

    Do they still just pick up and leave for jobs or was this part of the Chernobyl incident and they were forced to pick up and leave?

  44. home site says:

    Where do you think that a countrys true wealth is? It is of course in the land, and the ability to feed itself. No wonder Russia is poorer then the U.S. Russia did not take good care of it`s farms.

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