16 Random Moscow Fire

Random Moscow Fire

Posted on December 26, 2007 by

fire in moscow 1

Last night there was a fire at some random place in Moscow. What’s really strange is that there are no any firefighter squads and the fire looks like not just began, but there are only some walkers-by around.

fire in moscow 2

fire in moscow 3


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16 Responses to “Random Moscow Fire”

  1. Hans Frans says:

    Ah-oh, i forgot to put out wiener roast!

  2. maxD says:

    It appears to be under construction still.

    • Carol Lynn says:

      The building was either still under construction or just being refurbished. Either way, you can see the scaffolding all around it. It’s amazing that no one tried to put out the blaze. What a shame.

  3. agunismorefun says:


  4. Fat Russian Pimp says:

    What? That is how Russia always looks. Still under construction..

  5. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  6. Al Gore says:

    Thank you for posting evidence of how global warming has a negative effect on property values.

  7. Swede says:

    On the contrary. That property location looked hot.

  8. percy mcpercy face says:


  9. Pros says:

    Nice candle-light

  10. pato says:

    i am from england and worked in russia for the last 6 years.i found it a great place to be!

  11. Aja Greely says:

    excellent information thanks for writing, hope you had a good new year.

  12. Isabelle says:

    This is a nice web site. Good fresh interface and nice informative blogs. I will be coming back soon, thanks for the great blog.

  13. Komrades, the only way to see Russia is to go there. I don’t know who runs this site, I find it and the comments fascinating, but there is definitely a hint of anti-russia or anti-russian government sentiment at work here. Most things shown are of things falling apart, slowly rusting away, or people behaving in an unusual or anti-social way. Don’t assume this is all of Russia, a country beset with problems, but you can’t grasp those problems from here.

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