condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 1

56 Not Too Sterile

Not Too Sterile

Before seeing those photos I thought that condom production is a pretty delicate process and requires a high level of sterility. Looking at this production line from Ukraine it seems that at least in Eastern Europe it's not more than a myth. Workers touch them with their hands, put in some device reminding the washing machine with a water inside looking
like it wasn't drained from there for some time for sure and then storing them in some big bags. I wonder if all the rest same factories use same methods, I bet all the production comes to Western world from outsourced factories in Asia, and there in Asia they might do even more not-so-sterile things with this gentle products...
Russian children playgrounds 1

24 Playgrounds 3

Playgrounds 3

We continue publishing shots from the selected playgrounds in different Russian cities. Some say that those playgrounds are too creepy, but others say such artwork shows to the children the truth of life right from the first steps they make. Well, I think that kids are too busy with their own inner world to care about all this "nice" or "not
nice" playgrounds, it's more an adults issue to call them "ugly" or "creepy", kids usually just use the practical side of the playgrounds and don't care on the design, but for grown-ups it can be a shocking experience especially if they encounter on of those from the last photos of this set in some dark night.
Russian duma 12

39 Russian Duma

Russian Duma

Duma is a Russian parliament. This fall there were elections for the new Duma and on these photos you
can see some of the new representatives during their work. Here are a few shots of them.
Russian beer 1

24 Beer Fire Extinguisher

Beer Fire Extinguisher

There are many strange drinks can be bought in Russia, like a vodka in a plastic bag or vodka in AK-47 shaped glass bottle or even as weird as triple core CPU vodka, if you haven't seen them yet, click on the links to see. Today we discovered something new. It's not a vodka but a beer this
time. This beer is called "The Fire Extinguisher". After a short inspection of the bottle there can be found a step-by-step instructions of use, and well, it really can be used according to them to fight with some small fires, look other pictures to see how.
car in snow in Russia 1

14 Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

Last night this guy has parked his car on the roadside near the house of his own. It was a big surprise in the morning for him to find his car covered with snow up to the roof. Thanks to the
coming by snow-cleaning trucks and a snowy night all the car was buried under the snow so that he had first dig up the passage to it to open the driver's door and start the engine.
Russian bar in the plane 1

36 Plane Cafe

Plane Cafe

A strange looking bar can be found on Russian "Don" highway. In it's decoration the details of old Russian plane were used. They are connected with the rest of
the building so that people can sit inside the plane too. For sure it attracts a lot of passers-by to take some photos and to visit it afterwards.
sand and ice
31 No Ice Method

No Ice Method

This guy from Vladivostok city has patented a strange way to fight the ice-crusted roads of Russia in winter. He has mounted some device that spreads sand each time he pulls some trigger in his cabin, making an artificial sandy surface under the wheels of his small truck, letting to move it on any icy surface he wants. He says it's especially handy when moving downhill or starting moving uphill on the ice-covered road. "Many drivers seeing me doing that express their appreciation and support on the
road" he says. "That's what we need in our Russian icy winters" says another random driver who've seen that device in action. The inventor has got a patent for that but says that no investor or authority is yet interested in supporting him. Well, we wish him luck, at least when he spreads his sand he does good job not only for himself but for all the following cars too - they can go on this sand for some time too without the risk to slip out from the road.
American planes in Russian army 1

66 American Weapons in Russian Army

American Weapons in Russian Army

During World War 2 America helped Soviet Russia a lot with different weapons. Trucks, jeeps, military and cargo planes - all sorts of technical equipment was sent to Russia. In this post we'll have some unique photos from WW2 by Russian soldier who participated in such missions to America for this help. He was a pilot and their squad was taking American planes to Russia during the war. According to his son's stories this visits to USA left a big impression upon minds of Russian soldiers, but they were desperate to help their country to win the war and none of the decided to seek a refuge in States. They usually were taking B-25 heavy bomber planes and P-53 "King Cobras" lighter fighters. It's interesting that the Red Stars, the emblems of Soviet Russian Army were printed on the planes right in the US and they were flying those Red Star marked planes above USA freely on their way to Russia. Those were the only times I guess when Russian military planes were above the States. Though those Red Star logos were afterwards wiped out in Russia because they were paintedon a white circle, according USAAF standards
and were not exactly what Stalin and other Russian chief commanders wanted to see on Russian planes. It were not only the military planes of American origin that can be seen on those photos. For example on the photo #14 there is an American "Flying Boat Catalina" parked somewhere in Siberia at Russian river Lena - it was also a part of technical help from USA. Also there were a lot of Willis jeeps during WW2 in Russia, they were the real hit among Russian soldiers for their durability and exterior look. When the war has ended many Russian army commanders wanted to leave them for themselves but they couldn't because according to the terms on which this help was shipped to Russian army they had to return or destroy all the remains of the technical equipment that was left. People tell stories how thousands of those Willis jeeps were brought to Murmansk and other Russian ports and there they were smashed by large press machines into a useless steel pads under the strict supervision of American observers. Oh what a pity.
Russian truckers 1

26 Russian North Truckers

Russian North Truckers

I've heard that tomorrow in some parts of Russia temperature would go below -67 F (-55 C), so those would be even more freezing times than usually in this time of the year. But people in Northern parts of Russia need food and other things for comfort living, so
shippers should get this to them everyday no matter what's going on with the weather. How do Russian truckers cope with this? You can see some moments of their winter life from this photoset submitted by Volgovod via English Russia forum.
Russia 100 years ago 1

85 Pre-communist Russia

Pre-communist Russia

Many people wonder, how did Russia look like before the Communists takeover in 1917. It's not well known that in that times Russia was a normal capitalistic state and stayed
in good relations with other Western states. Here is a big hundred photo set of Russia at that times, in color. It seems it was a pretty nice place to live.

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