Motocross championship 2007, Moscow 1

25 Motocross Champ Goes Failure

Motocross Champ Goes Failure

It seems this motocross event in Moscow went totally failure - look there are not a single spectator on the stands! And it's not some local Russian motocross contest it's World Motocross
Championship Stage Five 2007. I just wonder why it went so unnoticed in Moscow and for whom are all those advertisement banners - for the participants or for the judges?
Russian car made of wood  1

45 Car of Wood

Car of Wood

This guy in Ukraine removed all the exterior metal parts from the car and replaced them with wooden panels which are used for the floor parquet. He modified
the car itself too, now it looks like a semi-cabrio - one part of it is without roof and another side is covered with a hard wooden roof.
strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 1

42 Unknown Snow Circles

Unknown Snow Circles

People from Yekaterinburg city started to report that some strange circles have appeared in many open spaces overnight on the ground - the pattern is
visible thanks to the remains of the snow on the ground. These are the most hi-res images but below there are images from other places:
painted air condition 1

19 A Painted Air Condition Set

A Painted Air Condition Set

Some Russian people are not happy with white air condition sets "ruining the overall designer's look of my
flat", so this new service of painting air condition sets seems to become more popular these days.
Russian driver sleeps in bus 1

80 Russian Bus Drivers

Russian Bus Drivers

We have mentioned that Russian small bus drivers are usually from the Southern ex-USSR countries like Tajikistan or Azerbadjan and they are often homeless, so sometimes you can see such a
scene in Russian cities - a small bus that carries passengers in the daytime stays somewhere in silent place and inside there is a man, simply living - sleeping or eating etc.
Strange wedding in Ukraine 1

67 Another Not Usual Wedding

Another Not Usual Wedding

This Russian couple in Ukraine has chosen to marry in some different way from the usual one. They have even ordered some special strange wedding rings and cloths in the Goth style. Still it's unclear why did they need the blue ball but they have held
it through all the ceremony. And the most funny thing is that a few days later they got so tired of each other that decided to divorce and applied for the process. Well, maybe it would be better if they did it classical way.
Jamaica Porsche 1

33 Jamaica Porsche

Jamaica Porsche

It seems that some rich Russians are also familiar with Jah cult and Jamaica
culture according to this Porsche Cayenne spotted on the streets of Moscow.
HDR photos of Volga car 1

18 HDR Volga

HDR Volga

One Russian guy has found an old Volga car, made photos and then heavily
processed them so it now looks like Volga after the nuclear war.
Moscow, Russia old photos 1

85 The Old Moscow

The Old Moscow

These are previously not published
here photos of old Moscow city...
Russian hotel 1

62 The Countryside Hotel

The Countryside Hotel

These are photos one guy sent in of the Russian hotel he stayed in for a few days on his travel to Russian countryside. He said he has
paid around $40 for one day of stay. This means you always need to request the photos of the place you are heading too.

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