71 A Seal As a Pet

A Seal As a Pet

Posted on February 13, 2008 by

the seal as a pet in Russia 1

Some Russian girls had a bear as a pet, but this one has a real seal as her home animal. She feeds it, goes for a walk with it and gives it to swim in her bath to feel like home.

the seal as a pet in Russia 2

the seal as a pet in Russia 3

the seal as a pet in Russia 4

the seal as a pet in Russia 5

the seal as a pet in Russia 6

the seal as a pet in Russia 7

the seal as a pet in Russia 8

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71 Responses to “A Seal As a Pet”

  1. I hope I am first to comment that this is indeed a very well photo-shopped seal. I did this myself from Ukraine, using a computer made from birch wood. The seal is not kept in cruel conditions, but is rather a giant aquatic rat that I have used the “smooth” function in photoshop to create the appearance of fins, much as the appearance of competitive elections is also possible!

  2. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    It is to be doubted that the seal feels comfortable in that environment.

    The girl is ugly.

    • DungeonB says:

      iono, she could clean up pretty well i presume. I believe she might just be breeding them to get the fur… its probably going to get sick and die an unhappy animal. oh, and the seal doesnt look so great either, Oh snaps!

  3. BFW says:

    the girl is nice :) but house is not a place for a seal to live…

  4. I am says:

    That girl is bride of Texas1 :)

  5. wackyruss says:

    That seal is damn cute.

    It looks like a torpedo-shaped dog.

    Evolution is quite a phenomenon!

  6. John from Kansas says:

    Oh, now isn’t that cute!

  7. Thomas says:

    I’d club it.

  8. Rimini says:

    The seal is safe. Unless it can be distilled into vodka, it will live long life with girl.

    The seal is like a big turkey. Americans would skin it and roast it, or grind the meat to make seal nachos.

    This has probaby taken place in the chernobyl area also known as ukraine, where radiation has degraded the brains of all local people.

  9. Steam McQueen says:

    A seal goes into a bar and the bartender asks ‘What will you have?’

    The seal answers ‘ Anything except a Canadian Club’!

    Thanks, folks! Please tip your waitresses and bartenders, I’ll be here all week!

    Goodnight everyone!

  10. Pastor Transmontano says:

    I ask the girl.
    PLEASE put the seal in her home. She needs to be free and happy.

  11. Button says:

    Which one is the seal?

  12. tonniterska says:

    The seal looks so sad :(.

  13. Mansson says:

    It’s probably just an abandoned seal cub that the girl is taking care of until it’s old enough to be resettled in the wild.

  14. Boris Abramov says:

    This girl is Hot ! I wanna see her naked

  15. Suzy says:

    I hope it whacks her with its tail when it’s a bit larger and fatter.

  16. Suzy says:

    Ever seen an animal smile? Excluding apes.

  17. brian says:

    seal meat is the best tasting meat there is…..

  18. brian says:

    It looks like she may be fattening it up to butcher it!

  19. Chipo says:

    She should be clubbed and slaughtered and eaten.

  20. David says:

    Club it! Club it!
    Then make a nice fur coat.

  21. Alkulukujapaskovakarhu says:

    “goes for a walk with it” I lol’d

  22. Fasaani says:

    At least it’s not the seal… or is it?

  23. Ortodox says:

    S.E.A.L = P.I.G.

  24. Boris Abramov says:

    Yes, I see his sad face :(

  25. too muchvodka says:


  26. too muchvodka says:


  27. too muchrum says:


  28. Manti says:

    Seals get way agressive as they get older. they are hard to train and practically impossible to socialize.

    and yes, some will say what about walruses and sea lions.
    they’re quite different animals.

  29. KauLad says:

    A young lady has an unusual pet … so.
    And, suddenly, she are barraged by unkind comments. What culture! What sparkling wit!

    • Zarif says:

      I agree. I guess human evolution has back-tracked for some of the not-so-lucky bad mouthed scumbags that we see here (very good real life examples indeed). They should, I think, be better off in the wild – oh wait, no, they’re worse than animals (animals can’t talk at least) – so even the wild is not a good idea for them.

  30. Eileen says:

    Just perfect for a Valentine’s Day post – seal’ed with a kiss. You did that on purpose, didn’t you! =) Clever!

  31. Lessnikk says:

    > My opinion – the woman is a animal vetrinarian and she is taking care of this injured/sick animal- its not her pet! Notice the way she is handling it in the picture! She knows animals as this is the proper way to handle this baby – my daughter told me this who is a vetrinarian.

    That’s exactly what happened, the owners are zoologists and they planning to release it:

    (translated in english)

    (original article in russian)

  32. base says:

    she doesn’t look to bad, but the seal looks sad

    make girl+seal nachos plz

  33. So sad sosed says:

    And no seal?

    No seal – no party!

  34. too muchrum says:


  35. eikka says:

    ohh common read the fyrst comment ppl this is photoshoped

  36. Bill says:

    He’s cute and so is she! I’d like to make sexy with her!

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  38. Gurtek singh says:

    I love seals……….

  39. Bobo the Hobo says:

    I would pay good money to see that girl naked.

  40. Oleg says:

    Bednoe zivotnoe! :(

  41. Pedro R. says:

    loved your article

  42. Pedro R. says:

    love your website layout

  43. Mike K. says:

    loved your article

  44. caryl pearson says:

    this looks like a Caspian seal; how amazing! this young woman looks like shreve stockton’s counterpart. (i refer to the woman raising the pet coyote in wyoming).

  45. Bobo the Hobo says:

    I have beat off so many times to these photos it’s ridiculous! Anyone else doing the same? Let’s hear it!

  46. angie says:

    i know quite a deal about photoshop and there is no way this is photoshopped. photoshop is not magic ppl… not always atleast.

  47. Debra says:

    That seal looks stoned.

  48. David says:

    Poor animal… the sea is it’s natural habitat, evolution made it’s body features to fit a marine environment not earth.

  49. thomas simms says:

    i!m american and i love animals i think the seal is cool i do not hunt or fish but i would buy wild stuff in the store to eat if they offered it but these days most stuff in stores is farm raised everything from game animals to fish but i would think to have a seal as a pet you would need an abundance of whatever they eat in order to have a balanced diet

  50. Mono Ham says:

    Heidi Klum is also living with seal

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