67 Another Not Usual Wedding

Another Not Usual Wedding

Posted on November 21, 2007 by

Strange wedding in Ukraine 1

This Russian couple in Ukraine has chosen to marry in some different way from the usual one. They have even ordered some special strange wedding rings and cloths in the Goth style. Still it’s unclear why did they need the blue ball but they have held it through all the ceremony. And the most funny thing is that a few days later they got so tired of each other that decided to divorce and applied for the process. Well, maybe it would be better if they did it classical way.

Strange wedding in Ukraine 2

Strange wedding in Ukraine 3

Strange wedding in Ukraine 4

Strange wedding in Ukraine 5

Strange wedding in Ukraine 6

Strange wedding in Ukraine 7

Strange wedding in Ukraine 8

Strange wedding in Ukraine 9

Strange wedding in Ukraine 10

Strange wedding in Ukraine 11

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67 Responses to “Another Not Usual Wedding”

  1. chicken says:

    That guy is NOT hot

  2. Shizo says:

    Look, Soviet Russia and goth culture don’t mix.

  3. Pete says:

    I want to bang the bridesmaid, FINALLY someone with my tastes!

  4. the_great_below says:

    Looks like someone needs a haircut.

  5. hollowsky says:

    I love how she wrote such nice things in English on her shirt.

  6. amerikanyetz says:

    It looks like she stuck him in the face with a lit cigarette.

  7. Rusukrainian says:

    Russians and Ukrainians are the same. I tell you.

  8. Malc says:

    At least they lasted longer than Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe De Alba, who separated on their wedding day.

    And as far as goth goes, these two are tame. Imagine bringing this home to meet your mother:

  9. Radical Vlad says:

    Why do you assume that only Ukrainians live in Ukraine? It’s like saying that only Americans live in the US.

  10. D says:

    Ukranians have their own slightly different culture and slightly different language. And the poeple are also slightly different. But Russia is supposed to be multicultural, so I consider ukraine part of russia also.

    The only reason ukraine exists at all is because russia allows it.

  11. roscoww says:

    which one is the female?? you russians are soo gay.

  12. tovarisch says:

    Here are another freaks from Russia:

  13. John from Kansas says:

    I wish them all the best.

  14. dungeonbrownies says:

    thi is NOT goth. its punk and its poorly done. boy is that guy ugly.

  15. Eris says:

    A couple of emo-punks have decided to marry… Yeah, what an event! :/

  16. Jennifer says:

    Apparently he didn’t have enough money to go to a barber, and did the god-awful hack job on his hair.

    And I don’t get the point of the blue ball either.

  17. maxD says:

    Half [or even more] of the population of Ukraine are Russians who got stuck there when the Soviet Union collapsed.

  18. Akhenathon says:

    She’s cute. He’s like hell.

  19. Salocin.TEN says:

    Hey look!

    Someone went into the future got photos from Kynt & Vyxsin’s wedding!

  20. Marina says:

    As a person of respectable age I not know about the GOTH subculture. Can someone provide me with information relation with it?

    I would like to know spesificlly; where it has derived from, what are the principles, philosophy, fashion and other parts that build it.

    Thank you

  21. Mister Twister, former minister says:

    The guy is strange but the girl is really cute.
    Why did they get tired of each other?
    They should have just gotten a room and F#(*@#D themselves silly and called it a night instead.

  22. In Goth culture such marriages seldom last much longer than the wedding ceremony itself. The whole affair is a parody of traditional Ukranian marriage where a young couple plan to be together a long time. This Goth couple probably won’t even bother with sex or a divorce unless they could make it sufficiently contrary to tradition and therefor disrespectful to the establishment. I hope this will clear up some questions for you. Oh I nearly forgot-you wanted to know about the blue ball. Yes, the blue ball is also symbolic of traditional lower middle class culture in America. This particular blue ball was stolen in goth gypsy fashion from a pedestal on a lawn in a trailer park in central Texas. This leads me to believe it was sent to them as a wedding gift by someone who frequents this website and knew about the wedding in advance. A latent Goth in your circle of friends perhaps?

  23. Jan Christopher says:

    She is pretty hot, why is she marrying that freak?
    Marry me…. I pay good

  24. psyonic warrior says:

    where was uncle fester
    and the hand
    where was that hand
    I bet it was in the brides panties

  25. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    When my friend Putin takes control of the rebellious and ungrateful peoples of Ukraine again he will stop this.

    In Tehran, there is one place for these peoples–the central square, where their heads will be choppy!-choppy!

    But yes, the girl is kind of cute, in a decadent western sort of way. . . .

  26. BearCreek Man says:

    If I was him, I’d knife my barber. Though maybe he was drunk and cut his own hair. It also looks like the time one of my daughters cut her hair when she was five.

    Yes, she is hot. And what’s up with what appears to be a passport?

  27. Ugly American says:

    The short one’s cute but her taller sister is ugly.

  28. Skylurk says:

    Nice couple!
    I like people with that kind of attitude.
    While seeming strange and provoking they normally are independent and intelligent folks with their own point of view.

  29. ackack says:

    that girl is a cutie, why would she marry a dorkzilla like that?

  30. YJ says:

    The key to divorce is to bust the blue ball.

  31. Luna Storm says:

    The bride is very pretty,adorable like!And hey,she loves the guy,so nya! >=o

  32. six-string samurai says:

    after millions of years of evolution… this is the pinnacle. They divorced because the girly looking thing posing as a guy is gay.

  33. David Levy says:

    No matter how weird you dress at a wedding.
    Getting married is a 3 ring circus.
    Frist you buy the engagement ring
    Second you buy the wedding ring
    Then here comes the suffering !

  34. Eh says:

    Russian is the most spoken language in Ukraine. You may ask what so strange about it? Well, Russian is not official language in Ukraine. Even in Sweden you have 2 state languages because of the small Finnish group living in Sweden at the border with Finland. In Ukraine big chunk of population are Russians and they have only Ukrainian as an official language.

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