42 A Dusty Office

A Dusty Office

Posted on December 4, 2007 by

Dusty Russian Office 1

This is what happens in the office when they want to renovate and let people work at the same time, but why?

Dusty Russian Office 2

Dusty Russian Office 3

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42 Responses to “A Dusty Office”

  1. John says:


  2. Sacha says:


  3. Sacha says:


  4. AngieAreI says:

    FOURTH !

  5. Pacific NW says:

    A couple of garbage bags might have went a long way here.

  6. Bijdehans says:

    Luckily it only contains small amounts of asbestos so nothing to worry about…

  7. fireman sam says:

    That’s not building work – someone has let rip the dry powder fire extinguisher!

    • Smetanka says:

      …and the building still stands.

      Always possible that a hidden undetectable fire was burning somewhere; OSHA and I applaud this man’s safety precautions.

  8. Richard S. says:

    Looks like gyprock dust, where’s the gyprock?

  9. Animal Rights Commando (ARC) says:

    This is the aftermath of a raid conducted by Animal Rights Commandos (ARC), on a camp in the Russian wilderness. Russian hunters are smuggling endangered species and other wild game to China, where animal organs are used for aphrodisiacs, cancer cures, and anal lube paste.

    Look at the second photo, top right corner, and you will see the head of a very rare, elusive wild game species.

    • John from Kansas says:

      You are really thinking of Stephen Cobert.

    • Fat Russian Pimp says:

      No!!!! I describe you this is the ash dust from cigarette that burns in picture 2.

    • anger management counselor says:

      Is it possible that the real source of your anger emanates (that is a “big” word that means “comes from”) from the sexual frustration you felt when you followed Kim’s link, opened the photo, and saw the nice Korean girls . . . and knew you would not be getting any?

      • L'Asian Woman Dating Site says:

        We sorry you did not have good time on the “special tours” you took to Thailand and Cambodia over last few years.

      • Roll Tide says:

        You like “south american” girls? I can hook you up with a good ole girl in Mobile, Alabama. Is that far enough south for you?

        • D says:

          I was talking about South America, you know, the land mass below Mexico. But you can still hook me up with an alabama girl… does she have the southern accent?

    • John from Kansas says:

      That’s almost as embarassing as Reagan jacking off in Bitburg.

    • Jane Fonda says:

      You’re welcome, big boy. Give me a call the next time you’re in “Horrywood.” ;)

  10. dissident says:

    This was our political campaign headquarters for the campaign against Putin in the recent election. The white powder is the residue from weapon used by secret police to make our workers lose consciousness before they were loaded into trucks, driven to airfield, and flown to camp in Siberia.

  11. mad1982 says:

    OMG what that why without any heating؟

  12. Boris says:

    At least the map is updated.

  13. Texas1 says:

    Where is the gay porn video ? Give me a cock !

  14. John from Kansas says:

    Beat it creep, we’ve got to clean up this mess.

  15. glvoid says:

    i am ba ack? did you miss me ? i missed you too!
    i was thinking though, you know motorolla dct … wouldnt it be nice to get its instruction specification and emulate it, emulate it for real so it would even have a serial number, does anyone know where i can get that?

  16. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    This remind me of Lukashenko’s office after big New Year’s coke party. We got drunk and left office to make big joke on Europe–we went to pipeline and turned off energy flow. OMG, what a night.

    • John from Kansas says:

      That must have been some party.

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

        It was, until “D” showed up with his angry young neo-Nazi friends, and scary away all the nice Belorussian girls from party. We finally had to sedate him. Last time I saw “D” he was being dragged by Lukashenko and Kim into back room. Kim had special Chinese anal lube in his hand, and the big smile on his face. I don’t really know what happen, but they say they re-enact part of scene from western gangster movie Pulp Fiction.

  17. Bishop Brennan says:

    Can some one PLEASE think of the children?

  18. D says:

    I have changed my mind. I now onry rike south american men with north korean accent.

  19. awesome says:


  20. I got my pot belly from drinking a lot of beer. now i have to do a lot of Cardio to remove my pot belly.~~;

  21. if you drink too much beer and you sit to much on a couch, you’ll develop the dreaded Pot Belly;,`

  22. pot bellies are hard to remove, you need lots of exercise and diet modification,*-

  23. Bishop Brennan says:

    I think YOUR a Photoshop.

  24. Kim Jong IL says:

    Oh my g*d… What if… We’re ARR photoshop????

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