83 Russian Calendar for 2008

Russian Calendar for 2008

Posted on February 7, 2008 by

Russian calendar with different countries 1

This is how one Russian company decided to design it’s calendar. They put on each page the one and same episode but drawn according to their point of view of one of twelve countries. The first one is Russia, would you guess the rest?

Russian calendar with different countries 2

Russian calendar with different countries 3

Russian calendar with different countries 4

Russian calendar with different countries 5

Russian calendar with different countries 6

Russian calendar with different countries 7

Russian calendar with different countries 8

Russian calendar with different countries 9

Russian calendar with different countries 10


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83 Responses to “Russian Calendar for 2008”

  1. Jonny says:

    Germany, (my country)
    United Kingdom and

    am i right?

  2. valiant says:

    Excellent calendar, really liked it!

    In Spain we do not get this type of calendars, maybe calendars where nature, models, footballers, cars are the main theme…

    Although, bit offended because Spain is missing… but I still recall being on Crimea on holidays 2 years ago, and always asked if I was Italian…

    More candelar posts, please!



  3. Boris Abramov says:

    Very clever, but terriblly politically incorrect :)

  4. TerryH says:

    Where can I get one?!

  5. Lindsay says:

    All l have to say is ….

    Viva MEXICO y el tequila cabronesss !!….. LOL

  6. wackyruss says:

    Very niiiice.

    I like!

  7. willis drumond says:

    what’s the Russian driver holding in his left hand?

  8. AmericanPimp says:

    In Soviet Russia calendar dates you!

    Was everyone’s Anti-spam word “kgb”, like mine? If so, Win.

  9. chantal says:

    Ok. Canada does NOT look like that!

    Maybe in the Yukon or Northwest Territories.

    I have only seen a dog sled and igloo at a winter fair in Québec.

    So I’m going to say the second picture is of Antarctica.

  10. hobbler says:

    Lebanon looks nothing like that, either. No desert there. Should be more one of the GCC countries.

  11. j3k says:

    ГГГ тема)))

  12. tim says:

    why does american driver hold tetris in his hand?
    tetris was invented in Russia. It is well known fact!

  13. b2 says:

    They put the wrong style speed limit sign in the USA one. Also it would be in miles.

    • Swede says:

      Yes, Liberia, Burma and USA. The only countries on the planet which not yet have the metric system. UK and it’s slave countries also have troubles letting go of stones, miles and feet.

  14. Ari The Finn says:


  15. wooshkaboom says:

    The first drawing looks almost like the driver was in Finland, with the white-and-blue police car and the blue uniform on the officer. The truck’s interior is definitely Russian, though… but what’s that stuff that the driver has in his left hand? Looks like salmiakki/salt liquorice – that would definitely be Finnish. Shouldn’t it be a Vodka bottle if the driver is Russian? :D

    …and why do all of the French drivers have their heads sticking through the roofs of their cars?

  16. Marvin says:

    Cos the smell of garlic inside is unbearable.

  17. Richard S. says:

    A knob on a steering wheel? I don’t think Canadians have such a thing, unless you drive an old John Deer or MF tractor…


  18. Lindsay says:

    You people pay toooo much attention to the smalest details,

    I calender like this is to look at the humorism side of cultures,

    and not the analytical nerve wrAcking one ….

  19. Jon says:

    Oh, the stereotypes!!! :P

    The Russian drawing is still the funniest – I like how the radio brand is “SORY” and the Medved about to eat the Militsiya.

    Well the year has only 12 months – can’t please everyone!

  20. Setan HIjau says:

    apa la bodoh

    in india the cars are right hand drives. just like japan and the UK..

  21. Chrißo says:

    Lol, for the dude who said ‘Antarctica’ – there are not indigenous peoples on Antarctica, mostly Europeans (or people of European descent e.g. Australians). Part from that it’s a pretty cool calendar, if this is what they have in Russia then I’m soo moving there :).
    BTW since when does Oktoberfest have a ‘c’? lol

  22. Can you give me a link to the site of the trucking company that made this calendar? I sent the link from your page to my Russian friend and she got offended and said that a Russian did not make this calendar.

  23. NJK says:

    What holds the german guy on the right in his hands? Is it a video? Theres no relation between the germans and videos.

  24. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    I would like Persia to have a more prominent role in your next calendar, please. Please don’t make me send someone to your office to see you about this.

    M. Ahmadinejad
    Marketing Director, Islamic Republic of Iran

  25. lowkee says:

    © Russian design-bureau “Knock Knock”

  26. Roman says:

    Actually EU member states have EU driver’s licences.

  27. TeratoMarty says:

    I like the homeowner shooing the ninja away with a broom in Japan.

  28. Nestor says:

    In the driver license…


    It should be… JUAN DE LA VEGA.

    Anyway, great job!

  29. joker says:

    Мужики ахуительно рисуют! красавчики!

  30. Asmodeus says:

    I can’t see any bottles of Vodka on the russian piece. Strange! O_O

  31. Nixxin says:

    Yeah, Russians without vodka? O_O

  32. fabio says:

    Lebanon doesnt look like this at all!! it should be iran maybe!lebanon is well developed country especially the center of the city beirut!!!
    one culture or country is missing :ISRAEL

  33. Bald Guy says:

    Did you wanted Israel,jew?

  34. Alejo says:

    There is a mistake in the Mexican Poster. The idol hanging in the middle it is not mesoamerican. It from ancient peru. They were first discovered in northern Per (Sican), and the most famous ones are from the period lambayaque (700-1300dc). They are known as TUMIS (Sacrifice Knives)

  35. kindred says:

    Where’s Ireland ?

  36. TxRx says:

    For all your fevered detail-policing, none of you ever bothered to even notice that the months are out of order! November and December are switched. Much more obvious than the etymology of the religious icon hanging from the Mexican’s rearview, I dare say.

  37. semi says:

    england missing goal in tv.. LOL

  38. thintalle says:

    That’s a great callendar, would buy ! :P

  39. This is so amazing!
    My favorite calendar ever!

  40. Gooskoff says:

    Why “russian” calendar-there is a many countries? “International” Or i’m wrong?

  41. Krasivaya says:

    I like it, I think it’s clever

  42. Vulcan says:

    Wrong: In India, we have right hand drive.

  43. El Chepo says:

    Oh yeah!

    Mexican Trucks, form the yunaited esteits, Viva Nasha Rossiya !

    Viva truckers of the world

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  45. Ilya says:

    November and December are in wrong order. Italy is November.

  46. lude nunes says:

    I noticed there is a Peruvian symbol in the Mexican scene…

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