37 A Strange Hummer

A Strange Hummer

Posted on February 13, 2008 by

Strange Hummer in Russia 1

A strange Hummer car was spotted in the downtown of Moscow, it had six wheels!

Strange Hummer in Russia 2

Strange Hummer in Russia 3


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37 Responses to “A Strange Hummer”

  1. Wirecase says:

    nicely photoshopped…

  2. jalansutera says:

    the hummer is full of spam..


  3. jalansutera says:

    actually it has not SIX wheels. it has SEVEN wheels. look at the roof of the ugly hummer. there is one on the roof.

  4. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    Damn! How did you know that?

    Vladimir Fickdusiemir (5cm)

  5. Ortodox says:

    Puff Daddy is in the town with his black ride…hehe

  6. KBR says:

    Hey, I say some wehere I live, it’s a hummer-limo. And i am not a big fan of it. But when you see it, it’s big.

  7. polo says:

    Its not a wheel its a defense turret

  8. H. Cook says:

    Very well done! A lot of work,time,expense and thought.I would like to see pictures of the running gear.

  9. Rikitikitavi says:

    btw nice parking

  10. IAmTheMan says:

    That is an H6, it isn’t a photoshop job. Distort had it right.

  11. Looney says:

    Like its been said before, not Photoshop. Its an H6, seen one in person a few times. Watch old episodes of “Pinks” on the speed channel, the host used to drive one at the beginning of each episode.

  12. vadikgg says:

    I saw this car in the autumn 2007 in Nizhni Novgorod

  13. grant says:


  14. Kevin says:

    russia’s torchwood

  15. robert says:

    not photoshopped

    this company actually converts hummers to 6×6 and other vehicles as well


  16. Brandon says:

    It probably has a hot tub or something heavy in the back there, hence the extra wheels.

  17. Bill says:

    Cool! The Russians improved the Hummer!

  18. Tech Vina says:

    [...] (Image credit: Credit). [...]

  19. [...] englishrussia En Diariomotor: Hummer H2 | Monstruo en rosa, un Hummer diferente | Hummer H2 Pink Edition, de [...]

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