tower collapse in Moscow, Russia 1

49 No Tower

No Tower

These buildings are kind of symbols of Moscow. They were built during Stalin's rule and often are associated with Moscow architecture. A few days ago for unknown reason on of those
buildings got one tower collapsed. No any aerial objects were matched on the site during it collapsed, probably there was something wrong with Stalin's mathematics.
porsche cayenne in Moscow, Russia 1

36 Most Ugly Porsche Modification?

Most Ugly Porsche Modification?

They say it is the most ugly modification that Porsche Cayenne ever
had, and it is from Moscow, Russia. Well, you judge it.
Kirovsk, Russia 1

33 Kirovsk, Another Northern Town

Kirovsk, Another Northern Town

This is Kirovsk, another
Russian Northern town.
Building something near Moscow University in Russia 1

15 Something Temporary Tracery

Something Temporary Tracery

They construct something temporary these days near the Moscow University that looks tracery due to many
thin metal parts used. It can be some skating ramp for a few days contest or something like that.
Mercedes in the flat in Russia 1

18 Mercedes at Home

Mercedes at Home

One Russian guy got so glued to his favorite Mercedes car that he couldn't sell it when it became already too old for him. He ordered to cut it in pieces and mount the full length part of its body to the wall of his apartment before the renovation has started so that to implement it into the new
look of his flat. By the way this model of W140 Mercedes car was extremely popular in mid 90-s in Russia among fast-became-rich guys. It was often mentioned in the funny jokes about new arrived Russian rich guys, so maybe it was also a reason for this strange decision.
Bridge in Moscow, Russia 1

57 A Bridge with Surprise

A Bridge with Surprise

A new bridge has been opened a few days ago in Moscow. It was officially named "The Picturesque Bridge" for its like some visual qualities. So some young people decided to visit it and make some photos at night when its "picturesque" lights are on. When they arrived and started
making some photos they have discovered some shocking facts - a lot of pieces of bridge fasteners were missing! And it was not a bridge under construction - it was officially opened and thousands of cars pass over it everyday. Here are some of their photos:
Russia during WW2 1

328 Russia under Nazis during WW2

Russia under Nazis during WW2

During World War 2 the Nazi soldiers besides their rifles had also cameras handy and made a lot of photos of the conquered territories. Such pictures were banned in Soviet Russia because they didn't fit in the official agenda. According to Soviet propaganda Nazis were not much better than wild dangerous animals killing and torturing civilians and burning down every village they enter. Later, after the collapse of USSR some amount of evidence started arriving from abroad to Russia, showing that it was not so bad under the short German rule for the Russian people, some really enjoyed some freedoms they didn't have under
the Soviet rule. Like on the top picture people depicted throwing rocks at the Lenin monument. Also private property was restored and people could compete freely opening some businesses. Still such talks are not welcomed in modern Russia too because practically every Russian family has someone who was killed as a soldier during WW2 and accepting the fact that it was not so bad under the Nazis means to somehow reject the fact that their fathers died for the better future. Still here are some photos from Germans of Russian people and German soldiers during WW2.
Russia 1

40 Everyday Shots

Everyday Shots

We continue posting random shots from different Russian cities, something that is not usual
or common and attracted somebody to make a shot of it and send to the website.
Russian Northern Cities 1

55 Trip to North

Trip to North

This guy had a trip to some Northern Russian cities, he concentrated on wooden
architecture and churches while shooting. These are genuine Russian views in winter.
Homeless people at Moscow, Russia 1

46 Homeless of Moscow

Homeless of Moscow

Some photos of homeless people
from Moscow, by Rulon Oboev.

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