16 Christmas Dolgoruki

Christmas Dolgoruki

Posted on December 24, 2007 by

dolgoruki dressed like santa 1

So it’s Christmas today and some people didn’t forget to dress Count Dolgoruki, the legendary Russian hero the founder of Moscow city into Santa. Some say it’s a bad idea but at least he looks more holiday in a Santa suit.

dolgoruki dressed like santa 2

dolgoruki dressed like santa 3

dolgoruki dressed like santa 4

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16 Responses to “Christmas Dolgoruki”

  1. Vegemite says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. Jes says:

    Merry Yuletide!

  3. Visitor says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone, and thanks for the Christmas photos. Post more! :)

    Gorgeous tree and decorations. Look at the size of it! I think Texas and Russia may have more in common, in a psychological context, than either wants to admit. :)

  4. John from Kansas says:

    Peace on Earth.

  5. Rudolph says:

    Christmas is certainly a big event in the west, but it was my understanding that the New Year, and the coming of Ded Moroz, is a bigger celebration in Russia than Christmas.


    …and I can see why…

    Snegurochka can be quite vexing…

    None-the-less, Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Richard S. says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone and keep “Christ” in Christmas :)

  7. Sturmovik says:

    I’ve never seen this place so merry. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy Festivus for the Restivus!

  8. Sergei says:

    Maybe a charismas string bikini would work even better.

  9. Feelov says:

    It’s not Santa!
    It’s “Ded Moroz”!

  10. Rodriguez_66_rus says:

    Almost nobody knows at the west who`s the “ded moroz”. Anyway!
    Happy New Year & Merry Christmas!

  11. maxD says:

    Ded moroz rocks !

    Not to mention Snegurochka… sitting right next to me in all her Russian femininity… can not get any better. Russian christmas is coming up !!

  12. talking beaver says:

    … batteries not included ;)

  13. wackyruss says:

    Let us know how Orthodox Christmas was!

    So Ded Moroz and Snegurochka come for New Years eh?

  14. chicken says:

    aw this tree looks good enouigh to eat ! I missed to say merry xmas to all of the people I dont know here !

    So happy new year instead :D

  15. Mamont says:

    какой позор, вырядили князя в шутовской наряд
    варваррство одним словом…вот теперь и америкацы глумяться

  16. Xmas says:

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