34 Russian Army Newspaper

Russian Army Newspaper

Posted on February 4, 2008 by

Military newspaper in Russia 1

A few days ago one guy has got his next issue of a Russian Army newspaper he is subscribed too. He was lazy looking through it until on one page, devoted to the department of Nuclear Defense he found a photo of one of the departments of Nuclear Defense Ministry. Look down what shocked him so much:

Military newspaper in Russia 2

So maybe next time when the countries would decide to reduce there nuclear weapons potential they would call this process ‘neGOTHiations’.

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34 Responses to “Russian Army Newspaper”

  1. aleksey says:

    ahahhahahahahahahha goodone

  2. corpser says:

    the left is the evil one ^^
    but .. wtf ?!

  3. Mathouse says:

    Did you see that red star with sickle and hammer ?:>
    I thought that the USSR disappeared from the earth.

  4. Groundskeeper Willie says:

    cheer up goth!

  5. Steam McQueen says:

    The sub-title is even better : The journal of war theory

    Russians are SO big on theory. Practical application and usage, not so much…

  6. Detroit! says:

    hey thats my soulmate!

    How do I talk to her?

  7. chicken says:

    Negothiations …L O L

  8. D says:

    Yeah, he probably stole it from there.

  9. Rodriguez says:

    PhotoZhop !!!

  10. Annatto says:

    Er, so the picutre’s fakes but why the Hammer and Sickle?

    • SR says:

      Because Hammer and Sickle is a symbol of victorious Soviet military traditions. Today, it is minor symbol of military journals, papers and on standards of military units, formed in USSR.
      Practically it has exactly the same role as Confederation flag in USA or Swastika in Finland.

      • Crackpot says:

        I do not know about the Confederation flag, but I think you are very much wrong about the Finnish Swastika.

        Actually it more seems to have the same role that Swastika would have had in German Third Reich, if it would have won WWII instead of USSR, and gradually transformed itself over time into more democratic society, just like Russia did.

        Just like “Hammer and Sickle is a symbol of victorious Soviet military traditions” so Nationalsozialistische Swastika is equally “a symbol of victorious Nazi military traditions” and just as inappropriate.

        • SR says:

          As I know Finnish swastika has nothing to do with Nazis and it is still used in Finland on Parades and on flags of some military units. Thats is exactly the role of hammer & sickle in Russia.

          • Crackpot says:

            Swastika is an ancient (since Stone Age) symbol of the Sun and well being.

            It was used in many countries throughout the world (including USA – in Coca-Cola advertising) and still is. Finland fits in here.

            Nazis “hijacked” the symbol.

            The “Hammer and Sickle”, on opposite, has been a political symbol since the very beginning, fundamentally associated with Socialism and Communism.

            Besides, the context is important. If it is Finns who use swastika – it is OK. If Germans would want to use swastika – can you imagine what scandal that would be?

            Similarly, when Russians use Hammer and Sickle, it has a deep political under-text, just like “Germans with Swastika”. Especially in context of Putin’s nostalgia for past Soviet glory and daydreaming about becoming Superpower again.

            So Russian Hammer and Sickle is in affect an alarming sign of “Neo-Sovietism”, just like Germans using Swastika and dreaming of restoring the past glory of The Reich would be an alarming sign of Neo-Nazism.

            • SR says:

              Boy, what do you think is the difference between fascist and communist ideology?

              • Crackpot says:

                Frankly, I am not really sure. The difference seems rather theoretical to me. One is generally considered Right, the other Left. That is about it.

                No difference in practice. The body count is higher for Commies.

              • Crackpot says:

                If you possibly did mean here that Communists “wanted to make better world for all” I have to say that it is of course touching, but they ended up just like Nazis – cutting off heads (and started it earlier and finished later).

  11. John from Kansas says:

    You are right. The above picture is not in the January 2008 issue. Interesting site, thanks for the link.

  12. Swede says:

    She must also be a genius just like that goth chick on NCIS.

  13. Jason says:

    Well if the women were KGB snipers they were also with the nuclear defense with their finger on the button.What next the president of Russia.

  14. I just thought that NCIS is a copy cat of CSI..`,

  15. i think NCIS is much better than CSI because they solve much harder cases.“.

  16. Lilly Bell says:

    NCIS is much better than CSI in my own opinion, it has more drama and twists on the story:**

  17. actually i watch NCIS more often than CSI, NCIS offers more drama and have great characters compared to CSI;;-

  18. Wire Gauge says:

    i love to watch NCIS, the story is great and i love the special effects too ‘,`

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