61 WW2 Like Reconstruction

WW2 Like Reconstruction

Posted on January 28, 2008 by

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 1

A few days ago an anniversary for the blockade of St. Petersburg city during the World War 2. For more than two years the city was in the tight circle of German troops. The front line was already in the suburbs and the downtown was bombed constantly. People suffered from the hunger and illnesses. Tens of thousands died. For those who survived it’s a great day, and those guys dressed in WW2 uniforms dedicate this show for them, the heroes of the blocked city.

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 2

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 3

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 4

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 5

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 6

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 7

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 8

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 9

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 10


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61 Responses to “WW2 Like Reconstruction”

  1. Zsommand says:

    Nice, and were the russians playing the german part too? :)

  2. ben says:

    that was awsome

  3. lithuanian says:

    Did Estonians lose? I don’t want nazis to win :(

  4. wackyruss says:

    The Soviet Union is back and IN EFFECT!

  5. Risto says:

    CCCP vs. Estonia?.. Germany/Estonia = nazis right?

  6. rafal says:

    Where are the NKWD heroes?

  7. Pacific NW says:

    The doggy seems disconcerned.

  8. talking beaver says:

    Hitler is back !

  9. Texas1 says:

    Wow ! Guys is German uniform so hot

  10. Visitor says:

    Where are the women? They suffered through the siege and battle/s too.

    Plus, they look better. :)

  11. Token says:

    Frozen ass tudra.

  12. Bullet in your head says:

    actually … St. Petersburg/Leningrad was only besieged by the German Wehrmacht and there were no SS-troops at all (note the skulls and SS-signs on the helmets…).

  13. dod says:

    I could not avoid sheding a little tear of emotion watching all those big men turning themselves little kids playing soldiers for the sake of honoring the Heroes of the Siege of Leningrad, and playing as seriously as kids usually do.
    Also thinking of those old men and women’s emotions watching them and remembering those who fell and are not there to also enjoy the show.
    Surely they will go to bed at night with a bittersweet mix of feelings, sad by the memories but happy to know that now its only a game, knowing also that those of their age then that mede the sacrifice of letting themselves starve in order to save the food for the able people to fight and save the city.

    Surely the “soldiers” will dinner and drink as soldiers usually do, happy for bringing happiness to the elder honoring their suffering, turning themselves little kids and also with a mix of envy and relief by living in different times that do not require for them to face death, pain and starvation as their elders did.

    I am spaniard and my uncle fought with the 250 spanish Blue Division that was also in that front and wounded twice, lucky to come back home in a piece, and although i am politically the oppposite to him i honor also his courage to volunteer by his ideas and fight in that horrible war although he was in the “wrong side”, sometimes is a thing a man cannot choose in a dictatorship.

    And for heroes of today in real battle kicking some ass. hel yourselves


  14. Rafael says:


  15. bezdomny says:

    Some of the German troops seemed WELL fed… must have captured a few cows before the battle…

  16. durkadurkastan says:


  17. Steve says:

    This would be more accurit if only 5 of the russians had guns and the rest wited for them to die so they can get a weapon…. like WW2…

    • slavik_avenger says:

      Where do you brillant yanks get your history from? Oh, yes, Hollywood…which is why 1 in 3 yanks, for all their pointless pride and self-love, can’t find America on a world map….but damn if you’re not ready to insult everyone around with your “knowledge”….almost like a little kid who needs a smacking.

  18. AdrianK says:

    Those pictures are awesome.

  19. quadpus says:

    One of the greatest stories of the war, expecially about the
    Road of Life, and that’s coming from someone whose sympathies lie more with the Finns.

  20. tapki says:

    pic#1: is that a read Dekterev machine gun?
    pic#4: the dog is realy scared, some one should take her away?
    pic#7: is that the same canon the woman drove into?
    pic#19: what kind of tank is this?

    p.s. : soldiers are too fat;

  21. kubz says:


    i huf seen the film “Blokada” recently.

  22. diego says:

    BUT… Why do all russians have a gun? to make it more real it should be 1 for two people….

    • Karpet22 says:

      By 1944 when the blockade was broken there was enough soviet-made and captured weaponry for soldiers. After Stalingrad masses of german equipment was left. This is why you may see some soldiers carrying mp40s.

  23. D says:

    Kill those Nazi’s!

  24. Tim says:

    where are the handlers with machine guns ready to shoot any troops that didn’t advance fast enough?

    Sorry that was crass, the russian victory was bittersweet to me considering the sheer numbers of russians that were slaughtered to achieve it.

  25. Max says:

    The greatest overall soldier of the 20th century was the Soviet soldier of the Second World War.

  26. too muchvodka says:

    Those uniforms are so cool…

  27. yarko says:

    Hitler kaput

  28. Mike C says:

    Great photos! Love those Mosin Nagant 91/30s. What did the old Great Patriotic War veterans prefer, Tula or Izhevsk rifles?

  29. Rob says:

    Hmm, on some of the comments I’ve read here.

    1. Zagradotryads existed to stop – not kill – retreating soldiers. Prikaz 227 with it’s motto “Ni shagoo nazad” was exactly that. It didn’t literally mean anybody who took a step back was going to be shot! What it did mean was that the Soviets weren’t going to retreat anymore. They were going to stand, and they were going to fight.

    2. ALL Soviet soldiers had weapons – even Opolochenye Battalions. There were shortages during the Winter War, but not by the time of Operation Iskra. (of which this reckonstuktion is of)

    3. There are NKVD Internal Troops in the photo set (I doubt many of the ‘experts’ here could spot them though) – it was a huge organisation with many different duties. Did some members of the NKVD carry out atrocities? Of course. Nobody would deny the purges, or Katyn, or the Caucasian deportations. Were they all murderers to a man? No. Many NKVD Divisions (such as the 1st Division at Leningrad) fought with great courage and played an instrumental part in defending cities such as Moscow, Stalingrad, and Leningrad.

    4. The majority of the reconstrutors in the photos have served (are serving) their time in the Soviet/Russian military, and many have been to such lovely, lovely places such as Afganistan and Chechnya. I know some of them very well. Certantly better than some of the posters here.

  30. peeerkl says:

    Spot on! …

    Two mass murdering regimes against each other.

    Its sad that USSR/Russia have not gone trough a similar process than germany. They should establish “truth commisions” or something .. Otherwise the common russian will never understand the pain and suffering what the murderous regime of theirs caused in central and eastern europe …

  31. estonian says:

    My old uncle was in WW2 at USSR side and my grandfather was in Finnish army. They both survived and telled me true stories what u gant polive !! My old uncle sad that half of USSR solders didnt had a gun, he had old rifle and 5 bullets :)
    My grandfather sad me that every solder had gun and lots of ammo, i have even saw hes Kone :)
    Reds so sucked at war, if the Americans woudnt help them, Germans would beat them. Finnish had always chanse to attack Murmanski and but the USSR surender, but they didnt becose Hitler would get to strong then.
    Stalin was same bad as Hitler

    • Alex says:

      My grandfather, who fought in the red army, do not spoke about lack of weapons. And yet, on the Eastern front were destroyed 75-80% of the potential of Nazi Germany. Thus, the Americans had, maybe about 5%.

  32. george says:

    You’re a fool

  33. paddyspoint says:

    are those airsoft rifles?

    • Rob says:

      The weapons are all real, but they have had two steel pins welded inside the barrels so that they conform to Russian law.

      Firearm laws in Russia are incredibly strict.

  34. vesey says:

    i have noticed that from a lot of these comments that the war really has not ended because the the hateful speech has not ended. very sad…………….

  35. tripacer says:

    The Mossin 91/30s’ are suposed to have the bayonets affixed as per Russian military protical. Amazing pictures though.

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  37. If you keep the info pouring in you will have tons more viewers coming to see what you have to write, thanks.

  38. people why you make your self angry in reality they are russian people I think. They are just pretending being angry is not going to help just enjoy there parade or whatever they doing. I like it and I am not angry be happy and enjoy their photograph.

  39. Nobody needs weapons first it is not important. secondly Our country will not give none of our weapon to you. Last but not least we can’t is not like we don’t want to is because we preserve our weapon and we don’t want to risk our country life of the citizen. So please everyone stop asking about the civil war weapon.

  40. UPMUSIC says:

    This was a great story

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