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Big Jump

Posted on February 15, 2008 by

Russian guy jumps from the building

According to this video, this Russian guy is invincible. It’s an amateur video, was recorded by his friend on the mobile phone. Well, they have yogis in India who walk on fire or being dug deep underground for days, why can’t real supermen live in Russia?

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52 Responses to “Big Jump”

  1. Rodrigo says:


    p.s.: furst again!

  2. Mathouse says:

    Paint Shop Pro :D

  3. lithuanian says:

    Vodka relaxes the muscles!!!

    p.s. fake. nice touch on the splatter stain. good job

  4. dima says:

    Not photoshop, not paintshop pro. An “ok” compositing job maybe in after effects or final cur pro. There is absolutely no bounce when the body is hitting the ground… There should be way more motion upon impact.

  5. D says:

    Its possible that it is real. I’ve read about people falling from extreme hights and surviving with almost no injuries.

    • Salocin.TEN says:

      Those people landed very luckily on thick grass, and were considered lightweight.

      Here, he went splat on the concrete, but amazingly, no blood from his face.

      Kind of fake.

  6. Egbert says:

    Bodies only bounce in hollywood-movies. In reality they just completely crush the body.

    Amazing video! Can’t believe that it’s tru, bu I really don’t see how they could have faked this???

  7. rafal says:

    It is compositing and there should be a bunce. Not like a ball but it’s not a glue neither.
    And the motion is not fully convicting. Watching the beggining of the jump I would say he’s gonna fall on his back rather then face.

    • L1F3 says:

      Thank you! someone reasonable here . . .

      @ me,myself, & i

      i am usually the L1F3 of the party actually; i get along well w/ others & people are attracted to my lively personality!

      : >3)

  8. rafal says:

    And the jacket. It’s not dragged up by the air flow. I’m wondering if the characeter is done in 3D. It could be couse the view angles for the body seem to be correct. Of course compositing is a part of the job. Low quality of the video, speed and motion blur makes the trick easier. Would be good to watch it frame by frame.

    • rafal says:

      Thanks. Watched frame by frame and the motion’s synchronisation is not perfect. I mean the character and camera. In 3d it’s called tracking. Look at the part where he’s just about to hit the ground. It much slows fallng and speeds up for the last frame. It happends when the camera shakes rapidly (poor tracking). The grid on the building and even rows of balconys helps to notice it.

    • rafal says:

      But it’s fine i general. Good job.

  9. adios says:

    Русские Бесмертны!!!!!

  10. DungeonB says:

    fine video editing, allbeint unbelievable and unrealistic, but still nice nonetheless

  11. Richard S. says:

    I don’t know how he survived but he would make a good stunt man.

  12. Long Dong Silver says:

    I want to see his cock.

  13. AeroSquid says:


  14. Richard S. says:

    Back in WW2 a British gunner jumped out of a burning aircraft at 18,000 feet without a parachute. He landed on a hill with trees that broke his fall. He survived the fall and did not have a broken bone in his body. When the German troops captured him, they didn’t believe his story.

  15. Carol Lynn says:

    It’s possible that this man has CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with anhidrosis). Curious? Click on the following links: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=244391&page=1 AND http://fortt.com/blog/2004/11/georgia-girl-cant-feel-pain-because-of.html

  16. Pastor Transmontano says:

    Ask them how they did that TRICK.
    I don’t know!

  17. psyonic warrior says:

    im not impressed
    maybe if he did 3 backflips and then landed on his head it would be something

    but this, its pure childs play

  18. wooshkaboom says:

    This video is almost too fake to comment on, but one thing:

    If the guy is supposed to be invincible (and noting that there is no visible damage to his face) why is there that spatter on the pavement? Did he perhaps jump with a tomato in his mouth?


  19. George says:

    I agree. Absolutely fake. Their biggest mistake was the splater scene on the ground. His head was right in the middle of it. Then he gets up and there is no injury to his head. Where did the splater come from??? Absolutely fake

  20. carlsmart says:

    My opinion is that this is a fake, a very good one because it is very well accomplished, but there are some things that make me think that is not real:

    First of all: if this guy is able to do this things, be sure that he would be using his “superpower” to earn money, and for sure there would be more videos of him jumping form different places.

    He would use a better camera to record it; the “mobile quality” hides a lot of detail for the guy editing the video, and the video is beliable

    The splatter at the mouth, the tomato thing was funny… :P

    And one of the things that more convince me that this is not real, was the las “tag” of this post entry… “TRICK” :P

    But as i said at the beginning, very well done.

    And of course that ther’s people that jumps from high places and take no damage; but is not “superstrengh” is “knowing to fall”, and I don’t know nothing about this, but I’m sure that fall wit your face and chest to the ground is not the way to do it :P

  21. marc says:

    Of course it’s “fake”, i.e. digitally made.
    It’s just a fun little film.
    Surviving a fall like that would require landing on your feet, first and foremost. Any other way would equal death, sad to say.
    And even landing on your feet would in 99.8% of the time equal death as well.. We’re pretty frail creatures.

    This is just digital manipulation, like in the movies.

    Great clip though!
    Thumbs up.

  22. Ari The Finn says:

    Oh I am devastated. I am shattered. I am so disappointed…. it was not real? OH oh there are very bad bad people who do false videos I am soooooooooo angry!

  23. Juan says:

    There is nothing to discuss, nobody in the world can survive to that jump!!! of course is FAKE!!

    pedazo de hostin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. eDINHO says:


  25. Alan says:

    That is one way to clear out your sinuses.

  26. Sherlock says:

    It’s obvious that it’s played backwards.

  27. Ledon says:

    This video was maked in reverse he was in the floor then picked up by a wire and was digitally modified to be played like if he really jumped

  28. Tylko Chuck Norris i Jaroslaw Kaczynski to potrafia.
    Stawiam na Kaczynskiego.

  29. [...] HA HA HA ! MEME PAS MAL ! Un bon gros fake bien viral ! [...]

  30. [...] HA HA HA ! MEME PAS MAL ! Un bon gros fake bien viral ! [...]

  31. Boris Abramov says:

    It’s true. I got pushed from a 7th floor window once, hit a tree and a stick went right through my head to the other side.

  32. TexanBiker says:

    I’ve heard the same story, but that he hit snow, not trees. Going into a tree at terminal velocity would likely cause a fair number of broken bones, but survival is possible. Go to a library and check out a college-level physics text book. Tehn find the terminal velocity of the human body. Combine the information of the two properly and you’ll find out that if the snow is of the right density (about 25 feet of nice, fine powder) that the person could survive impact with no real side effects. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible either, until we were presented with the problem on a test one year. It’s pretty creepy, but at the same time, its pretty damn cool too. All you’ve got to do is make sure the person doesn’t slow down too fast at impact.

  33. Boris Abramov says:

    fake :)

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