Russian mini bus 1

29 Russian Mini Bus

Russian Mini Bus

In most of Russian cities this GAZ mini buses are the most common means of people transportation. Millions of them run on the Russian streets carrying people. The GAZ buses are used because they are extremely cheap, new vehicle costs only about $4000 and this cost is covered in two months. Most of the drivers are migrants from the Southern ex-Soviet countries (Azerbajan, Armenia etc) even sometimes without a proper driver's license and they all get the
share of the daily amount they earn with this mini-bus so they often make real races with each other to pickup the passengers from the bus-stops. Russian people realize all the dangers of such transportation and often hate it but there is no really other alternative - only big public buses which you have to wait up to 30 minutes on the bus-stop while those small things come each second minute, so people use it..
Photoshopped Moon Pics 1

103 A Modified Moon Image

A Modified Moon Image

Russian bloggers has downloaded one of the pictures of the Moon landing from the official NASA website and enhanced it with the means of modern photo imaging software. They have
found something that could point on the editing of the image by the primitive methods that were widely used at that time (30 years ago) in many magazines etc.
Strange Russian pipe 1

36 Strange Factory’s Pipe

Strange Factory’s Pipe

Some time ago this factory pipe looked pretty regular - just like on the picture above, but now it looks very
different. They made something that cannot be understood without knowing what for it was made. Look below.
Russian soldiers in Russian winter 1

34 Russian Soldiers at Winter

Russian Soldiers at Winter

Sometimes Russian soldiers have to serve in
severe Russian winter conditions like this.
First Russian Car 1

39 First Russian Car

First Russian Car

Do you have an idea how the first Russian car looked like? No, no it's
not something looking like the vehicle on the picture above?
russian spare part 1

7 A Spare Part

A Spare Part

One Russian guy has submitted us a substitute he made out of plumber pipes for his car
spare part he couldn't find. Made of this shiny plumber pipes it looks even better.
soviet era victims monument 1

96 Soviet Era Victims Museum

Soviet Era Victims Museum

This is a strange monument complex in one of Russian parks. In the center of this complex there are different monuments from the Soviet Era stand, collected from different communist party locations and
around it there is a stone storage for hundreds of stone heads looking from out of the bars at those communist art examples with despair. The Stalin statue by the way is already without a nose.
light photos 1

24 Abandoned Light Bugs

Abandoned Light Bugs

This guys not only make photos of abandoned places and
machinery they try to catch strange light effects upon them.
Russian parking 1

32 Moscow Parking

Moscow Parking

When there are now parking slots available
in Moscow some guys park like this.
Russian bus stop 1

14 Horror Bus Stop

Horror Bus Stop

Sometimes there is a place for horror not only in the abandoned places but even at public bus stops. This is
a regular bus stop with such a piece of horror on top. Sign reads "I was a looser, I took a bus".

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