57 A Bridge with Surprise

A Bridge with Surprise

Posted on January 18, 2008 by

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 1

A new bridge has been opened a few days ago in Moscow. It was officially named “The Picturesque Bridge” for its like some visual qualities. So some young people decided to visit it and make some photos at night when its “picturesque” lights are on. When they arrived and started making some photos they have discovered some shocking facts – a lot of pieces of bridge fasteners were missing!
And it was not a bridge under construction – it was officially opened and thousands of cars pass over it everyday. Here are some of their photos:

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 2

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 3

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 4

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 5

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 6

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 7

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 8

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 9

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 10

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 11

Bridge in Moscow, Russia 12

via blackskif and vadimvelikii

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57 Responses to “A Bridge with Surprise”

  1. Pavel says:


  2. Pavel says:

    Omg…that can’t be good.

  3. boehler_fox says:

    These nuts and Bolts are no structural pieces, the real stressed part is in the housing, the last shot shows the steel cable which takes the whole load. The last picture shows a maintenance port.
    The steel cable runs in the housing for protection against aggressiv environment ( salt , acid rain)
    Just some lazy workers, or a final check, probably a act terrorism :-D but not really dangerous

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      You are correct about the workers, my friend. It was a contractor who used a bunch of lazy Pakistanis workers, or “wacky Pakis” as we call them.

      President Putin should allow more well-trained, refined, knowledgeable and better-looking Persian workers to come to Moscow, especially after he threw all the central-Asian vendors out of the Moscow market.

  4. Marina says:

    Can anyone inform me if it is the Bridge near Serebreniy Bor (M. Octyabrskoe Pole)? I would like to see it when I am in this region.

  5. Alex says:

    wouldn’t wanna drive on this bridge…

  6. Yurich says:

    You have never work in Russia.I saw many bridges in different countries. Believe me, I know what I say, This bridge will live twice more then you

  7. Marina says:

    How could we possibly know that these photographs were taken as the bridge was in use?

    It is sad me that people of new generation believe everything they see and seldom attempt to question what they is presented with.

    • Andi says:

      I think it is sad that people like you are not believing what they are seeing. The question here is: why would someone possibly spend time with gimp or photoshop to alter a picture, just to fool people like Marina??
      Wouldn’t they do s.th. a little more spectacular?

      As for being dangerous… see coment of boehler_fox – he’s absolutely right!

    • z says:

      because of the cars going across? because it was lit? because they let the photographer apprach the site and take such pictures?

      • Marina says:

        This is exactly my point. In pictures where “bolts” are depicted there are no cars. Do you see that?

        This very well demonstrates just how vounarable young generation is to any kind of propaganda. I used to be an editor in the soviet times, and I do know how exactlly propaganda works.

        This are of course just harmless pictures, but will you belive when presented with something more important?

        Do not EVER belive what you read in the newspapers or see on the television. Always question the so-called “facts” that you are presented with, in any country that you might live in.

        • John from Kansas says:

          Wise words.

        • John from Kansas says:

          Hey Beav, youseem pleased that the “Cold War is back”. Are you?

          • talking beaver says:

            Hello, John!

            I am not happy, because it is a pity that after the fall of the Berlin Wall and all the democratic liberation movements, we find ourselves standing pretty much where we were, facing the same old enemies re-emerge, because they actually never were completely defeated and the lessons were not learned.

            So, I am afraid, we have made just another circle in the great spiral of history…

    • fooled says:

      damn, too bad i already alerted the UN. these damned photoshoppers fool me every time! all i do is write warning letter to bureaucrats, only to find out it was a prank!

      why do i ever stop wanking, the world is a dark place…

    • Konstantin says:

      I live near that bridge. I can confirm: some bolts on the metal covers are absent. :)

  8. GrapeApe says:

    It’s clear to see in the pictures that the nuts have been removed after it was completed and painted. You can tell by the missing paint near the bolts.

  9. StefanM says:

    Nice to see all the new buildings. Moscow must be full of construction sites, but is this representative for the rest of russia?

  10. Dmitry Medvedev says:

    Today, I proudly announce sale of new russia secret weapon on Amazon.com.


  11. Mr. Twister Former Minister says:

    We had a bridge like that up in Minneapolis Minnesota!

  12. energyFight says:

    Oooohhh, pleeeese !!!!!!!

    Those missing parts of for covers, nothing structual…

    Do people realy think 8 bolts areholding each spoke?
    I see far worse here in New York City.

    Everything is falling apart in America and some dreamers try to dig fairy tales about Russia hoping that it will cover up Americans cracks and faults…

  13. PumaElBusta says:

    Andrej, Pavel, be vagytok ti b@szval? :D

  14. John from Kansas says:


  15. John from Kansas says:


  16. John from Kansas says:

  17. Texas1 says:

    No, I mean that I did write that love the USA and that Dallas-Fort Worth is well maintained.

  18. kalhotek says:

    omg. nice fotos. the bridge can be litle dangerous

  19. John from Kansas says:

    Hey beav, you seem pleased that the “Cold War is back”. Are you?

  20. Brent says:

    yes, that’s the bridge at Serebrenii Bor, near M. Okt. Pole.

  21. jstyle says:

    In Soviet Russia, bridge crosses YOU!

  22. enrichco says:

    it’s so nice pic. i love it, may i sometime going to thats place

  23. z says:

    sry, that one went to
    talking beaver
    2008-01-19 19:20:13

  24. glvoid says:

    as a daily reminder please do not forget to rad http://www.prophetofdoom.net/ and beware of muslim invasion of your county in general!

    stalin – stalin was a muslim too, you know?!

    • Texas1 says:

      Are you going to remind us about Pros and Igor too?

      • glvoid says:

        no as i am not gay. simply a concerned person. i will however be more consistent from now on with my reminding because ‘muslim andy indi’ had allowed itself to disrespect us: do i look jewish to you??? do you look jewish to yourself? – well there is a way to find out: look at yourself in the mirrow, then using your right hand push your mouth to the right & using your left hand push your nose to the left, if you look relatively similar to original image, you are a jew, and this effective method is the only practical one. sheers now my beloved suchara ebanoje earthling and have a great afternoon;

  25. wake up USA says:

    “America richest country in the world ” ha ha

    more like “America owed by Chinese Goverment ”
    Do you not know that you are up to eyeballs in debt to the chinese ?
    if they foreclosed on all America’s loans the USA would be bankrupt
    your mad leaders have been spending too much money and borrowing from the cash rich countries like China
    ( all those cheap exported goods bring home loads of dollars )

    I love your country but you are being lead by fools

    • Miss South Carolina says:

      Americans, as the worlds richest, strongest, superior to any other country in this world since 1918, with a GDP of $ 13.5 trillion (13 times bigger than poor trash russia) and a controlling stake of World Bank and IMF and WTO, and as superior to you in all respects, have every right to be arrogant towards you useless non americans, poor trash europeans, one dollar hoe from russia and asia.

      Whether you like it or not, USA is here to stay pretty and RULE the World!

  26. Angie says:

    I can’t believe this negligence!!

  27. Gritala says:

    It is wonderfull those photos. great

  28. icsbox says:

    The bridge is not open yet, it’s still in betatesting

  29. nasser ferdawzi says:

    Fine photos of a remarkable bridge. Why do they stir up so many hateful comments? You folks who are still fighting the Cold War and continuing the argument about who lives in the best country should find a more suitable forum to vent your anger.

  30. Flood_of_SYNs says:

    In the 7th photo you can see the tail-lights of a vehicle on the bridge.

  31. JonYo says:

    I’m not convinced it was negligence, it looks more like vandalism to me. Notice how all the parts of the bridge shown with screws missing or loose are in easily reachable places for anyone on foot, as opposed to under it, high up in the central arch, etc.

  32. bernie says:

    The bolts are rusty. they should be galvanised. If the construction company has no Quality control on these parts, then they’ve got no quality control on the others.

    yes this IS somthing to worry about.

    Cutting costs on bolts, what else have they cut corners on?

  33. Vitos says:

    russian extreme

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  35. Funny says:


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