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27 Soviet Tank-Planes

Soviet Tank-Planes

It seems strange but in Soviet Russia they had planes with tracks, like tanks. They were pretty actively used in early Soviet
times probably the idea behind them was to build a real tank-plane that could fight both in skies and on the ground.
a tree felt down near the car in Russia 1

17 Not So Bad Luck

Not So Bad Luck

We often see cases of "Bad Luck", we say it when somebody is "in the wrong place in the wrong time", but here is an occasion of a "Good Luck". The guy came out and saw his
car twenty yards away hit with the tree. "Oh no! Bad luck!" was what he thought, but coming a little bit closer revealed to him that it was not so bad luck.
underground tram in Volgograd 1

37 Volgograd Tram

Volgograd Tram

Volgograd is the only city in Russia where trams go underground too. This tram on the pic above is a regular tram like in any other big city, but in Volgograd a big part of tram rails lay under the city. The reasons for
this may be the geographical specialty of the area or probably they wanted to protect the citizens of the cold winters so transfered trams under the ground where it's not that freezing in the winter.
storm in Crimea 1

16 Crimean Storm

Crimean Storm

Yesterday bloggers from Crimea started to write about a big storm happening in their region. They made some photos but some
of them had to leave the houses because of the water coming. You can see on the photo above how furious it was.
soccer (football) in Russia 1

35 Russian Way of Soccer

Russian Way of Soccer

Soccer is very popular in Russia. You know how do they call it in Russian and in all Europe they call it "Football". So they play it even in winter
but in winter it often looks like this yesterday's game of two Russian major teams "Shakhtor" and "Dinamo". It's almost a "snowccer".
Prehistoric Fish in Russia 1

209 A Prehistoric Fish in the Russian Pond

A Prehistoric Fish in the Russian Pond

Look what they have found in Chelyabinsk city. The story is that there was a construction site with a deep foundation ditch. They have touched some underground river in that place so the water in the ditch didn't get away so it stayed there full of water. Then some workers a few months later spotted some movement in this water, they threw some pieces of
their lunch in the trench which caused a big activity inside. They were puzzled who is there? And caught one thing up then in big panic stepped away cause it tried to bite them so they had to kill it with some equipment and here are the remains of it. It was around 5 feet length. Nobody of them got any idea of what's that:
McDonalds in Russia 1

111 First McDonalds Rest in Russia, 20 Years Ago

First McDonalds Rest in Russia, 20 Years Ago

Around 20 years ago McDonalds got a permission from the Communist Party of Soviet Union to open its first rest in Soviet Russia. It was not only the first McDonalds but generally the first fast food place in
Russia ever. People from all over the Russia when visiting Moscow wanted to visit this "pearl of the capitalism" so there were literary a few mile long lines of the visitors to this place.
Russian pigeons 1

29 Pigeons Attack

Pigeons Attack

People report that this couple a lady and her son were walking across the street and then the boy decided to drop a piece of his cookie on the
ground to feed the single pigeon. Then suddenly hundreds of hungry pigeons appeared making a real live carpet of pigeons. Watch it:
naked Russian guy deals with police 1

35 Harass the Police

Harass the Police

This naked guy in Belarus city of Grodno harassed the two police patrol guys. They didn't want to arrest a naked man probably they didn't want to touch a naked man at all, so when he came to them they even didn't want him to sit inside their car and asked him to stay not closer than 5 feet to them while they called local ambulance. Their unwilling to arrest
him was so strong that they even didn't care much about dozens of people walking around this midday along the city street where all this happened, some even made photos and sent us. Probably it would be a good advice for Belarus criminals - if he wants not to be arrested he should undress, Belarus policemen don't touch naked men.
powerliftin Russian girl 1

37 A Powerfull Girl

A Powerfull Girl

From the first sight this Russian young lady is nothing
special, but scroll down for details about her:

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