52 A Winter Helicopter

A Winter Helicopter

Posted on January 27, 2008 by

helicopter at winter in Russia 1

Dwellers of this small city were shocked at one winter morning when they found out such an installation at their street. Take a look.

helicopter at winter in Russia 2

helicopter at winter in Russia 3

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52 Responses to “A Winter Helicopter”

  1. mxi339z says:

    Wow Big toy

  2. R3v3r3nd says:

    Most. Awesome. Statue. Ever.

    You can’t beat a Hind.

  3. ivan says:

    first, biatches!

  4. Sarah 3000 says:


  5. beavis says:

    nice. i wonder if it will fall down or smth

  6. Wes says:

    Wow, that’s a Mil Mi-24 Hind..

  7. and says:

    I am so first, PHOTOSHOP

  8. Greg says:

    First!! Is it a real chopper or some balsawood imitation?

  9. Ikke says:



  10. agasdfa says:


  11. azharif says:

    what’s the installation for?

    oh… first!!!! :)

  12. talking beaver says:

    Achtung !

  13. Marfark says:

    I wonder how long it’ll take for an Afghan to shoot it down.

  14. Enigo Montoya says:


  15. Vlad the great says:


  16. Bishop Brennan says:


  17. mxi339z says:


  18. YonBrover says:

    Hi, everybody! This helicopter was installed in Lyubertsy town near Moscow. I live near it. The name of this street is “Voinov-Internatsionalistov”. It means that this street is called so for memory of Soviet soldiers which took part in Afghanistan war in 1979-1989. I saw how this helicopter was installed. First they closed road movement down this street. Then they tried to install this helicopter onto this stella but they failed. This helicopter was standing some days near this stella and children were crambling on it. Then they installed it successfully. It’s strange that this helicopter is flying down, not up. It looks like the helicopter is going to fall down.

  19. Texas1 says:

    I’m look for Afghani husband

  20. durkadurkastan says:

    I want one in my town!!!

  21. heavyboots says:

    LAST! (Well, for now.)

    I like the international caution sign for “Step between the spikes not on them” in the first picture. :)

    And that would indeed be a cool art installation to have in your town.

  22. Vlad says:

    Is this supposed to ‘Art’?

    Or is this Gunship simply a film ‘prop’?

  23. John from Kansas says:

    Nice landing.

  24. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  25. nekke says:


  26. turtle squirt says:

    First to post last!

  27. illlich says:

    Drunken pilot landed there in the middle of the night. . .

    . . . or maybe Russian Technical school students playing pranks like MIT and CalTech.

  28. D says:

    What is the prize for being first?

  29. Ivan Turdson says:

    What’s unusual in these pics? There so many military stuff are scattered all over the Russia. Such helicopter is exists in my own city, and pair of MIG-15, and some of T-34 tanks, and even a police BRDM-1. It’s very common in Russia, and there’s absolutely nothing to care about.

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