21 Moscow Postcards from 1890

Moscow Postcards from 1890

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Moscow, 1890 1

We had Moscow photos of 1890 some time ago already, but these are new shots but of the same year, actually they are postcards printed in Riga (Latvia now) at that time.

Moscow, 1890 2

Moscow, 1890 3

Moscow, 1890 4

Moscow, 1890 5

Moscow, 1890 6

Moscow, 1890 7

Moscow, 1890 8

Moscow, 1890 9

Moscow, 1890 10


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21 Responses to “Moscow Postcards from 1890”

  1. Boris Abramov says:

    Don’t you just wish you could step into one of these fascinating illustrations and explore the Czarist Russia for yourself? Everything seems so beautiful and peaceful. If only they knew what life would throw at them in a not too distant future..

    • Anton says:

      I’m so relieved I’m not the only one who feels that way. I am fasinated by all pre-democracy society.

    • John from Kansas says:

      As in the film “Russian Ark”.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Sadly, I have not seen the film. But it does sound fascinating from the information I have gathered from reviews and Wikipedia.

        Can you tell me more about it? Is it as deep as it seems?

        • John from Kansas says:

          Boris, Russian Ark is one of the most astonishing films I have ever seen. When the camera started rolling it did not stop until the end of the final scene. It was filmed in one continuous take. There is no editing. Yet the story flows seamlessly back and fourth between the time of Catherine and present. The experience is similar your opening comment in that you are stepping into another time, yet you are always aware that you are an observer. I believe you would be as mesmerized as I was.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      I was actually referring to civil war.

  2. So Naive says:


  3. milk says:

    Beautiful view

  4. Richard S. says:

    The Spassikaya Tower looks different in that photo… Compare with photo link…


    • Boris Abramov says:

      The only difference is the Two Headed Eagle opposed to the Star. Also, if my memory serves me correctlly, during the czarist times Spasskhaya tower had an icon of St. Nicholas in the middle of it. I was quite young back then, so don’t hold me to my words..

      • Richard S. says:

        Boris, what the Spasskaya Tower a church at one time? I have to admit it’s a very unique world class structure…

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Not as far as I know. I think you might be confusing it with the “Resurrection Gate” that had, and currently has, a chapel inside.

  5. Russians fake says:


  6. Maus says:

    Third photo is not a Loubianka – it is Red Square instead.
    Loubianka (where KGB building is located) is a bit far from Red Square.

    Anyway, old russian cities are wonderful…
    Modern Russia is not worth a percent of that…

  7. My long time suspicions are now confirmed. Boris remembers Czarist times because he was there. Indeed,if you look at the last picture in the lower left corner you will see a young Boris bent down scooping up horse apples from the street to make a special “gift” for his teacher.

  8. H Cook says:

    Great photos great comments thanks

  9. Jake says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  10. your name here says:

    so much better than the suburban landscape i live in, i wonder if any of these buildings are still standing.

  11. mad1982 says:

    Very nice thnx 4 sharing

  12. Ugly Texan Troll says:

    Tsarist propaganda!

  13. name says:

    It seems that life was actually quite nince. Then the people became unhappy with the life, went to communists and executed the tsar. And then communists started killing millions and wrecked life for both Russia and all the neighbour countries, too. I bet the people unhappy with the tsar-era didn’t see this coming.

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