19 A Painted Air Condition Set

A Painted Air Condition Set

Posted on November 21, 2007 by

painted air condition 1

Some Russian people are not happy with white air condition sets “ruining the overall designer’s look of my flat”, so this new service of painting air condition sets seems to become more popular these days.

painted air condition 2

painted air condition 3

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19 Responses to “A Painted Air Condition Set”

  1. CYKALOX says:


  2. CYKALOX says:


  3. Malcolm says:

    At least they do good work.

    Here in the states, we started a trend years ago where people wanted their houses to look like they had brick chimneys, when all they had was a pipe coming out of their roof.

    So, you can not get siding put on your pipe to make it look like you are using real brink or stone.

    For example:

  4. Lev Aranovich says:

    Look like great mother russia is still stuck in the 70s.

  5. theghostwoman says:


  6. Richard S. says:

    I remember the 1970’s. Long hair, flaired pants, checkerboard shirts, shag carpets, flower wallpaper, big American gas guzzlers; Yep, those were the days…

  7. milk says:

    that cool set,^^…

  8. noname says:

    Do Russians even need air conditioners?

  9. sashok says:

    actually i live in south korea now and koreans have the same kind of aircons, the ones sticking out of the walls, not the central stuff. so the shops actually sell already painted, fashionable aircon units that appeal to eye. so this makes sense. not only russians do it, but the idea is nice, the aircon blends into the wall.

  10. mad1982 says:

    Nice art & done

  11. a says:

    typical horrible Russian taste in wallpaper

  12. John from Kansas says:

    Please turn the thermostat up a few degrees. It’s getting a bit chilly in here.

  13. Richard S. says:

    It seems to me the most common air conditioner brand is LG. I didn’t know LG also made air conditioners. BTW are there any Lennox brands in Russia?

  14. holiday says:

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