strange Russian car 1

28 Another Stranger

Another Stranger

What can be done with this regular Russian common LADA is
shown below. It looks more like the SMART car:
drink vodka in space
18 Vodka Space

Vodka Space

Well, what would be the best thing for a Russian astronaut to show from the International Space Station for the entertainment TV viewers in Russia? Probably
some Westerners would answer: "Hey, show how to drink vodka in zero gravity conditions!". And here the Russian cosmonaut drinks it right on ISS!
winter in Russia 1

30 Winter in the City

Winter in the City

Some people ask: "How is it in Russia in winter? Is it really that cold? Are there really piles of snow twenty feet tall? Well, here are some
photos of a random Russian city - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, it's in the Russian Eastern part, just ocean across from US Western coast.
long lines in Russia 1

40 Lines, Lines, Lines

Lines, Lines, Lines

Just fifteen years ago you couldn't just walk in the shop and buy what you need. Instead, you had to stand the longest line you've ever seen and as a regard you could buy not more than some limited amount of a limited choice food or other products. That was Russia in the beginning of the 90s - right after the collapse of USSR, when old Communistic supply system was already ruined but new, capitalistic, hasn't been built yet. That wasn't only shops who had long lines at their entrances every day, but places like the Embassy of U.S. had the
long long line too - you can see it on the last photo of this set. But the most curious line in this set is the line to the Lenin's Mausoleum - you can see it on the photo with the Red Square - one could think that Russian people shouldn't stay any more in line to visit the Lenin, the idol of the communism beliefs when they have such a ruined society around, but no - people were still eager to stand many hours line to visit Lenin too. Probably they wanted to say some swear words right in his face?
russian hockety
30 Russian Hockey

Russian Hockey

Last night hockey game gone real messy in Russia when the sudden quarrel emerged turning into an epic fight. Reporters say that this one has beat up all the records according to its overall
duration time, including same situations from NHL. All of it was aired on TV too so all the viewers could get two-in-one - a hockey and some sort of street boxing tournament.
Moscow subway station Strogino 1

59 Subway Buzz

Subway Buzz

A few days ago a new subway station has been opened in Moscow, Russia. From the first days a few stories appeared in Russian blogs about it. First one was concerning strange similarities of this new station inner design with some other subway station that is located in Spain. You can see on the picture above two shots - they look like they were shot in almost the same place but those are two different places, 4000 miles away from each other, to the left this is the Spanish subway and on the right part of the picture there is a new subway station in Moscow, you can decide yourself does it really remind the Spanish
one? The other story was about the strange construction mistake of the metro tunnel at this new station. On the photo below you can see the moment when the train enters the station - in some part of the tunnel the wall is so close that it touches the train and takes of the layer of the paint from it. Not all the trains running in Moscow subway are the subject for this but some models make this fountain of a dry paint each time they enter the station, on the second picture you can see the floor of the station with small pieces of the paint cut off from the trains.
mercedes nailed in Moscow airport 1

37 Nailed Mercedes

Nailed Mercedes

A full size Mercedes car is being nailed to the ceilings in one of Moscow airports now. It attracts sights from the people coming through the airport's lobby and always question arises if it's safe to walk right under in - or it might occasionally
fell on your head? Well, some say that this is not real Mercedes but is made of plastic instead, but if it so then this should be a very precise copy, because all the smallest details, like brake discs etc are perfectly visible.

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