87 The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

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Russian army in Afghanistan 1

Twenty eight years ago Russian army has entered Afghanistan. They stayed there for 9 years and more than 15,000 Russian soldiers were lost dead, much more were wounded or had psychological problems in their civil life later. The troops that were fighting against Russian army at that times were actively supported by Pakistan and Western World as an opposing effort of the Free World against the Evil Empire – USSR.
One of the most notable leaders supporting the rebels against the “Russian oppression” in Afghanistan was a Western supported Osama Bin-Laden. A few years later, when there were nobody to fight against in Afghanistan he found new victims for his fight. Now in the Free Western World that supported him before, with all the tactical skills his people were studied by Western instructors. In Russia there is a proverb, something like “Don’t dig a hole for someone else, as you will fall into it yourself”, some Russian soldiers found that it was true in this occasion, after learning that those guy they fought for years, took over the Afghanistan after they left and started to fight now against his supporters.

These are photos from that time when the Russian army was still there, mainly from private archives.

Russian army in Afghanistan 2

Russian army in Afghanistan 3

Russian army in Afghanistan 4

Russian army in Afghanistan 5

Russian army in Afghanistan 6

Russian army in Afghanistan 7

Russian army in Afghanistan 8

Russian army in Afghanistan 9

Russian army in Afghanistan 10


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87 Responses to “The War in Afghanistan”

  1. fugazi says:


  2. historian says:

    Shah rule was not very progressive, but it was much more peaceful. Soviet intervention ruined the peace and balance of power was lost. Shah hold not too Islamic rule, but still Islamic. Balanced rule. Soviet occupation forced Islam to grow because religious feelings gave to people overwhelmed by supreme Soviet army moral to fight for. Logic like that: “Why Soviet army invaded Afghanistan?” “Because people were not following Islam in right way anymore” “How to free country from Soviet occupation?” “To be more religious, to fight to death for Islam and Afghanistan” – Now younger generations have grown more religious because Soviet intervention and unfortunately are fighting against secular world order and growing opium to Western markets.

    • KanuTaH says:

      If that is true than you must include the Great Game British attempts to colonise Afghanistan and Natos current campain in Afghanistan too.

    • KanuTaH. says:

      Not only that but i beloeve you are wrong in that. Afghanistan and it’s islamic people have their very own traditions and religious beliefs that everyone of them has to follow so it doesn’t make that much difference, on the other hand America destabilizing and distansing away Ukraine from Russia has a big impact on Russia, not only does it prevent economic and political relations between Ukraine and Russia but eventually turn virtally same poeple against each other. Having said that ofcourse half of the Ukrainian population in the eastern areas will always feel more Russian while the western parts will become anti-Russian and this will and always have created opposition and political unsureness inside the country in a sence of a lost direction of movement, to the east or to the west.

      • Tim says:

        LOL we weren’t the one that starved half the people of the Ukraine to feed Russia.

        • KanuTaH says:

          I know, you are right, I am sick of this conspiracy, even my anti-spam word was “Russian”, I don’t want to be Russian anymore. On the other hand those Ukrainians are really Russians, and therefore it was Russians starving Russians.

          • Elkman says:

            It was not Russian starving Russians or Ukrainians. It was Russian, Ukrainian and other soviet people dying of hunger, whiich is, agree, a bit different.

        • OldComrade says:

          Dont forget that Stalin was a Georgian.

    • ed says:

      Their salary makes them brainwashing themself and us.

  3. D says:

    What was the reasoning behind the original Russian invasion? Its a wasteland with nothing but mountains, rocks, and militia. There is almost no oil, their only exports are drugs, and the moon has a better climate. Who in their right mind would want to put any resources into this country?

    Didn’t Tom Hanks just do a movie about this?

    • like2watch says:

      It is fairly simple. Soviet goverment was spreading the idea of communism, in same way Americans are spreading their idea of capitalism today. It was always about power…

    • R says:

      “What was the reasoning behind the original Russian invasion?”

      Regime change. They believed the pro-Soviet fanatical communist leader Amin was a secret CIA agent.

      “Its a wasteland with nothing but mountains, rocks, and militia.”

      Strategic position between Russia, Iran, China and India (/Pakistan).

      • Jeff says:

        I’m reminded about a Bible verse that says, “I AM AGAINST THEE O GOG, CHIEF PRINCE OF MESHACK (MOSCOW) AND TUBAL (TOBOLSK). ” I specifically like when it says that all that will be left of your army will be BURIED in Israel. Oh, and that proverb that say something about digging a hole for us to fall into…the above verse mentions the hole your digging in Iran…enjoy

        • Art of Trance says:

          Wow. Another good soul victimized by an organized religion and brain washed by the US media.

          Its funny and sad at the same time.

  4. maxD says:

    Go and watch this movie

    Charlie Wilson’s war [indeed with Tom Hanks]. Based on the actual events over there.


    A reminder: the best helmsman are always ashore.

  5. Boris Badinoff says:

    Where is Snow White?

    • KanuTaH says:

      ааа да она не такая красивая всё равно, Анна как её блин, из группы Блестящии на мой взлад красивее

      • Eris says:

        Эммм… я чего-то не вкуриваю. Вы о чём?
        Белоснежки, Блестящие — каким они здесь боком?

        • Boris Badinoff says:

          Snow White от 9 Рота. Not sure if I understood the question.
          Just beginning to learn Russian. Liked the film though.

  6. KanuTaH says:

    The Soviets were only fighting to help the Afghan communist leader who was about to be overthrown. If Svoiet Union would win, it would win against the islamist extremist groups and replace the Afghan system back to communism.

  7. KanuTaH says:

    This is a good portrayal of the scenario indeed. Osama must be caught and hanged on a cross!

  8. KanuTaH says:

    Yes, but it seems like Amerca is using terrorism partly to it’s advantage in terms of international intervention and increase of economic and political influence.

  9. hazzamanazz says:

    For crying out loud, anybody here know something called “History Books witouth ideology in it”.

    USSR invasion of Afghanistan was their last try to set a foothold in the Middle East and control the oil flux from it.
    They try it in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and failed every time.

    No wonder that after this failure either, USSR collapsed (alright, there’s much more in this, but I wonder what will happend to the world if URSS effectively control a large portion of that area).

    [ ]‘s

    • pen0r says:

      I think if they were going after oil they probably would have invaded a country with actual oil! Take your own advice and read a history book. The war was an ideology war.

  10. John from Kansas says:

    These are very interesting and historic photographs. Thanks for posting them.

  11. Richard S. says:

    This is the birth of the Taliban and al-Kaeda. The outcome of this conflict would have been much different if the USA stayed out of it, and by not financing or arming these ferocious beasts.

    • Spii says:

      No, it would have not. Because it is insanely difficult to fight a partisan war in any time, place.

    • deepfreezevideo says:

      It was in fact JIMMY CARTER who provided the initial four hundred million in funding to Osama, and it was Reagan who, in a 1985 press conference, referred to Osama as a freedom fighter.

      You cannot kill the messenger simply because you don’t like the message, unless of course you agree with old Soviet form of free expression. Maybe you should help rebuild old system.

  12. Niels R. says:

    It’s quite similar to boy scouts going camping in my country!

  13. cayel says:

    What I heard when I was younger, one of the reasons was that Soviet needed a sea port in the southern region into the Indian ocean for strategic reasons. It is a very long way to travel with ships all away around.

  14. Note: The outcome of USA involvement will be the same as USSR.Collapse of country………..

    • deepfreezevideo says:

      Comment by Dexter Peyton
      2008-02-19 19:54:18

      Note: The outcome of USA involvement will be the same as USSR.Collapse of country………..

      —Perfect for the globalist elites (not all of them American)
      to set up their precious world government.

  15. Russ, Ian says:

    Remind me again, what is US troops doing in Afghanistan?

    • wooshkaboom says:


      Except for the Persians in 500 BC., Alexander the Great in 300 BC., Arabs in the 7th century, the Turkish Ghaznavids in the 10th century, Tsingis Khan and his mongols in 1219, Timur Lenk the century after that, and then Persia again the 18th century…

      The British and the Russians were the only ones who tried and DIDN’T manage to conquer Afghanistan.

      • Ruslan Aushev says:

        You’re wrong, USSR come to Afghanistan not to conquer. Army entered for help the communist leader to take control of entire country

        • wooshkaboom says:

          Yeah, it’s not “conquering” when we’re doing it – it’s “liberating”!


        • R says:

          “You’re wrong, USSR come to Afghanistan not to conquer. Army entered for help the communist leader to take control of entire country”

          By killing him?

          Funny help :)

  16. adios says:

    zaebatie fotki!!!
    ne Chechnia a Afgan!!!

  17. deepfreezevideo says:

    Like I said, we dug the hole, they fell in and now we fell in after them.
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with that statement.
    Sorry if the truth hurts a little.

    You know the phrase “my country right or wrong”??

    “My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.”

    Go sell jingoism somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.

  18. Miss India says:

    Those soldiers are too sexy to die :(

  19. us says:

    Why the most powerful contry in the world is unable to find Osama, one person ?

  20. The war for control of that part of the world has nothing to do with patriotism, religion or human rights.

    Afghanistan produces over 90% of the world’s opium supply.

  21. Ruslan Aushev says:

    You’re wrong, USSR come to Afghanistan not to conquer. Army entered for help the communist leader to take control of entire county.

  22. Ernst Blofeld says:

    Osama was not associated with the CIA program to arm the Muj. He was involved with a completely separate organization, raising funds from wealthy arabs.

  23. Afgan says:

    Soviet soldiers after serving in Afganistan after returning home used to tell how they were hanging Afgans at the barrels of their tanks.

    The idea was that, reportedly, soul of a Muslim will not enter Paradise if he has died through hanging. So demonstration of hanging or threat of doing so were used to intimidate locals and to squeeze out information.

  24. Smarkflea says:

    1. I believe they were trying to take over the Mid-East, and Pakistan or Iran could’ve been next…

    2. Isn’t Afghanistan a paradox in history? So many nations have conquered it, but none have been able to hold onto it. A fierce, determined people, coupled with the forbidding terrain as shown in the pics, has made a headache for all occupiers. Not to mention that the invaders couldn’t give it their full attention. The Soviets were frustrated by US-backed forces. The US, now, probably had the best chance at domination, but we came to forget about it and turn our attention to Iraq. We’re still doing good there, but the Taliban comes back every Spring, and the US will probably just leave, eventually. Who blessed that country in ancient times to make them so independent?

    -Smarkflea, Kansas, USA

  25. j.david says:

    I was in CCCR in 1987 and visited Uzbekistan. Went to a disco in the park in Tashkent and young guys on leave from the front were dancing and drinking. Russian men dance with each other. Interesting. I felt so sorry for them, having to go back to battle the wolves that my country was supporting.

    Now my countrymates are there, and even worse, in Iraq, ignorantly playing fat cats games with their blood.

    Hey, the Coviets were trying to bring civilization to a backwards country just like we think we are doing. Do we build schools for girls only to see them blown up? So did the Coviets, same thing.

    Wacked out anti-russian jingoists, do you think the world is better off with Jihad instead of Cold War?

  26. NATO Proselyte says:

    lolz, you guyz sure lost that war! NATO r0x, warsawa sux!

  27. Ff says:

    so anyway, the war in afghanistan was way cooler than the vietnam war

  28. MAK from Argentina says:

    Great pictures !!


    Ware is always Sad…

  29. George Myers says:

    As I recall it it, someone ran off with the national treasury, be that what it was, destabilizing the whole country. I could imagine it happening elsewhere, again? Probably not, if the UN can stop it or intervene. I wonder did they catch the guy and the find the money? At first the 9/11 was thought a money exchange grab, $110 missing in hard currency run by a Russian businessman. But hay, look there was all the money, the press reported. Many Australians were worried, it supplied real currency to the financial world when needed, mostly not needed there, everything is done in electrons and photons these days. Damn the photon torpedoes…full speed ahead.

  30. No body says:

    Given the hard lesson learnt by the Russians, it is hard to believe that the US would choose to ‘liberate’Iraq after 911. No one should know better than the US that once they got into Iraq, they will experience the same situation the Russians did in Afghanistan.

    Interesting also that the USSR lost its might and slowly disintegrated after their unsuccessful invasion in Afghanistan. Will US follow the same footstep??

  31. maxi says:

    what is the soldier in picture 47 fireing? is it some kind of anti aircraft gun? if anyone knows the name of the gun pls reply.

  32. R says:

    Tell me about this “SUPPORT” please. Also, sources.

  33. R says:

    “I knew that the initial ops in Afgan. were supported by the CIA and they supported Osama to push out the Russians. Plenty of Americans know that.”

    “Plenty of Americans” must be wrong, then.

  34. Deep Freeze Video` says:

    When was the election held and why did I not get the memo that I was chosen as the speaker for all America. Go suck a tailpipe and worry about your own mental deficiences which are legend.

  35. Deep Freeze Video` says:

    Without a doubt, correct.
    A certain one or two people here think I speak for my country. I love my country but don’t presume to speak for it.
    Every country has its faults.
    It’s only when a society refuses to address their faults that a nation collapses.

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  37. Cristian says:

    I like the photos but(!) to be correct, you should mention that a lot of ethnic Romanians from Bessarabia were sent to die in Afghanistan for a war that wasn’t theirs.

    For both who doesn’t know, the Romanian region Bessarabia (Eastern Moldova) alongside with Bucovina were taken by USSR after the Nazi-USSR treaty signed by Ribentropp and Molotov on August 23rd 1939 and never returned.

    Since then, many of the the inhabitants were displaced to Siberia and the area was forcefully re-populated with Russians.

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  39. Zed says:

    What was USSR doing in Afghanistan anyways…

  40. NWOkiller says:

    Hmmm alot of these comments are very disturbing. Some of this anti russian rhetoric can only have once source. American Jews or Israeli Extremist.

    New Russia is doing great! 1991 was the re-birth of a great country that has been suppressed by jewish communism too long!

    Welcome back.

  41. brbrbr says:

    really great pictures.
    tnx 4 sharing.

    • Alar Nigul says:

      Correction, the guy on thye picture nr 16 in not Alar Nigul. His name is Oleg Ogijenko. He was serving in the same speznaz (411) Batalljon in Farah Rud but he arrived half a year later (1987) after my demobilisation.
      Thank you for nice words abouit my book.

  42. The Estonian guy says:

    The soldier standing alone on the 16th picture is estonian Alar Nigul. Just finished his book about war in Afghanistan from his point of view. Very good literature!


  43. Alar Nigul says:

    Correction, the guy on thye picture nr 16 in not Alar Nigul. His name is Oleg Ogijenko. He was serving in the same speznaz (411) Batalljon in Farah Rud but he arrived half a year later (1987) after my demobilisation.
    Thank you for nice words abouit my book.
    Alar Nigul

  44. Magyar says:

    Na most mi vagyunk ott, próbáljuk eltakarítani a jenkik által kavart nagy szart. A szerencsétlen afgánok meg már harminc éve biztosan háborúznak! Egy egész generáció ebben nőtt föl. Éppen az idén van harminc éve a szovjet bevonulásnak. Tíz évig küzdött a szovjet hadsereg, valamit legalább építettek. Most nyolc éve ott a NATO, és semmi eredménye, legfeljebb annyi, hogy Pakisztán is kezd kicsúszni a kezeikből. Vanitatum vanitas…

  45. Ian says:

    why are we fighting a war that we will not win as we are not been given the weapons we need cutting back on forces in uk to supply the war in afganistan is wrong. helicopters in fours years wow by then labour will be in again and repeat ww2 tha start of, we have a piece of paper. no pull us out, or give the forces the weapons NOW

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  47. Asterius says:

    Where did they find that WILLYS jeeps and CARRERA sunglasses? That is so intresting???

  48. me says:

    russian vietnam version 2.0

  49. great post,i will add ur blog to my bookmark!

  50. Striker says:

    Interesting only thing which you forgot to mention is that Americans left Afgans high and dry. No school, no funds, no health to a nation who fought Americans war and defeated thier evil empire USSR

    Toms Hanks’s movie Charlie Wilson War sums up whole thing quite nicley.

  51. Bmute says:

    Should’ve let them kill bin Laden and save us a 9/11.

  52. antisov says:

    Ill be short – wherever you, the motherfking soviets go, you always bring your misery, torture, death and this soviet mixture of drunken dumbness and poverty.

  53. Richard S. says:

    I stand corrected. Wasn’t this strait/canal controlled by the U.S. during the Cold War? Did the USSR have control of this strait?

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