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Not Too Sterile

Posted on January 17, 2008 by

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 1

Before seeing those photos I thought that condom production is a pretty delicate process and requires a high level of sterility. Looking at this production line from Ukraine it seems that at least in Eastern Europe it’s not more than a myth. Workers touch them with their hands, put in some device reminding the washing machine with a water inside looking like it wasn’t drained from there for some time for sure and then storing them in some big bags. I wonder if all the rest same factories use same methods, I bet all the production comes to Western world from outsourced factories in Asia, and there in Asia they might do even more not-so-sterile things with this gentle products…

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 2

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 3

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 4

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 5

condom production line in Ukraine, Russia 6

via gikia

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56 Responses to “Not Too Sterile”

  1. kapapoom says:


  2. eu says:

    Ai mimadriña, que son o primeiro.

    E mira que falaban dos condóns…

  3. the_great_below says:

    Yep, just another day on ER

  4. Well says:

    Above the pic with the polish text there’s another one that says Line No. 1 in Ukrainian so overall it’s quite plausible this is happening in Ukraine.

  5. pkg says:

    maybe the machine is from Poland? — look at the picture above that one

  6. 3K says:

    Yep, but on photo above you see “Лінія №1″ and “Лінія №2″ – it’s undoubtedly ukrainian.

    • Bert says:

      Could be Belorussian too.

      The thing I noticed was that they were using washing machines with holes in the drum, not unlike a cheese grater. Yikes.

  7. z says:

    how do you know that? the machines may have originated from poland, but there are some signs with cyrillic letters on their upper left corners

  8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Maybe it is in the west of Ukraine, where the Polish used to rule and where many of the girls have the nice Polish features, including the long sexy legs, skin like the smooth camel milk, intelligent eyes like the desert fox, and tall head.

    Try to be more open-minded.

    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

      Hello dear friend. Please follow the link below, and you will see the subtitle “Western Ukraine Under Polish Rule,” and you will find more about that subject in the article. You may find it very informative and enlightening. Of course, if you don’t believe this, there are many other sources you may find if you are able to make effective use of a technology commonly referred to as a “search” function on internet.


      As for the wife . . . which one? I will send her to the public square for a stoning. Also, you better not have touched any of the disco classics in my music collection. If you did, I will also take you to the square and give you the punishment for theft–hand on block, followed by the choppy choppy!!

      You will not look so cool trying to do the disco hand spin on the dance floor if your hand has been removed and you are trying to spin on a stump, or a “nub.”

      Yours in historical accuracy,
      M. Ahmadinejad

  9. rogatek says:

    photos can be from several countries

    and remember, some people still thinks that Poland is in Rusia o.O

    • Mathouse says:

      ” some people still thinks that Poland is in Rusia o.O ”

      omg… it cannot be the truth.

      • rogatek says:

        some of US men for example…
        or when i was in UK last year i was talking to an English woman, and she thought tha Poland is somewhere betweent Germany and France, so everythig’s possible :]

        • Mathouse says:

          Rogatek, akurat brytyjczycy i amerykanie za bardzo nie maja pojecia o geografii :P szczegolnie dla amerykanow ich kraj to srodek swiata a reszta to wasale :) pozdro

          • rogatek says:

            wiem, przekonalam sie o tym na wlasnej skorze, ale mimo iz prawie 20 lat minelo, dalej nosimy pietno komunistycznego panstwa

            pozdrawiam :)

  10. 123 says:

    would’ve been nice to know, which brand this is

  11. Texas1 says:

    My favourite condoms !

  12. Lw says:

    We don’t have these in Poland, so it’s not our product. I hope so?:)

  13. wackyruss says:

    You are all wrong.

    The photos are most obviously taken in the Ukraine. Why? The Cyrillic text signs are taped as if by hand! The Polish warning sign is permanently on the machine and came with it.

    If this was in Poland, then why would someone tape up a sign in Cyrillic letters? No one would be able to read it!

    The washing machines are most obviously FROM Poland and are being used IN the Ukraine! Duh!

    A lot of warning labels on appliances are in different languages because they come from different countries…

  14. AmericanMan says:

    Those are all very small.

    They would never work in America.

    Maybe send them to Korea or China or France.

  15. Tom says:

    Those are all size small, right?


  16. onitake says:

    can someone please fix the captchas? there are enough free tools for automatic generation.
    the comment spam is a bit annoying.

  17. Radom says:

    They can be produce in Ukraina and import to Poland. So Probably the machines are polish (sign “Uwaga wysoka temp.” ) but it’s in Ukraina (“handmade” sign Line no.1 &Line no. 2).
    If there were Ukrainian workers the labels still wil be in Polish.

    In Produkcja->Cerrtyficaty (Production->Certificat) they say
    “certyfikowany przez norweską Det Norske Veritas. Prezerwatywy Perfekt spełniają wszystkie wymagania i zalecenia międzynarodowych norm: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 4074:2002 oraz Dyrektywy 93/42 Rady EWG.”

    Certified by Norway Det Norske Veritas, …. , they have ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 4074:2002 norms and 93/42 Rady EU Directive.

    They also say thad factoryu is in special economy zone (so probably in Poland) But they don’t say what zone. If anyone interested I can bay those condoms and sey where this factory is.

    • josh says:

      hey, thanks, i didn’t notice that. They actually have the certificates posted right on the website. And it’s in “Jakosc” or “Quality” menu :)

      So it looks like it’s a Polish company with a factory in Nowojaworiwsk Ukraine.
      I’m actually beginning to think those pix where the guy is touching the rubber is the quality control section. I can’t believe that somebody would touch every single condom when so much of the rest of the process is automated.
      Also from that link from hrvatia it doesn’t look terrible. Maybe the description gives a better idea.

      • 123 says:

        Ahh, I’ve noticed this brand while I’ve been to Ukraine for one year. Didn’t know em, so I didn’t use em :)

        I went instead with some german brand from saxonia (a brand that I’ve never seen before, though I’m from Germany ^^). They were better than the ones sold here, especially the ribbed AND dotted ones. Red paper packaging (flat, not box-form), if anyone tends to be in Ukraine in need of condoms :)

  18. Radom says:

    My information where form polish site josh from .eu

    Here http://www.perfekt-trading.eu/grafika/p-04b.jpg ypou can see whole machine from fourth pic. It’say that condoms are powder and dryed there

  19. Randy Shackleford says:

    This is your typical eastern european condom recycling facility much like the Chi-coms operate in Shanghai where used condoms are filtered out at the sewage treatment plant and then cleaned and dried and repackaged. Most are then shipped to places like Amsterdam and San Francisco where they have free condom distribution programs for vagabonds but many end up on the world market under various brand names and even sell for high prices. In any event these photos are here as part of Putins plan to increase the population of Russia by discouraging the usage of condoms and really if your girlfriend sees these pictures she will not let you near her with one of those things.

  20. krefik says:

    As far as I see it’s production in Ukraine on Polish mashines…
    But, I saw Trojan condom production few weeks in past on Discovery or sth and production lines was quite similiar. ;-)
    In process so delicate as fabricating 0,01mm thick rubber nimble human hands are indispensable ;-)

  21. Ari The Finn says:

    Oh yeah, the very MOST important point here is where were these friggin’ pics taken…

    • josh says:

      Not really, it’s just fun research that. More important would be to know that nobody’s friggin’ touching my rubbers before i nastify them.

  22. hahah says:

    it’s absolutly photshoped

  23. Mathouse says:

    On third photo you can see inscription writed in Russian alphabet. Mayby the washing machine is from poland ?

  24. Mike V says:

    Condoms are not sterile when they are being manufactured.

    They get touched by hands and the machines etc are not sterile.

    However the condoms get sterilised right at the end of the process just before they get put in the wrappers.

    I’ve seen it on the cable TV show “How is it made.”

  25. USMale says:

    What I don’t understand is why they are so small?

  26. Logical says:

    The first two pictures aren’t pretty, but they aren’t unsanitary. You don’t see anything but excess latex slapped around, and that’s what the condoms are made of.

    The washing machine pictures confuse me, I have no idea what’s going on here, and I can’t believe Randy Shackleford’s explanation that they are recycling condoms. I will say, they don’t HAVE to be from the same factory as the first photos, you know.

    The shot where the man is handling the condom by hand is probably some sort of testing process, plainly not ever condom is going to be handled by humans, it would change the time spent making them from seconds to tens of minutes at least. Any factory has quality checks, and this is probably what this is.

    • Kibje says:

      The tumble-dryer first makes sure the condums are saturated then drains away the fluid and powders the outside of them. Again, this was shown in the series “How it’s made”

  27. 8039 says:


    1. This is perfekt, a Polish brand
    2. This is the same precess as everywhere, look at asia and see how they pile up all the condoms and have people take em out by hand,

  28. blndal says:

    huj ci w dupe skurwysynu to tylko u ruskich takie produkcje – ssij mi jaja

  29. Utubeit says:

    The rinse water is a chemical bath to treat the rubber. Its the same process in the united states. Check it out on Utube.

  30. Dimo Stoianov says:

    In fact all condom factories are using same process,
    but MOST of them are treating already PACKED condoms in special MICROWAVE or GAMMA RAY ovens (This kills every single virus or bacteria)

  31. behnam says:

    Dear Sir
    I’m a business man who lives in Iran. I saw your website and need condom machine line. Please give me some more information about your machines and condom line.
    It’s my pleasure to have your machine prices too.
    Sincerely yours

  32. adhd says:

    well ONE sticker on a removable door on the wahing machine is in Polish but everything else is written in commie so its in ukraine or russia

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  34. iamildumil says:

    ok, but what’s with the hundred dollar bill inside of the cd jewel case, in the last two photos?

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  36. AlexP says:

    Appears to be polish instead of Russian. Nevertheless, those are some interesting pics. Thanks for sharing :)

  37. scott says:

    the condoms can not be sterilized after they are rolled up

  38. josh says:

    Sorry, I messed up the formatting. This is what it’s supposed to say:

    I’m afraid, it’s a polish company. Just look here: http://www.perfekt-trading.eu/ and
    However, it says in “Produkcja” section (first link) that they have a quality control and research lab certified by “Państwowe Centrum Standaryzacji Metrologii i Certyfikacji we Lwowie”, something like “National Center for Meteorological Stanards and Certification in Lvov”. It doesn’t say if the actual lab is in Lvov.

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