45 Russian Oldtimer Truck Goes Hotrod

Russian Oldtimer Truck Goes Hotrod

Posted on December 17, 2007 by

Russian old truck goes hotrod 1

This is GAZ-51, it was one of the most popular trucks during World War 2. Not much of them survived till nowadays, most of the survivors are rusting on some backyards or dumps. But guys from one Russian car design lab have got a dream of reviving one of those legendary WW2 heroes and making a stylish 300hp hotrod truck out of it.

Russian old truck goes hotrod 2

Russian old truck goes hotrod 3

Russian old truck goes hotrod 4

Russian old truck goes hotrod 5

Russian old truck goes hotrod 6

Russian old truck goes hotrod 7

Russian old truck goes hotrod 8

Russian old truck goes hotrod 9

And that’s how it’s gonna look soon.. For sure it would be a hit on the streets of Moscow.

Russian old truck goes hotrod 10


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45 Responses to “Russian Oldtimer Truck Goes Hotrod”

  1. CJ says:

    very cool, would like to see it when it’s done!

  2. dungeonbrownies says:

    this design looks suspiciously similar to some chevy’s ive seen rolling around my city…

  3. Boris says:

    It looks better before.

    • Visitor says:

      I agree. I like the old military/farm version. It has more character.

    • John says:

      LOL, I agree. The new truck looks nice, but it seems a shame to have sacrificed such a good old speciman.

    • oldperson says:

      It’s not really news that Russia lately is missing a lot as far as a sense of taste or class.

    • coquihalla1 says:

      I have to concur with Boris…it looked much better before Russia’s version of Pimp-My-Ride took over.Besides that, the old commies don’t like ‘revisionists’ and may put the keys to the paint job, if it’s parked out on the street.

  4. John from Kansas says:

    That’s going to be a nice truck.

  5. Texas1 says:

    Those dumb Russian engineers forgot to add turn signals, windshield wipers and sun visors. It make4s you wonder what else they forgot!

  6. You could sell a thousand of these in the USA.
    Yes yes I do realize that there are plenty of American trucks out there that will perform. This is a RUSSIAN truck and that is the selling point.
    Owners would have something very rare, almost one of a kind.
    Just cook up a thousand of them and do a one-time only deal.
    Be sure to add lots of Russian badges.

  7. Dave says:

    That is a supercharged Chevy V8, probably out of the Escalade that donated the wheels. It makes over 300 horsepower without a supercharger, so it’s fair to say this one probably tops 500.

  8. Coligny says:

    Wheels looks like the Audi Allroad Quattro wheels (the -not- 3d effect ones)

    Put a red star on the door and a baby seat on the flatbed and i’m in…

  9. g27radio says:

    I would like to see the new truck with a picture of someone standing next to it to get a sense of scale. It reminds me a the Chevy SSR in the US, but I’m sure it must be much bigger than the SSR.

  10. Akash says:

    Hallo my dear comrades… :-]

    About vehicles… what about boats?


    Check out these photos and tell us what’s the story behind these poor girls who are so reckless to sell their bodies that they have to show everything they have, even a high-speed boat… :-D

  11. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  12. b says:

    The last three photos look to be of a model of what the finished thing will look like.

  13. vadikgg says:

    ГАЗ-51 Has been designed during war.
    Its manufacture has begun in 1946.

    The original is pleasant to me more.

  14. Pacific NW says:

    Yeah, the last picture has some gigantic looking gravel.

  15. Texas1 says:

    Most likely, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. photoshop says:

    You daft pillock, the last two are photos.

  17. talking beaver says:

    there is a serious mistake. this car WAS NOT used during WWII. it was mass produced and used for decades after WWII.

    though I guess I might see a reason for this mistake. this GAZ truck looks suspiciously similar to American truck supplied to USSR under land-lease contract. those were Studebecker (how do you spell it?), I guess. you can see them in old photographs, carrying famous Katyusha missile launchers.

    I guess Soviets just did that copycat thing again, as they did always…

    • Jeff DeWitt says:

      Yep, it sure looks like a Russian copy of a Studebaker truck. Studebaker sent thousands of those trucks over there during WWII and the crafty Soviets, knowing a good thing when they saw it copied it.

      If this thing was pulled out of a boneyard then more power to the builder, looks like he is going to have a very cool and unique truck when it’s done.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Are you sure they were not built under a license agreement with Studebaker like the Ural and Li-2?

  18. Pavel says:

    I found a GAZ-69 at a local pick-a-parts in a mexican part of town. I was like wtf is it doing here!!!! I might buy it in the spring. It was in decent shape but not running.

  19. ron says:

    the lend lease trucks were mostly studebakers,and yes that cab is just like one. its nice work,must be arich guy. i hope they honestly like street rods,i dont want to see people just copy things from cable tv shows. it is nice looking though.

  20. Marina says:

    I remember this car very well. As young Knosomol girls we were taken on them for field work. We used to all sit in the back and sing songs while we had to shake for two hours until we reach our destination. It was a memorable experience, but not the which I would like to do again :)

    I certainly now feel old…

  21. Pavel says:

    UAZ-469 in Hungary

  22. Karl says:

    How about making some decent car designs for the main market. The Russian cars have historically ripped their designs off of cars abroad (Fiat for Lada is only one example).

  23. devanagari says:

    имхо песдато получилось. *заделанные* копейки-шестёрки гавно такое. а из газика хот род построить- вещь.

    and to dear amerikkans:
    all those *tuned up ladas* are a product of russian rednecks having a bit too much free time on their hands. you got same people in amerikka. and same lot of bloody awful things.

  24. stmmann says:

    this truck was produced since 1946 to 1975


  25. hao says:

    as a Russian David Blaine, in part due to doing a 48-day fast in a sealed chamber) were posted to EnglishRussia, showing him doing a one-hour immersion in the cold water of a hole in the ice of the Moscow River, [...]

    Reply to this comment

  26. R says:

    That is a sweet rod! We have got a bobby(SP) coming together. Stereo, stroked, bored and interior. It will be bad ass.

  27. raymond says:

    Im proud to see that HOt RODDING made it to rusia Thats one nice looking truck. Im fixing a 87 chevy lowerider and the paint goes on tomarrow morning.Keep the wheels turning boys and girls. REALY nice truck you have there great job, Great look too. could use a 572 big block in it lol.

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