russian art 1

28 A Cyber Sculptor

A Cyber Sculptor

This sculptor's name is Andrei Severinko from Ukraine. He finds the parts for his works on different
dumps, then bring them home and create those cyber-creatures. Some of them are really creepy.
russian bears 1

47 Kamchatka Bears

Kamchatka Bears

Some people say bears wander around the Russian cities begging for food, especially during winter. Of course that's not
true, bears don't walk in the cities, but in some Russian areas one can wander around and don't touch people.
ukraine ufo nut 1

21 Giant Nuts Strike Ukraine

Giant Nuts Strike Ukraine

In the previous article there were some concerns about the authenticity of the object hit the ground in Soviet Siberia, here with no
doubt we can say that it is staged, but what does it symbolize? Giant nut attacked Ukraine? Or just Ukraine went nuts?
secret kgb ufo files 1

57 KGB Ufo Files

KGB Ufo Files

Some people say that these are real KGB files that are declassified and published recently.
Some say it's fake. Decide for yourself. See pictures and videos below.
Russian wooden pc mod 1

68 Russian Wooden PC

Russian Wooden PC

If you live in Russia you can get a wooden PC. Instead of all this boring plastic panels you get a masterpiece
made of finest mahogany with each smallest detail precisely curved and polished. How do you like it?
20 russian girls in oka car 1

44 Too Much Girls for a Car

Too Much Girls for a Car

This is OKA, the smallest Russian car. What do you think, how much Russian girls can fit
inside? Three? Five? Maybe ten? The answer is below and it's far more than ten:
blond girl and gas station 1

35 Blond vs Gas Station

Blond vs Gas Station

This blond is now a hostage of the gas station workers. She hit the gas pump with
her car and tried to escape out of there but the workers didn't let her go.
truck without a wheel in Russia 1

51 Another Truck Without a Wheel

Another Truck Without a Wheel

So yet another one. Now in Ukraine. Is it getting like cool among truckers to drive without one wheel in some parts
of Russia? Like, you know, "I am so tough so I can go without one wheel, don't even try to mess with me?"
Soviet storefronts 1

50 The Soviet Storefronts

The Soviet Storefronts

In Soviet times there were no privately owned shops. All the outlets belonged to the state and were managed according the general trading rules from the Federal center. You could meet
absolutely same design of two shops in two totally different cities. Storefronts were often also identical. Like these ones on those photos, back from the Soviet times:
flooded parking in Russia 1

44 Flooded Parking

Flooded Parking

Bad luck again - tens of cars that were parked at a paid parking
spot got underwater this weekend in one of the Russian cities.

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