A strange prize in Russian casino 1

18 The Casino Prize

The Casino Prize

One Moscow casino has a beautiful prize, the so beloved brand new Lada car. But when they come up in the morning they
found that somebody decided not to wait on getting the prize but already has acquired some parts of the Lada.
Strange angle of view on Lenin monuments 1

22 A Different Angle of View on Lenin Monuments

A Different Angle of View on Lenin Monuments

One our visitor is fond of making photos of Lenin monuments which are not rare to meet in Russia. But he doesn't
make the regular photos, no, he makes a photo from one specific angle. He shared with us his collection.
a storm cloud in Moscow 1

47 The Moscow Storm

The Moscow Storm

A few days ago a big storm clouds brought by a strong wind covered Moscow. People don't know what was the reason
for this, nor nothing was in the news. A few people managed to make a photos like this ones of the sky.
Georgia unrest pictures 1

42 Georiga: Photoshopped Special Forces

Georiga: Photoshopped Special Forces

Yesterday there was a lot of buzz in mass media about something going on in Georgia. Russian bloggers couldn't leave this event unnoticed and also made their contribution, though they weren't attracted by the political side of the question rather
than by the strange masks the Georgia policemen wear. So at first they shared those pictures among Russian blogs actively and then first photoshops arrived. These are un-processed images of Georgian special force and their masks:
Moscow Drivers
46 Roads of Moscow

Roads of Moscow

Below there are 29 videos from different road cams on the streets of Moscow. Each short video shows some road accident in Moscow
taped by those security cams, and looking at them it's obvious that most of them happened because of driver's ignorance.
Russian Bus Stop 1

8 Another Bus Stop

Another Bus Stop

People report that this bus stop just suddenly felt down on it's backside under a severe wind
pressure and all the people surrounded it that were waiting for the bus were standing shocked.
Russian Road Assistance 1

20 A Road Assistance

A Road Assistance

Russian road assistance sometimes may look like this when the less fortunate truck driver gets to a trouble. Note that the
steering wheel is from the right side, that's because in Eastern Russia most of the used cars are imported from Japan.
russian car vaz in winter
25 The Winter Has Began

The Winter Has Began

The winter has began. See
the video below:
Russian painted houses 1

49 Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Really strange fashion of painting psychedelic things on the walls of houses deep in Moscow suburbs seems to progress. This one is most impressive - just imagine all those common low-class people leaving inside those houses doing their
everyday things like washing stuff or drinking or eating and watching TV, but now they don't do all this things inside dull gray boxes of concrete but inside something that looks like just stepped out from Japanese animation..
underground rafting in Russia 1

15 The Underground Rafting

The Underground Rafting

When it's freezing cold outside and all the rivers are covered with thick ice some Russian guys prefer underground rafting in the Moscow sewage. Their boats are
equipped with electric headlights so that to find a way in the totally dark dungeons of Moscow sewage, here are some rare photos of this process.

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