20 Ryazan Sinkhole

Ryazan Sinkhole

Posted on December 16, 2007 by

ryazan sinkhole

Late evening, Ryazan city, Russia. A man was driving his Lada across Ryazan downtown then sudden boom and he finds himself six feet below the road level. And it was a paved road. Later that night they had to implement a crawler power shovel to get him outside.

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20 Responses to “Ryazan Sinkhole”

  1. lithuanian says:


    • psyonic warrior says:

      The denizens of the underworld are angry at mother Russia
      Beware the coming of Ogdrabites from the underground relm of Middle Earth

  2. snuggles says:

    I agree.

  3. serialkiller01 says:

    Basszameg, egyből a Suzukis nő jutott az eszembe, de ez se rossz a maga kategóriájában… :)))

  4. Bijdehans says:

    Sinkholes, such an exotic phenomenon to me, which is weird since I live in the near wettest country on earth: Holland. Maybe they should spend some more money on drainage…

  5. Yegorij says:

    it isn’t Lada

  6. Rodriguez says:

    That`s not Lada. Its someone westeuropean or japanese car.

  7. Groundskeeper Willie says:

    bloody pothales, they dee ma heid in!!!!

  8. sigh says:

    those guys are brave the road might well cracked again.

  9. Fox Newsworthy says:

    That’s not much of a sinkhole.
    THIS is a sinkhole!

  10. Oumnique says:

    I’ve heard of whole 12-storeyed apartment buildings submerging underground in my city, Ufa. It was built on a nasty spot from the geological point of view.

  11. Alfons says:

    It’s a Lada lowrider.

  12. Indian by nature says:

    thats no big deal come to my country i will show more than that

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