65 Paved Roads: Riga Style

Paved Roads: Riga Style

Posted on February 13, 2008 by

Roads paved in Riga, Latvia 1

That’s how they pave roads in Riga, Latvia. See the next photo for the details..

Roads paved in Riga, Latvia 2

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65 Responses to “Paved Roads: Riga Style”

  1. commie says:

    Day in and day out we see how common sense is not a norm in old Russia.

  2. Bijdehans says:

    Great to see the lack of initiative is being replaced by the lack of intelligence

  3. LiraNuna says:

    Look at it this way – they saved themselves the costs of towing!

  4. Spii says:

    That car was standing there for a LONG LONG time and the construction workers cannot legally touch the car, or tow it away for that matter, without going through a lengthy process including a waiting time to see if the owner shows up. Probably pressured by deadlines, the construction workers decided to just bury it , thinking “its not our problem”. Love the proletariat at work! :)

    • CZenda says:

      Yeah, the car was obviously left abandonned – it has no identification plates. Possibly the owner was loath to pay for its ecological disposal.
      After all, it is only an old priceless Opel (GM for Yanks).

      • talking beaver says:

        There is a poetic saying, something like this: “In dark, moist autumn evenings, when red leafs are falling to the ground, you can hear … how Opels are rusting in the neighborhood”


  5. John from Kansas says:

    Just drive out.

  6. Viperman the American says:

    Seems like the car looks a little better now – its art people! Its a paved car art! Seems like the men who did this deserve a raise! Think positive people!

  7. too muchvodka says:


  8. talking beaver says:

    Please read my comment above. ;)

  9. Sasha says:

    at least they pave the roads in Riga, not like mighty Russia

  10. Justin says:

    Thank you. I guess it’s not only me who has noticed that latvians generally seem be quite slow. I wonder if it’s genetic?

    • talking beaver says:

      Naughty, naughty! :)

      Be careful, my “anti-fascist” friend!

      One more step and you will find yourself yourself in realm of Dr. Mengele, preaching of genetic superiority of certain groups of people over the others!

      The goat’s hoof of real you just stuck out a bit for the world to see. ;)

      In accordance to latest genetic studies (it was on TV like about a month ago), most of population of North-Eastern part of Russia genetically are of Finnish-Ugric ancestry.

      Also, there are many toponyms of Baltic origin around Moscow (not surprising, as proto-Balts migrated from the area of Urals), which means that many Russians in European part of Russia have at least some portion of Baltic blood.

      Like many chauvinists, you seem to overlook the difference between genetics, language, ethnicity, culture/ideology and nationality (citizenship) and seem to believe that it is all the same. Just like Nazis did!

      Yo-ho-ho!!! Justin is Nazi!!!!

      Look everybody!!!

      Justin is Nazi!!!!


  11. KanuTaH says:

    I don’t think it is in the interest of Russians to do this kind of things in Estonia when they are already trying to push the Estonian Russians out.

    • KanuTaH says:

      1) No one can beat Dr. Goebels and his NAZI entourage in their propaganda war.
      2) Russia is not the only exception, politically you can find propagande everywhere, all the companies that sell goods in capitalist markets use propaganda after all. I agree that it may be a bit worse in Russia but things seem to be impoving slowly but steadily.

  12. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.
    I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.Nice blog,I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  13. God love google, fascinating page. Thanks alot.

  14. Adam Adamovich says:

    I saw worse paving than this in Detroit. (But look at “Detroit Ghetto” youtube and see that any work to improve the city is desperately needed! And not likely to come from the local black population now busy getting public funds… and voting Obama.) Be glad you’re in Russia, or Latvia, etc! (So why do many youtube tours of Russia Latvia etc play music by US ghetto rappers? Do your youths know how dumb that is when you have terrific composers?)

    My real QUESTION was serious.

    Webserching the origin of Balts (the core Latvian-Lithuanian) folks &/or language origin, I came to this odd site with a quote Balts came from Urals.

    So what is your source on this? (Pardon if I do not know, I got my first edumacation in Detroit. OK, later I went to a real university, but history was not my study. Geology is my game.)

  15. talking beaver says:

    1) no. that is not what I am saying.
    2) well. idea is that Russian pressure and constant attacks provoke this kind of teasing.
    3) we live in a real world, dont we? (Maybe escept for Justin/Boris Abramov)

  16. Justin says:

    I believe I made it specifically clear that the waitresses were speaking with Adam (in english).

  17. Cretux says:

    I guess the common fault of “constructed” stories is that they look like Picasso drawings.

  18. kostya says:

    Order may be? Yes order indeed, Hitler kaput! Russian people are have gentle souls but firm resistance. It’s much easier to ask them nicely than try to take them by force.

  19. KanuTaH says:

    Don’t make up porky stories about Ruthenians and “Whatch yo momma gave you – shake!”

  20. Justin says:

    Sorry to butt in, but I would like to yet again challenge talking beaver into giving me ONE example of russia exerting pressure on baltic states. So ar all that talking beaver spews out seems to be nothing more but a groundless nazi demagogy.

  21. talking beaver says:

    Well, funny videos. It was not exactly so from my perspective.

    Your information looks more like of nineties-and-later origin, after mania of restoring the GREATNESS begun in Russia. And was mostly dictated by bitterness about those who left the friendly bear’s hug of Mother Russia.

    In short, in pre-Gorbachev USSR Russians were the Big Brother, the Greater People and most Equal amongst the Equals. Everyone else were equally second grade. Yeah, the Russians were the Great Ones and others had to be grateful to Russians that those have “helped” them, “liberated”, “brought culture” or something of the sort.

    Ethnic jokes generally were told about Chukchas, some time about Jews (Rabinovich), but most often about Russians themselves (Like “Russian, American and German enter the bar…”). Though there were some “Southerner” jokes like “Armenian Radio” series and others. But all those jokes were friendly. Even about poor Chukchas who were portrayed as simple-minded “children of the Nature”, but smart and cunning in a way.

  22. KanuTaH says:

    Common, you don’t expect to behave that way when someone tells you to! Politically there are all sorts of tails but the truth remains the truth, people dont’s choose friends by race. You don’t expect ordinary Russian people back then walking about the streets talking to each other of the political nonsense.

  23. KanuTaH says:

    However I must disagree on that one; the hierarchy is as follows in my opinion: Your parents, your older brothers or sisters, you, your younger brothers or sisters, your children.

  24. talking beaver says:

    Heh! :) That is OK, no problem. Just be so kind now and butt out!

    But before that let me remind you one historical detail (in regard of demagogy): When USSR attacked Finland in 1939, right into the middle of the Winter WAR, USSR declared, that they had PERFECT RELATIONS with Finnish government. You see, they did mean puppet government of Otto Kuusinen they themselves had created to install in Finland after it would have been conquered.

  25. Boris Abramov says:

    Today Estonian authorities are also keen on humor, such as this: “Why do Russians wear straw hats? because you always must hay on manure” Or “what is the most wide spread animal in Estonia? Russians” which they promote in Estonian schools as part of the curriculum.


    Yes… they are the fuure of Estonia.

  26. Boris Abramov says:

    I guess you can’t answer his question then? Well, I wouldn’t expect you to. After all, this is just Nazi demagoguery.

  27. talking beaver says:

    Ah, OK!

    Carry on then!

  28. talking beaver says:

    By the way, just for record, there were no Polish jokes in USSR.

    At least not in Western part of USSR after 1980.

  29. talking beaver says:


    Actually, this is funny.

    Wikipedia is a very interesting, important and valuable source of information, but it may be very unreliable.

    To illustrate this:
    – I have myself contributed to various parts of Wikipedia.
    – Now you say you trust Wikipedia and not me.

    So what I could do is to go and make correction in Wikipedia that suits me (as anyone can edit it), thus adding to “credibility” of my statement and then refer you to it.

    This is the “referring to authority” trick used in both commercial propaganda (advertising) and political propaganda.


  30. talking beaver says:

    Heh! I am happy you mentioned this verrrry interesting case again.

    Funny, it seems that no one except the “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” (Moscow Young Communist), where this “newsflash” seems to have originated, is aware of such a thing.

    After you so generously have forwarded us to a home page of some fella who is very keen of keeping excerpts form Moscow Young Communist paper, would you equally generously quote to us something from Berlin Young Nazi newsletter about how Jews are oppressing them?

    Do you have some more paranoid nightmares to share with us?


  31. talking beaver says:

    I will give you 10 bucks if you stand there when they lay another patch?

    Do we have a deal?


  32. talking beaver says:

    Oh, you can not do a lot with 10 bucks here either, except to buy few beers or maybe have funny videos stand in a way of a steam roll.

    As you say. This is standing offer. If you change your mind, let me know. Maybe I will throw in free lunch.

  33. talking beaver says:

    What about game? I would suggest balls of Boris Abramov in flaming spirit!


    As of Baltika – no, I never use it, though it is available. I prefer local brands.

  34. talking beaver says:

    Hello there, Kapitan!

    – Care to elaborate?

    – Do you mean Russians by “Ruthenians”?

    – I am not making up stories (like Boris Abramov is). I am just intentionally being Politically Incorrect.

    – I did not get that “Whatch…” joke. Should be some local folklore…

  35. talking beaver says:

    What was all this verbal cocktail supposed to mean?

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