Russian river ferry that moves ships! 1

88 From River to River

From River to River

We had already a Russian on-ground ferry that helps some passenger cars to pass the hardest parts of Russian roads. This is also an on-ground ferry but for some completely different purpose. It helps the big river boats to
cross the big dam on their way by... putting the big river boat on some sort of a train and transfer it a few miles on ground. Look down for the pictures, personally I was fascinated with such an approach!
Russian guy on vacation 1

58 An Exotic Vacation

An Exotic Vacation

Some guy sent us the photos of his friend coming to some exotic
place for vacation. It seems he had there a lot of fun.
Russian Cathedral Was Blown Up 1

87 Biggest Russian Cathedrawl Blow-Up

Biggest Russian Cathedrawl Blow-Up

The church on the picture above was the biggest cathedral in Moscow and in all Russia in 19th century. It's construction took fifty years to be fully completed. Then the communists came. They had a holy war against all
the religions in Russia so they blew up thousands of small and big churches. In 1931 the order was issued to destroy this pearl of Russian architecture too. It took only a few hours to destroy it.
Russian Taxi cars 1

52 Russian Taxis

Russian Taxis

Some photos from the life
of Russian taxi cabs...
Dusty Russian Office 1

42 A Dusty Office

A Dusty Office

This is what happens in the office when they want to
renovate and let people work at the same time, but why?
Russian Pyramids 1

55 Russian Pyramids

Russian Pyramids

We have received a few reports lately about Russian people from different parts of Russia building many feet tall pyramid like structures. We don't know exact reasons for the to do this, but some of them say they believe in unknown powers that can be drawn down to the Earth with the help of pyramids,
giving supernatural powers to the owners of the pyramids like the ideal health or even immortality, at least this is what they say themselves. Here we have photos and videos from the three of different pyramid sights in modern Russia. All the structures are around hundred feet tall!
Strange structure in Russian forest 1
137 Yet Another Weird Structure Deep in Russian Forest

Yet Another Weird Structure Deep in Russian Forest

  Yet another strange structure shot by
some Russian guy in the forests of Russia.

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