109 The Road Bolt

The Road Bolt

Posted on December 30, 2007 by

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 1

This car from Latvia was hit by the piece of metal from the car ahead. The car was moving with high speed and this bolt came all the way through this BMW. It smashed the windshield come through all the car inner space, scratched the drivers seat and came out from the rear window. The most cool thing that the driver was not touched by it.

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 2

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 3

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 4

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 5

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 6

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 7

car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 8

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109 Responses to “The Road Bolt”

  1. Texas1 says:

    Praise Jesus!

  2. Alkulukujapaskovakarhu says:

    Damn that’s one lucky driver! I can only guess where such part could come off, but that sure would’ve been a leathal hit. On Mythbusters (excellent tv-series, check it out) they tested if a blowing tire can send deadly schrapnel through the air and the answer is YES. Better not tailgate those trucks.

  3. Boris Abramov says:

    I don’t think its any kind of bolt. Probabaly just some racist or anti-Semitic attack by the far right extremists which thrive under current Latvian nazi government policies. You would be surprised what these SS monsters are capable of. Why cannot we all live and love one another?

  4. Ouch, that could have been real bad.

    A friend of mine hit a pigeon at around 80mph. The pigeon bits totally filled his car. Every inch of it was covered in something pigeon related…almost like a pigeon bomb had gone off inside the car. Was nasty. Pigeon did not survive ;-)

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    It’s good that europeans aren’t overweight. Imagine this happening in America to an average fat sepp? Oh the horror.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Funny, but nevertheless Fake!

      • Elena says:

        Hello Boris. I have come on a site and have seen your structure, I have thought, that can you unique, unique which I so long searched? Boris, you have liked me as the man. I read your structure and my heart have started to fight in a fast rhythm. Give me the New Year’s gift in the form of your response. I shall hope, that you respond here to me and will make this my New year even more a holiday! I very much worry, whether I do not know I shall like you, but I very much hope that you will read.

        I congratulate happy New Year! I wish all the best in New Year! I wish that all your dreams were executed!

        • Pros says:

          Do you love anal sex Elena ? I wish you more sex in new year !

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Wow, I am blushing.

          Those are very king words Elena. How come I didn’t notice a nice girl like you before on this site? Did you comment on here before?

          PS: You have a very nice name :)

          • Elena says:

            Hello Boris!

            To me it is very pleasant, that you have answered my message. I very much wish to communicate with you, you have liked me also I hope that you will understand me, I can write to you only on January, 3rd. To that in my country there comes the mostlight and kind holiday – New Year! And the Internet-cafe will be closed also I cannot write to you. In this connection a wonderful holiday, I wish you Boris to congratulate happy New Year and to wish you all best in following year, all light and kind that all your desires have come true! As soon as the cafe will open I at once I shall write to you. I hope, you will not leave me also we can continue dialogue after holidays. To in total you good!

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Nice to meet you Elena. I wish you happy New Year and lots of happiness. Do you like anal?

  6. Zafarad says:

    He might be pose with you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  7. adagio1723 says:

    photoshopped, and its not latvia its ukrane

  8. John says:

    Look almost like a compressor blade from a turbine engine.

  9. Texas1 says:


    I’m not sure but this might be one of those Internet brides.

  10. Richard S. says:

    I note on the beamer that the logo is different. Note the hood and boot flat ornament…

  11. Texas1 says:


  12. Bangalore says:

    I think the bolt that they refer to is a broken leaf spring of some big vehicle. and ithink it is impossible for it to hit a car whatsoever from the road.

  13. Zafarad says:

    Same to you,dear texas1.but i would say,no if no butt only smile and be happy.i think you know “better” about true Russian Psyche and attitude.

    • Texas1 says:

      Of course, I do!!!! Hey, where are your exclamation marks and periods??? Is this the real Zafarad or an impostor???

      • Texas1 says:

        I don’t know. His writing style has been completely chaotic these last couple days. Perhaps, he has been doing some excess drinking. He said he is a shaman, maybe he’s been hitting that pipe too.

  14. illiterate Mexican says:

    We don’t need no stinking laws! Houston belong to us now, gringa! We will knock down the big statue of Sam Houston soon, and drag him through the streets.

    P.S.- Someone typed this for me, since I am illiterate.

  15. Greg says:

    Wow what a lucky guy that he was not hurt. I think last year something like this happened here in the USA however the passenger was not so lucky and was killed.

  16. Texas1 says:

    I think Elena is looking for a wholesome, russian-style mail order romance and marriage.

  17. Pros says:

    Yeas Boris i don’t wanna miss my best gay porn actor on PornTube

  18. Richard S. says:


    Does Elena know about the Polish lady you boast about and are dating?

  19. Indian by nature says:

    happy new year

  20. Texas1 says:

    Well, I’m ready to marry a russian. :)

  21. drunkrussia says:

    The Shrapnel is flying better than russki aeroplane and even faster. The car is a fake.

  22. Texas1 says:

    I didn’t write this and I have never been gay!

  23. noisex says:

    It happend almost two years ago..in latvia, no russia or ukrain ;). That guy is my friend and it’s not photpshoped

    here is original story (latvian): http://www.bmwpower.lv/viewtopic.php?topic=5760&forum=67

    • talking beaver says:

      Actually, the guys writes that the piece of steel hit him in a forehead but, luckily, he managed to duck in time. He was bleeding and called for ambulance and police.

  24. fleima says:

    me neither

  25. talking beaver says:

    Actually the guys writes that the piece of steel hit him in a forehead but, luckily, he managed to duck in time. He was bleeding and called for ambulance and police.

  26. talking beaver says:

    “On weekends he liked to dress up in women’s clothing, and not drub clothing, either. Harry and his wife would pull down the window blinds, and Harry would turn into a bird of paradise”

    Kurt Vonnegut
    “Breakfast of Champions”

  27. talking beaver says:

    fake, by the way.

  28. FPM says:

    I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now i am a world class magician !

  29. John from Kansas says:


  30. John from Kansas says:

    Only if this thing is fixed.

  31. Astar Sheran says:

    I agree

  32. Boris Abramov says:

    Is it really wrong to make hot love?

  33. John from Kansas says:

    Except for the driver of the BMW.

  34. John from Kansas says:

    See below.(test)

  35. John from Kansas says:

    Third test.

  36. Spiff says:

    God sent that shrapnel through the window because he does not like fake BMW M5’s

  37. Texas1 says:

    I think that EnglishRussia died.

  38. Shizo says:

    Do you know what means “zapoi”? Don’t worry. Don’t expect anything to work at least 1 week after New Year. It’s quite possible that the webmaster is passed out drunk somewhere, just like the rest of the population of the 1/6 of the Earth’s surface. It’s a long-standing tradition..

  39. John from Kansas says:

    I propose a drink to English Russia.

  40. John from Kansas says:

    Party pooper.

  41. texas1 says:

    The web master died from AIDS.

  42. Trucky says:

    This site may show typical American (republican) OBSENITY and VULGARITY, Parental Guidance is advised

    • Turkey says:

      Nowadays one has the luxury of booking a guaranteed russian-free vacation to Turkey. Why ? Not because they hate russians. No. But because russians on vacations are so incredibly uncivilized, so disrespectful, loud and rude that they are not fun to have around. Like a bunch of peasants.

    • Turkey says:

      Frank Lloyd Wright
      James Arlington Wright
      Joseph Wright
      Orville Wright

      or Mary Kathryn Wright?

  43. Vegemite says:

    Right. AIDS. The respiratory form of it. The one you get by smelling Pro’s socks.

  44. John from Kansas says:


  45. Texas1 says:

    But FAO would throw a fit and cry.

  46. Texas1 says:

    But FAO would throw a fit and cry. I’m not sure if I can handle a grown man crying, even if he is gay!!!

  47. Zafarad says:

    I am the real one,guy.no one can copy my style! ! ! ! ! !.”chaos,panic and disorder,my work here is done”

  48. Texas1 says:

    You don’t use the right number of exclamation marks to be the real Zafarad!!!!!

  49. chicken says:

    Cars are such a load of rubbish, this should happen to them more often.

  50. Richard S. says:

    What no more posts? Where is the webmaster?

  51. Boroja says:

    Igor still drunk ? ITS 7 DAYS PAST NEW YEAR YOU HAD TO SOBER AT LEAST A BIT TO WRITE A NEW POST ? Or are you celebrating christmass ?

  52. Pros says:

    New post come tomorrow

  53. Richard S. says:

    We need a new webmaster. I nominate Boris Abramov…

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